Thursday, November 28, 2013

Closers Online

Recently, I came across this cool-looking picture while I was gathering information about GhostX Ultimate, the next free to play MMORPG that I'm about to feature on my blog.

Closers Online
Owing to its sharp colors and interesting character designs, my curiosity was immediately piqued and thus a world wide website hunt soon ensued as I tried to uncover the nature or source for this. (Well...I'm exaggerating here of course. ^_^;)

Anyway, with that huge a clue left on the picture itself, it didn't take long before I discovered that it actually came from a still-in-development game called, Closers Online (by Naddic Games).

Background Story
Closers Online - Background Story
From the developer's website, I can roughly tell that the storyline for the game appears to be taking place in New Seoul, in 2020, right after some sort of calamity called the "First Dimensional War" which almost destroyed humanity.

During this first dimensional war, mysterious dimensional gates started opening randomly around the world for no reason whatsoever. And from these gates spewed tons and tons of nasty monsters which were impervious to any of the known weaponry and technology of that time.

Luckily though, along with the opening of these gates, some sort of psychokinetic power also started to spread around the world, resulting in a minority of humans gaining some extraordinary psychic powers.

Eventually, these awakened psychic humans managed to fight back/fend off those invading monsters and successfully closed most of these dimensional gates, thus winning that war.

So working with that story in mind, the game is apparently going to be designed as some sort of high-speed action fighting multiplayer online role-playing game (quite a mouthful huh...when it can be simply called an arcade-styled MORPG) whereby the player plays as one of these "Closers" entrusted with the task of closing down the dimensional gates that pops up.
Closers Online - Combat 1Closers Online - Combat 2
However because everything is still in development status, not much information is available to make heads or tails of how the game will be. But from the information released thus far, it should be safe to assume that Closers Online ought to work somewhat like games such as Dragon Nest, Dragonica or GhostX Ultimate.
Closers Online - Instance Results
Likewise, judging from this screenshot taken above (also taken from one of the official videos released), the game should ought to contain similar dungeon-like instances with a score/results calculated towards the end of completing it.
Closers Online - Character Selection
As for playable characters, there seems to be at least four of them planned for the time being, Seha Lee, Seulbi Lee, Yuri Seo and J.
Closers Online - Character Seha LeeSeha Lee (Striker)
From the looks of things, Seha Lee seems to be a gunblade-wielding type of character.
Closers Online - Character Seulbi LeeSeulbi Lee (Caster)
Seulbi Lee, on the other hand, appears to be a combat knife-wielding type and could possibly even be able to dual-wield two knives.
Closers Online - Character Yuri SeoYuri Seo (Ranger)
Yuri Seo looks like she will be fighting with a katana in one hand and a gun in the other.
Closers Online - Character JJ (Fighter)
Being barehanded, J will most likely be your typical close range fighter that specializes in unarmed combat.

Up until this point, that's roughly all we've got our hands on regarding Closers Online. And frankly speaking, I'm pretty certain that the game should attract plenty of potential customers once it finds a publisher and becomes ready for open beta.

However, how many of those customers would "stay" to play the game for a good while is still likely to depend upon how the rest of the game's features pans out (the in-game world, quests, end-game content, etc).

Well...with that, I shall leave you with these. Enjoy...