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Scarlet Blade (Part Three)

Mechs and Cyberskins
Mechs and Cyberskins, in my opinion, kind of serves like the iconic feature of playing Scarlet Blade.
Scarlet Blade - Mech Mode AttackingScarlet Blade - Cyberskin Mode Attacking
With the Mech, it is sort of like a "burst" mode for your character. It gives you a temporary boost of immense strength and power to get you out of hairy situations fast.

The Cyberskin on the other hand, is more like a mellowed version of the Mech. It allows you to "spread" all of that power over a longer, more sustained period rather than expending it all in one shot. However, this longer period of usage also comes at the cost of a reduction in power of course.

How It Works
Upon reaching the levels of 17 and 21, you will get two separate quests which will then reward you with the Mech (of your job class) and Cyberskin (of your chosen faction) once you've completed them.
Scarlet Blade - Mech IshtarScarlet Blade - Royal Guard Cyberskin
After obtaining the Mech or Cyberskin, the first thing you would have to do is open up your inventory and pull their itemized forms into the respective slots found on the bottom right corner's hotkey bar.

The reason for doing it this way is to "arm" (equip) them for future use without actually triggering the transformation processes (which would have happened if you had right clicked on them). But anyway, after equipping them, they can then be easily accessed via the "Z" (for Mech Mode) and "X" (for Cyberskin Mode) keys on your keyboard. Do note that the keys work like a toggle so you can actually activate, switch between or deactivate the modes at will (albeit with a 10 second cooldown in between the changes).
Scarlet Blade - Mech Mode StationaryScarlet Blade - Cyberskin Mode Stationary
Apart from that, there are a couple of major differences between the Mech and Cyberskin Modes too...
  • Skills
    Skills-wise, you will need to know that the skills in which your character has access to will change depending on which mode they assume. In Cyberskin Mode, your character would primarily rely upon the power bonus of the Cyberskin while still using your character's original set of skills learnt for attacking.

    However, in Mech Mode, this set of skills will be switched out with an alternative, more powerful set that is found built into the Mech that you pilot (you can find this set of skills under the "Special" tab of your Skills window). Additionally, since the Mech that your bestowed with is different for each of the six job classes, this built-in set of skills would naturally be different as well.
  • Power Bonus
    The following shows the passive bonuses gained when in Mech Mode and Cyberskin Mode (at least for my job class and chosen faction). And since the differences in power bonus is quite clear-cut, I will just leave you with that.
    Move SPD: +15
    PvP ATK: +5%
    PvP VOID: +200
    Min ATK: +10%
    Max ATK: +10%
    Max HP: +500
    Max SP: +100
    Move SPD: +3
    PvP ATK: +3%
    PvP VOID: +300
    Max HP: +5%
  • Location Restriction
    As far as I can tell, your character is free to switch into the Mech Mode at any location throughout the whole of the in-game world. However, for the Cyberskin Mode, you may only activate it at certain locations like the battlefield arenas (Turnpike, Janus, etc) or Neutral Zone map areas (Viledon).

CP Consumption
As mentioned in one of my earlier articles, the core basis of using the Mech and Cyberskin Modes lies squarely upon a unique type of energy resource called "CP".

The way it works is such that, so long as your in one of the two modes, you will be putting a constant drain upon your CP energy pool such that it will continuously decrease until it becomes zero.

As to how fast your CP gets drained? That would actually depend on which mode your in as well as what your doing whilst in that mode. But the rough idea is that each of the modes would have two CP consumption values (Standing and Combat) and you would be drained at the rate of the "Standing" value if your not engaged in a fight. If you are in a battle, then you would be drained at the rate of the "Combat" value instead (which is typically higher than the "Standing" rate).
Scarlet Blade - CP Regen Rate
Once your CP energy pool is depleted, you will automatically exit from the modes and can no longer activate them. That is until you recover some CP, by either waiting for it to regenerate (at a crawling speed of 3 CP per tick) or by drinking a special CP recovery potion.

Scarlet Blade - Combat
Combat in Scarlet Blade is a pretty straightforward affair. All you would basically need to do is to pick a target and then spam all of your skills at it until it drops...or you for that matter if you've picked a wrong target.

Your choice of a many of it you can take at a time...all of it is highly dependent upon how much HP you have versus your target's, how fast you can finish it off and how much damage you can take from it before you die. The sum of all these factors would constitute whether its a right or wrong target choice for your character.
Scarlet Blade - HP Recovery Potion
Why not pot, you would ask? This is mostly not quite possible due to the way HP potions work in the game.

