Thursday, December 1, 2011

Six Gun Galaxy

Six Gun Galaxy Recently, there is a game that is advertised pretty heavily on Facebook. Ever so often, you will see it loaded in one of those advertisement column of your Facebook page.

Just how "hot" is this game called "Six Gun Galaxy"? Let's check it out!
Six Gun Galaxy - Character Selection
First off, the game starts you going by asking you to choose between four different characters. What sucks at this point is that there is totally no description for each of the four characters. How are you supposed to choose without knowing what they can do?

From what little we can decipher, starting from the leftmost, the first character is a lady holding a knife in one hand and a rifle in the other. Next, we have a dude with a robotic right arm holding a pistol in the left. I am guessing this dude's a brawler? Anyway, the third guy looks like a ninja or something with that huge looking shuriken on the back. Finally, the last guy looks like a cyborg or robotic gunslinger.

Anyway, let's just choose a character and move on.
Six Gun Galaxy - Dog Partner
After choosing and naming your character, you will be brought into town. Your first quest is to "recruit" a partner into your team. This partner which you recruit is a dog. There is no huge fancy roundabout stuff you need to do to get this dog to join you. Just click on the corresponding building and voilĂ joins you just like that.
Six Gun Galaxy - Combat 1Six Gun Galaxy - Combat 2
Battles in this game is turn based. You can control one character in your team and decide whether it performs an attack or defend itself. The rest of your team is on auto. If you decide to defend, hover your mouse over your own character and select which skill to use. If you decide to attack, hover your mouse over the character you wish to attack and select an attacking skill instead.

Each side will take turns to perform their actions. The battle will end once all characters on a side is down.
Six Gun Galaxy - My TownSix Gun Galaxy - Buildings SelectionSix Gun Galaxy - Constructing a Building
Okay...wait just a sec, isn't this an RPG game? Why are we asked to build buildings now?? Apparently, this game tries to combine a little of town building gameplay into it. So for the time being, let's just follow along...

To build a building in Six Gun Galaxy, we need some cash (ingame money), some iron (an ingame resource) and some energy. This energy, which we use to build the buildings, regenerate once every few minutes much like "Mafia Wars" and "MapleStory Adventures".

Cash is obtained from completing quests and also from those cash generating buildings which you can build. Iron on the other hand is obtained only from the Blacksmith building which you can see in the center of your town.
Six Gun Galaxy - Character EquipmentSix Gun Galaxy - Equipment Store
Apart from using it in building stuff, cash is also used in buying equipment for your characters. Each character can be equipped with a weapon, a head, a torso, an arm and a leg item.

One funny thing I've noticed is that all the items are genderless and specie-less. Its a one item fits all...yes...even dogs. ^0^;
Six Gun Galaxy - Mods StoreSix Gun Galaxy - Equipping Mods
You can also buy modifications from the item store to power up your characters. However, these modifications are automatically divided and assigned to each of your team members by order of their rank.
Six Gun Galaxy - Edit Team
You can change the order of their ranks at the "Edit Team" tab as shown above.
Six Gun Galaxy - Character Skills
For every three levels that you gain, you will be given one skill point. This skill point can be allocated to any of three categories of skills. Each of this category is further divided into three tiers.

To gain access to the higher tier would require that you spend at least four skill points in the lower tier. For example, to unlock tier 2 offensive skills, you need to spend four points in the tier 1 offensive skill. To unlock tier 3 offensive skills, you need to spend four points in tier 2 offensive skills.

Sounds like an interesting game up until this point? Read on...

Six Gun Galaxy - Map AreasSix Gun Galaxy - QuestSix Gun Galaxy - Area Mastery
Exploring in this game is just in the form of clicking on each "building" or "person" in a map. Each click you perform will require some amount of energy. After completing all of these "quests" once, you will increase your mastery of this area by 1 level. When you do so, you will gain some cash, some experience and increase your maximum energy by 1.

The maximum level you can increase this "Area Mastery" to is five. So, each map can increase your maximum energy by at most 5 points. You would want to get this perk from as many maps as possible and as early as you can. This is so that you will have a larger energy pool to perform tasks later on in the game.
Six Gun Galaxy - Missing Quest Items
As I perform more and more of these "quests", I begin to notice that some of the quests started to ask that I have certain number of some particular mods from the item shop before I can perform their task. (Kind of vaguely reminds me of some game I've played before...)
Six Gun Galaxy - PVP ListSix Gun Galaxy - PVP BattleSix Gun Galaxy - PVP Victory
PVP in Six Gun Galaxy is just a page where you can choose which opponent you wish to fight, be it stronger or weaker than you, and then initiate a battle with that chosen opponent.

In this fight, only you are the one who's controlling your characters. The opponent's character is computer controlled. This means that you aren't fighting a real person, just an AI controlling that person's characters.

Victory in the fight will earn you some cash, some experience and some respect. Now what is this "respect"? No, its not that kind of respect you get from the person whom you defeated.
Six Gun Galaxy - Hiring With Respect
This "respect" is actually a form of currency in the game. You can use this currency to recruit characters from the item store to your team.

And strangely enough, after playing this far into the game, one particular "game" that I used to play on Facebook popped into my head. Then it suddenly linked, mastery and items requirement. The concept of this game might probably be built upon "that" game and with some dash of RPG and town building elements added.

After reading thus far...Just exactly how "hot" is this game? You will have to decide yourself then.