Friday, December 26, 2014

Taikodom (Part One) be honest, back when I was still covering on Defiance, I had already heard about ArcheAge and was itching to do a feature on it next.

However, as I deemed that it would be "too much" to do two games by Trion Worlds back to back (and having just done RIFT a couple of months earlier too), my original intention was to push it back just a little and wait until I was finished with F.E.A.R. Online.

At least that was my plan initially...

But as Fate would have it otherwise, a sudden tiny glitch in the Glyph launcher popped up (most probably due to the introduction of ArcheAge's game client into the launcher I suspect) and I had extreme difficulty in trying to download the game client.

It just simply refused to resume...and downloading the entire 8+ gigs, in one session, was out of the question for me.

So without a choice, I had to settle for a last minute interim...a make up for some time whilst I find another way to get my hands on the ArcheAge's game client. (After much trouble, I did eventually get the client via a torrent provided by another fellow gamer, but that's another story for another time.)

Anyway, as I was saying, I needed some interim filler...something small in size that I could download immediately and start on "information collection" asap.

That's when Taikodom, a game I had used to play before (in 2009), came up. And as a result, that will be what I'm gonna feature...for now.

The Download
Taikodom - Game Download
Now if you just follow the link given above to download the game's client, everything should be pretty simple to manage (and its only about 1.5 gigs in filesize).

However, as you would have noticed by now, the sad thing is that the game no longer has an English version.

As such, if you have a desire to continue forth with the game, you WILL have to resort to using the Google Translate eventually (which is what I did).
I did had a go at downloading an alternate version, by another publisher GamersFirst, which is supposed to be in English. But sadly, it doesn't seem to be in service any longer and I was pretty much just stuck at the login.

Character Creation
Since the entire gameplay revolves totally about flying around in your ship, the character creation section is very much simplified and there's hardly anything customizable to talk about.
Taikodom - Character Creation Faction
There's a faction selection part whereby you would have to choose between being either a "Consortium" or a "Renegade".

This, however, is mostly just for PVPing purposes. There is not much storyline involved and there's hardly a difference between choosing one or the other, except for your starting locations.
Taikodom - Character Creation Ship Selection
Next comes your ship selection section.

In this part, there's three kinds of ships for you to choose, Assault (Assalto), Vanguard (Vanguarda) and Suppressor (Supressor). The Assault's your typical "damage dealer", the Vanguard's your "tank" while the Suppressor plays the role of "support".

Apart from being a deciding factor of your role in a battle, it also affects the kinds of "sub-routines" (kindda like "skill trees" in typical fantasy MMOs) that you will get as well as locks in and restricts the type of ship that you'll be able to pilot when within the game.
Taikodom - Character Creation Name And Gender
The last section of character creation just deals with the entering of your character's name and its gender, female (feminino) or male (masculino).

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