In Scarlet Blade, the HP potions do not instantly recover X amount of HP (at least not the common ones you buy off NPCs or loot from mobs) and neither do they recover your HP bit by bit over time. Instead, what they do is increase your own natural recovery rate while in and out of a battle (and the same thing applies for SP potions as well).

Therefore, by the time you've determined that you "need" to pot, it might already be too late. And the next thing you know is you've hit the ground, dead, and have just wasted the potion.
Scarlet Blade - Standing RecoveryScarlet Blade - Sitting Recovery
So, in my opinion, the best times to use these potions is actually to either use them at the start of the battle and let it heal you partially as you take on damage...or to take them immediately after you've finished a battle and is low on HP. But if that's the case, then you might as well skip the whole potting thingy and just sit down, making use of the increased recovery rate to regenerate instead.

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Scarlet Blade (Part Two)

Stats, Level Ups and Skills
Scarlet Blade - Character Stats
Upon opening up your character's stats window (by pressing "C"), you should ought to see something like that shown above, with an equipment panel on the left and your stats panel on the right.

And since we all know what stats are and what they do for a character, I'll just skip with the formalities and proceed to the explanations.
  • HP
    Basically, this is the health of your character. If it ever reaches zero, your character will immediately die and have to wait before you can respawn at the closest revival (or on the spot if you have some cash shop revival item). And also, do note that there is an EXP penalty whereby you will lose 0.5% experience if you die in the hands of a monster (starts at levels 27 and above).
  • CP
    CP is a special type of energy that is consumed whenever you go into your Mech Mode or use your cyberskin armor. If it becomes zero, you will immediately exit your Mech Mode or have your cyberskin armor deactivated.
  • SP
    Kind of like your Mana in fantasy style MMOs, this form of energy is specifically used by the skills that your character has. Upon depleting this energy, you will only be able to use your character's basic auto-attack and nothing else.
  • ATK
    Needless to say, this is your character's physical attack stat. This stat determines how much more physical damage your regular and skill-based attacks will deal (on top of what it already does).
  • ACC
    ACC represents your character's physical accuracy stat. This stat determines how likely it is for your physical damage attacks to land on your target.
  • DEF
    DEF is your character's physical defense stat. It reduces the amount of physical damage inflicted upon your character (by a successful attack) on a point by point basis. (Every 100 points of DEF negates 100 points of physical damage.)
  • VOID
    VOID or Avoidance, is a stat that reduces incoming physical damage by percentages. It only kicks in after the DEF calculation. (Every 100 points of VOID reduces 1% of physical damage.)
  • EVA
    Also known as Evasion, this stat increases the chance that your character will completely evade the physical damage part of an attack. (Every 100 points of EVA increases your chance by 1%.)
  • Crit. Rate
    This stat increases the chance that an attack performed by your character will deal extra damage (in other words, score a critical hit). (Every 100 points of Crit. Rate increases your chance by 1%.)
  • Crit-ATK
    This stat increases the amount of damage done by your character's critical hits. You can basically think of it as your Critical Damage Multiplier. (Every 100 points of Crit-ATK increases your critical damage by 1%.)
  • Crit-VOID
    This stat reduces the amount of damage your character takes from critical hits. (Every 100 points of Crit-VOID should possibly reduce the critical damage by 1%.)
  • Crit-EVA
    This stat reduces the chances of an enemy scoring a critical hit on your character. (Every 100 points of Crit-EVA should possibly reduce the chance by 1%.)
  • Move SPD
    This stat determines how fast your character moves.
  • Ch-ATK
    Know as Chakra Attack, this stat actually introduces a special type of damage (Chakra Damage) to all of your regular and skill-based attacks (increases...if they already have them). Do note that this form of damage bypasses most of the stats affecting physical damage calculations so you can think of it as something like "magic" damage in regular MMO terms.
  • Ch-ACC
    Just like its counterpart, this stat determines how likely it is for the chakra damage component of your attack to land on its target.
  • Ch-EVA
    Technically, Ch-EVA works exactly like the regular EVA, except that it increases the chance that your character will completely evade the chakra damage part of an attack as well as any potential debuffs that it may carry. (Every 100 points of Ch-EVA increases that chance by 1%.)
  • Chakra Resistances
    From what I've heard, these work to reduce the amount of chakra damage that your character takes. However, since chakra damage comes in five different forms (to be explained later), your ability to reduce them would depend upon your individual chakra resistances. (Every 100 points should reduce the corresponding form of chakra damage by 1%.)
  • PVP Attributes
    As far as I know, all of these stats (PvP ATK, PvP DEF, PvP VOID) would act like "bonuses" that gets added onto your regular stats' calculations (ATK, DEF, VOID). However, they would only be counted while your in the Battlegrounds and Neutral Zones and only when against another player. As for PvP SPEC-ATK, I'm guessing that it means PVP Special Attack, but I can't really tell what gets affected by this may be your chakra attacks or it may be your ultimate skill.

