Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kingdom Under Fire II (Part One)

Editor's Note:
Owing to the fact that the "white elephant" CPU only affects my ability to record video clips but not in-game screenshots (as yet), I've decided to push forward and see how far I can go with this.

As can rejoice a bit knowing that "All You Need to Know About Games" isn't going down just yet. Not without a fight.
Kingdom Under Fire II
Anyway, this next game that I've picked up is called Kingdom Under Fire II.
KUF2 - RTS ModeKUF2 - Hack-N-Slash Mode
And while it doesn't seem to have a lot going for it, but still, I've found its gameplay to be somewhat kind of "refreshing" (in its own right) it actually involves a combination of RTS and RPG (hack-n-slash) elements.
During fights, you can choose to go into bird's-eye view and play it as an RTS...OR...go into third-person view and play it as a hack-n-slash.
If this sounds like an interesting game for ya, why not follow me over the next few weeks as I go on to explain just exactly what KUF2 is all about?

The Download
KUF2 - Download
As far as I have experienced, the downloading of the game client was pretty much hassle free. Upon installation of the starter kit, all you need is to run the client and wait for it to finish downloading. That's all.
As of this post, the entire game client is sitting at about 6.88 gigs on my HDD.
Other than that, you might (perhaps) want to know that the game seems to have region restrictions (I believe). Therefore, I'm not quite sure (to be honest) whether you can download and play on the server of this publisher's (from the link that I've just posted).
Try at your own risk or google for one that's in your region instead. You've been warned. XD

Character Creation
Kingdom Under Fire II's character creation is pretty basic. There's only two steps involved in it, Class Selection and Character Customization.

Class Selection
In Class Selection, there are only three classes for you to choose, Gunslinger, Spellsword and Berserker.
  • Gunslinger (Male)
    KUF2 - GunslingerAggressive and reckless, the Gunslinger is always at the very forefront of a battle and likes to charge directly towards his enemies, breaking their formation. Mixing the styles of both melee and ranged attacks, the Gunslinger is able to work equally well in all sorts of situations.

    Primary: Dirk      Secondary: Pistol
  • Spellsword (Female)
    KUF2 - SpellswordThe Spellsword is a wise Dark-Elf warrior that can turn the tide of a battle to her advantage using her elemental magic. Unlike fragile Sorcerers, the Spellsword is also well-adapted to fighting at the very center of the battlefield and can switch her combat style according to the state of the battle.

    Primary: Rapier      Secondary: Wand
  • Berserker (Male)
    KUF2 - BerserkerWith his sheer brutal strength, the Berserker is able to largely affect the outcome of a battle via the immense fear that he inflicts upon his opponents. Capable of sweeping away hordes of enemies with one single swing, the Berserker shows what a true conqueror should look like.

    Primary: Claymore      Secondary: Gauntlet
And sadly, these classes appear to be race- as well as gender-specific. So if you want to be of a certain class, you WILL have to settle for whichever race (and gender) it is that it had been designed with (in mind).

Character Customization
KUF2 - Character Customization
In Character Customization, I've found that it has also been greatly much so that you've only got your avatar's face to customize.
The rest of its body isn't "touchable" at all. Totally.
And as far as facial customizations are concerned, as you can see, its largely down to some options for your hairstyle, your facial features (how wrinkled it is, does it have bushy eyebrows and a mustache or beard, etc), some scars and tattoo designs and some color change selections.

Even the more in-depth alterations (that you can do) appear to be limited to the face as well...such as changing the position of your eyes, eyebrows, nose, chin, mouth and stuff like that.

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