Scarlet Blade - Level UpScarlet Blade - Explorer Trinket
And as far as leveling up is concerned, there are no bonus stat points for you to gain and use in customizing your character's stat build. What you do get when you level up is a tiny automatic increase in some of the more regular stats like ATK, DEF, Max HP and Max SP, while the more exotic ones (like VOID, Crit. Rate and Chakra Resistances) would have to be increased via other methods (like through skills, buffs, weapons and equips).
Scarlet Blade - Bonus Skill Point
Finally for the skills part, apart from the obvious gaining of 1 skill point per level up, you may also at times receive "bonus" skill points as a reward for completing certain quests as well as clearing puzzles.
Scarlet Blade - Active SkillsScarlet Blade - Passive Skills
These skill points are then used to let you learn new skills in your character's skill tree or improve upon existing ones. However, do note that due to the scarcity in the number of skill points, you may have to be very selective in what sort of skills you would wish to pick up and possibly max. But even then, they are all limited to only skills found in your Active and Passive tabs.
Scarlet Blade - Special SkillsScarlet Blade - Social Skills
For skills found under the Special and Social tabs, they can be thought of as something separate and entirely different, since they are mostly improved via other means.
Scarlet Blade - Sit Hyperchip L2
Like for example, the "skill" to sit, which can only be improved by learning from hyperchips found.

Chakra Attacks
As mentioned earlier, chakra damage comes in five different forms (Gravity, Plasma, Voltage, Atomic and Particle), with each having their own unique effects.

GravityInduces knock-out (stuns).
PlasmaDeals continuous damage over time.
VoltageDisables the use of skills.
AtomicReduces movement speed and can possibly result in immobilization.
ParticleDeals very high chakra damage, much higher than any other forms.

And the way they work is such that the form in which a chakra attack comes out as actually depends upon the skill that is used to make that attack.
Scarlet Blade - Atomic BulletScarlet Blade - Plasma Bullet
For example, the screenshots above shows two skills which my character has, "Atomic Bullet" and "Plasma Bullet". When I used "Atomic Bullet" on a monster, my chakra attack actually comes out in the "Atomic" form and the damage dealt is reflected by a cyan digit. When I used "Plasma Bullet" on that same monster, my chakra attack changes and comes out in the "Plasma" form instead...with the corresponding damage dealt shown in orange.
Scarlet Blade - Demolition
Next, so long as your Ch-ATK in your character's stats window is not zero, then regardless of whether your using a skill which has no Ch-ATK or even one that has some but shows no indication of its chakra form, there will be some form of chakra damage associated with that attack.

However, you will have to note that even though the damage may show up as a purple digit on your screen, it does not seem to have the knock-out effect that comes with a "Gravity" chakra attack and should not be mistaken as one.
Scarlet Blade - Physical Attack MissScarlet Blade - Chakra Attack Resist
Finally, as a word of advice, I would rather recommend that you find a way to increase your character's Ch-ATK stat (if possible) or else just skill up on some of your skills which has both a decent ATK and Ch-ATK.

This is because, apparently, the game system seems to treat both the physical component and the chakra component of an attack as two separate entities much so that even if the physical part of an attack misses, you can still count on the chakra part to deal some damage and vice versa. can kind of think of it as a fail-safe, just in case you meet some tough nut with insane stats warding against either physical damage or chakra damage.

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Scarlet Blade (Part One)

Scarlet Blade
Now the game I'm gonna introduce to you this week is called "Scarlet Blade" published by Aeria Games. And quite frankly, due to the fact that the selling point of this game is its "skimpily dressed" female avatars, I do had some qualms about featuring it on my blog as it might not cater to all (and it even has a Mature 17+ rating).

However, after surfing around the websites of major MMO game reviewers and saw that they were okay with the covering of this game, so I've decided that it would be safe to proceed as well...but I'll promise to be cautious with the pictures where possible.

Anyway, from my brief experience with this game, I have kind of found that it does remind me of the times when I had played Lineage II and Aika (their combat and PVP gameplay do share some slight similarities in my opinion so maybe that's why...), so I reckon that if these two games had been a part of your MMO gaming history then perhaps this one might interest you too.

Well...I think I've said enough for now, so shall we proceed with the disecting of this game, Scarlet Blade?

Character Creation
Character creation in Scarlet Blade is pretty simple and straightforward. For the most of this part, there are only three major things to do and that is the choosing of your character's faction alignment, the job class and then the visual features.
  • Faction
    Scarlet Blade - FactionsScarlet Blade - Changing Factions
    When creating a character, you are required to choose between one of these two factions available in the game, the Royal Guards and the Free Knights. And as far as I know, these two factions are at loggerheads with each other and forms the basis of the PVP experiences that you will encounter within the game.

    After choosing your faction here, the only other way of changing factions is via a faction changer NPC found in major strongholds and bases. However, the process of defecting is subjected to a stringent quota (so as to keep the numbers on both sides balanced).
  • Job Class
    There are a total of six job classes available in the game. They can be roughly generalized into these four major types, Tank, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS and Support.

    Scarlet Blade - DefenderDefender

    At the frontline in any conflict, the Defender stands tall with a massive giant sword to cut down any foe that dares to stand before her.

    Melee DPS
    Scarlet Blade - Shadow WalkerShadow Walker

    Gifted with stealth and agility, the Shadow Walker is able to move silently within a battlefield to ravage her prey with lethal claws.
    Scarlet Blade - WhipperWhipper

    Specializes in engaging multiple enemies at once, the Whipper can unleash a whirlwind of destruction and pain using her deadly whip.

    Ranged DPS

    With her trusty rifle by her side, the Punisher is tasked to deal the decisive blow to strategic targets deep within any opposing force.
    Scarlet Blade - Punisher

    Sporting twin pistols, the Sentinel relies upon her small stature and lightning fast movements to quickly move around, providing cover fire, damage and disables.
    Scarlet Blade - Sentinel


    Although designed for healing and buffing purposes, the Medic is still a frightening opponent with her Aegis Cannon and arsenal of poisons, debuffs and disables.
    Scarlet Blade - Medic

    Please do remember that once you've chosen a job class for your character, your stuck with it for life and nothing short of making a new character and re-leveling again will save you, so choose wisely my friend.
  • Visual Customizations
    Scarlet Blade - Prebuilt TemplateScarlet Blade - Hairstyle Options
    The visual customizations available in Scarlet Blade is a tad bit disappointing in my opinion. Although the graphic quality is nice and all, but as far as I can see the options for you to mess around with are few and limited. What's more, all of these options are strictly restricted to the head portion only so there's nothing else that you can do beyond that.

    And since there are only a few style selections (for your face and hairstyle) here plus a couple of color choices (for your eyes, lips and hair color) there and nothing else noteworthy to talk about, I shall keep it at that then.

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FairyLand 2 Online (Part Six)

FairyLand 2 Online - Crafting Window
As far as crafting goes in FairyLand 2 Online, there are only a couple of things that you can make and that is armors, shoes and weapons. Anything else, like necklaces and rings, you may have to source for or loot them in the dungeons available in the game.

Anyway, as you can see in the screenshot, you will first need to acquire the necessary materials before you can proceed to crafting anything so let us just briefly focus upon the materials and the places to get them.
FairyLand 2 Online - Jean's Village MapFairyLand 2 Online - Universal Toolbox
Essentially, the materials that you need for crafting can all be obtained from these few areas located in Jean's Village, namely the "Hunting Area", "Mining Area", "Fishing Area", "Fabrication Area" and "Herbs Area". However, you will have to purchase something called a "Universal Toolbox" from the Grocery Store Aunty first before you are allowed to gather these materials. Furthermore, as this toolbox thingy is a consumable item, you might wish to purchase at least a couple of them if your planning to do some AFK (away from keyboard) harvesting.

So after purchasing a couple of these Universal Toolboxes, you will then have to proceed to one of the areas to start your harvesting process. If your looking for ores, you will need to head for the "Mining Area". If your looking for plants and flowers, then you will need to go to the "Herbs Area". If cloths and fabrics are what you need, then the "Fabrication Area" is where you ought to be going. As for the "Hunting" and "Fishing" areas, those are meant for you to collect ingredients for crafting of your HP and MP potions.
FairyLand 2 Online - Work Window
Once your there, just press "X" to call out your work window, select the type of material your harvesting, key in the quantity that you need and hit the "Work" button to start and the "Stop" button to stop. Alternatively, if the quantity does not matter and your just looking to break all your toolboxes, you can leave the quantity box empty and just start the harvesting process. And although it does not matter where in the area your standing or what your trying to gather, it is important that you place yourself within the area's boundaries or the harvesting process will not even start.
Some minor things to note:
  • Unlocking of Materials and Potions In Your Work Window
    FairyLand 2 Online - Unlocking New Material
    As far as I know, you do not need to skill all the way from the bottom to the top in order to unlock new materials to harvest or potions to craft in your work window. So long as you have enough "Shells" (in-game money), you can just click upon the "+" button found beside each of the icons to unlock it.
  • Unlocking Limit
    If you refer to the work window, you should see a value of "X/200" at the top right corner. This value represents the maximum amount of new materials and potions that you can unlock. But since there are only seven categories of materials and potions and each category has only 10 items to unlock, it is not yet possible to exceed this limit of 200 so you can might as well ignore this for now.
  • Rating, EXP and Progress
    From what I can tell, these three things (Rating, EXP and Progress) are all somewhat linked together in determining how effective it is that you can gather a particular material or craft a particular potion.

    Basically, for every successful attempt made, you will gain 1 point in the EXP bar (for that work category) and 50 points in the Progress bar (for that material or potion). And upon gaining enough points to fill up the EXP bar, your work category's rating will increase by 1.

    So how all these link together is that I've noticed much higher chances of success upon gaining enough rating in the work category and having maxed the Progress bar than compared to when I've just started. Therefore it should be safe to assume that you will need to be at a certain rating "level" and maxed the material's or potion's Progress bar in order to be sufficiently efficient in gathering a material or crafting a potion. Else you would just be wasting unnecessary durability on your Universal Toolbox.
FairyLand 2 Online - Making FoodFairyLand 2 Online - Crafting Shoe
Finally, once you've procured the necessary materials or ingredients, all you need to do is go to the "Make" tab for making of foods and potions or the "Manufacture" window for crafting of armors, shoes and weapons (accessed via your backpack) and the rest should be easy peasy for you.
FairyLand 2 Online - Crafted Court Shoes
The end product when crafting any armor, shoe or weapon should ought to look something like this, with some random bonus stats and your name engraved on it.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

FairyLand 2 Online (Part Five)

Pets (Continued)
Pet "Rarity"
Now the reason why I've enclosed the word "Rarity" here in inverted commas is because while what I'm gonna explain to you is technically related to how rare of a pet it is that you've caught, the terms to be introduced will not have a straightforward relationship like the simple color-coded rarity system that I've talked about in some of my other MMO articles.
FairyLand 2 Online - Baby Water TurnipFairyLand 2 Online - Rare Song Chicken
Basically, there are four types of monsters that we can encounter and catch in FairyLand 2 Online, namely Regular, Baby, Rare and Ultra Rare.
  • Regular
    Regular monsters are pretty much the run of the mill type which you would often encounter out in the fields. There is nothing too special about them and their stats are pretty normal as well. The only thing good about them is that they do not start off at level 1 and thus you can save on unnecessary lifespan usage (which will be explained later).
  • Baby
    Baby monsters are slightly more difficult to encounter in a battle. You would most likely need to do about 50 or so battles before you will have a chance of meeting one. And though they may look just like their regular counterpart, they do have slightly better stats. However, do note that you will need to spend some time leveling them up since they are "baby" monsters and starts off at level 1.
  • Rare*
    Unlike the regular and baby monsters, a rare monster is actually pretty hard to encounter in a battle. Throughout the leveling of my character from level 1 to level 28, I've only managed to meet up with one of this type of monster (and was lucky enough to catch it without it escaping).

    Anyway, these monsters are very easy to recognize as they will have the word "Rare" tagged to their name when you hover your cursor over them during combat. Besides, since they are of a totally different specie and variety altogether, they are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd of monsters you encounter.
  • Ultra Rare*
    Ultra Rare monsters are even harder to meet than compared to a rare monster. I have yet to have the honor of encountering one of these even up until now at level 36 (just to give you a sense of their rarity) so if you ever chance upon one, you should most definitely use your best seal stone to capture it.

    And just like the rare monsters, these too are very easy to spot as they will have an "Ultra Rare" tagged to their names instead and are also going to stand out from the crowd (at least that's what I've heard).
* Unlike the regular and baby monsters, please note that rare and ultra rare monsters can only be of the Neutral element.

Pet Usage and Lifespan
FairyLand 2 Online - Pet Deployment
The screenshot above shows the pet deployment window (press "P" and then click on the "Deployment" tab). It is from this deployment window that you can decide on the usage of your pets, be it to help you in your battles, explore the world on your behalf (treasure hunting) or simply just lazing around doing nothing.

FairyLand 2 Online - Eudemon Icon
A pet in this state will be materialized to fight along your side during a battle. It is also allowed to use any skills that it has learnt.
FairyLand 2 Online - Magic Attack Icon
Magic Attack*
A pet in this state will not be materialized. Instead, it converts a portion of its stats to help boost your spell attack power and spell hit rate. The amount of bonus applied is dependent on the pet's Wisdom (Int).
FairyLand 2 Online - Spell Relief Icon
Spell Relief*
A pet in this state will not be materialized. Instead, it converts a portion of its stats to help boost your spell defense and spell evade. The amount of bonus applied is dependent on the pet's Agility (Dex).
FairyLand 2 Online - Physical Attack Icon
Physical Attack
A pet in this state will not be materialized. Instead, it converts a portion of its stats to help boost your physical attack power and physical hit rate. The amount of bonus applied is dependent on the pet's Strength (Str).
FairyLand 2 Online - Physical Relief Icon
Physical Relief
A pet in this state will not be materialized. Instead, it converts a portion of its stats to help boost your physical defense and physical evade. The amount of bonus applied is dependent on the pet's Constitution (Con).
FairyLand 2 Online - Spirit Equip Icon
Spirit Equip
A pet in this state will not be materialized. Instead, it converts a portion of its stats to help boost your assist attack power and assist hit rate. The amount of bonus applied is dependent on the pet's Spirit (Spi).
FairyLand 2 Online - Stroll Icon
A pet in this state will be materialized along your side. However, it does not participate in battles and merely follows you around, acting cute.
FairyLand 2 Online - Rest Icon
Like its name suggests, this puts your pet in a state of rest. Basically, its a command issued to make your pet stop whatever it is that its doing.
FairyLand 2 Online - Probe Icon
Plainly put, this command orders your pet out on a treasure hunting mission to a specific area of a fairy tale story for a certain number of hours (during which you can log off and it will still carry on with its mission). Do note that you will need to spend "Coins" to send your pet out on a probe.
* Please note that the Magic Attack and Spell Relief icons (right beside a pet's portrait) have been wrongly swapped. However, the mechanics are still working as intended, so do not be alarmed by it. It is merely a visual error. that I've told you the various uses of your pets, I reckon its about time to break to you the bad news about using them and so if you could please, kindly refer to the "life" stat found right beside the pet's HP bar in the pet deployment window (also known as the pet's lifespan).

Essentially, every time you sought out the services of your pets in a battle, be it as a materialized fighting companion or as a non-materialized stat-booster, a tiny amount of their lifespan will actually be deducted. And if I'm not wrong, it is roughly about 1 life point per battle.

Therefore it is safe to say that upon the successful capture of a pet, it will take you approximately 10,000 battles to decrease its lifespan down to 0. And once it reaches 0, your pet will no longer be useable until you have "recharged" its lifespan.
FairyLand 2 Online - Pet Subsistence Pulp
However, there is sadly only one known way to recharge a pet's lifespan as far as I can tell...and that is to purchase a special item known as the "Pet Subsistence Pulp" from the game's "Item Mall".

And since it involves real life money to purchase stuff from the Item Mall, this would mean that for every pet that you have decreased its lifespan to 0, you will need to fork out some cash from your wallet to recharge it so that you can use the same pet again for future battles. What's more, since you will most likely be using a total of six pets when your fighting, you will need to roughly multiply your expenditure on this game by six at least (which is a pretty hefty sum for a game if you ask me).

And if that doesn't sound like something you would like to do, then your only way out to continue playing this game is to not be so attached to any particular pet or pets that you may have caught. In other words, just keep catching new pets to use in battles and abandon old ones that are "spent". However, this would also mean that you will no longer have any reason to sought out special rare pets, ones with many skills or high stats or even spend time improving their stats using pet essences (if you get what I mean).

Pet Essences and Runes
If I were to sum things up, essences and runes are essentially something you would use on pets to boost or further improve upon their existing stats. For example, if you were to have a pet that you would often use in "Spirit Equip" state, the logical thing to do would be to make its Spirit (Spi) stat as high as possible right? And so in order to achieve this, you would need to start feeding essences to your pet as well as utilize runes of the appropriate level and type.

Now as far as pet essences are concerned, they are first of all divided into seven different types. And then each type will have eight different levels of essence.
Essence TypeInfo
StrengthPermanently enhances a pet's strength by 1.
ConstitutionPermanently enhances a pet's constitution by 1.
AgilityPermanently enhances a pet's agility by 1.
WisdomPermanently enhances a pet's wisdom by 1.
SpiritPermanently enhances a pet's spirit by 1.
HealthPermanently enhances a pet's HP by 5.
ManaPermanently enhances a pet's MP by 1.

Essence Level*Info
3Probability of Success for Pets of Levels
1 - 10 : 100%          11 - 20 : 80%          21 - 30 : 60%
31 - 40 : 40%          41 - 50 : 20%
Cannot be used on Level 51 and above pets.
4Probability of Success for Pets of Levels
1 - 20 : 100%          21 - 30 : 80%          31 - 40 : 60%
41 - 50 : 40%          51 - 60 : 20%
Cannot be used on Level 61 and above pets.
5Probability of Success for Pets of Levels
1 - 30 : 100%          31 - 40 : 80%          41 - 50 : 60%
51 - 60 : 40%          61 - 70 : 20%
Cannot be used on Level 71 and above pets.
6Probability of Success for Pets of Levels
1 - 40 : 100%          41 - 50 : 80%          51 - 60 : 60%
61 - 70 : 40%          71 - 80 : 20%
Cannot be used on Level 81 and above pets.
7Probability of Success for Pets of Levels
1 - 50 : 100%          51 - 60 : 80%          61 - 70 : 60%
71 - 80 : 40%          81 - 90 : 20%
Cannot be used on Level 91 and above pets.
8Probability of Success for Pets of Levels
1 - 60 : 100%          61 - 70 : 80%          71 - 80 : 60%
81 - 90 : 40%          91 - 100 : 20%
Cannot be used on Level 101 and above pets.
9Probability of Success for Pets of Levels
1 - 70 : 100%          71 - 80 : 80%          81 - 90 : 60%
91 - 100 : 40%          101 - 110 : 20%
Cannot be used on Level 111 and above pets.
10Probability of Success for Pets of Levels
1 - 80 : 100%          81 - 90 : 80%          91 - 100 : 60%
101 - 110 : 40%          111 - 120 : 20%
Cannot be used on Level 121 and above pets.
* Don't ask me why it starts off from level 3, I have totally no idea. Who knows...there may be a level 1 or 2 essence out there for all we know, but I've yet to loot one. However, it does seem impossible for them to exist if we extrapolate from the info of the essences.
FairyLand 2 Online - Level 8 EssencesFairyLand 2 Online - Transfer Statue
Anyway, from what I can tell, level 3 to 7 essences appear to be lootable from hunting monsters out in the fields while level 8 to 10 can be purchased from the Item Mall (just in case your interested in knowing). Alternatively, you may also get these essences via transmuting pet statues into items (although it might be a bit random and down to luck).
FairyLand 2 Online - Level 10 Agility RuneFairyLand 2 Online - Level 30 Advanced Agility Rune
Finally for the runes part, all that you would need to know is that there are at least two grades of runes in FairyLand 2 Online, Basic and Advanced. The basic ones would boost only one particular stat like Agility, Constitution, Wisdom, Strength, Spirit, Health or Mana, while the advanced ones might boost a mix of stats instead.

But regardless of the type, just note that your pet will need to satisfy a rune's level requirement before it can equip it (be of the appropriate level). Furthermore, as each pet can only equip a maximum of three runes, you might have to be a little selective in which type of runes to equip.
FairyLand 2 Online - Rune Traders
Anyway, whilst the advanced runes might be a little tough to obtain (I only got two of them as a quest reward or something), the basic ones can easily be purchased off the three rune traders located in Jean's be sure to give them a check once in a while as your pets grow out of their present runes.
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