Friday, December 16, 2011

Drakensang Online

Drakensang OnlineDo you like playing the Diablo series games? Are you having sleepless nights counting down to the release of Diablo III?

Fear not! Here's a game that will keep you occupied until then. What game is that you say? Drakensang Online, of course.
This epic browser-based action RPG game released by Bigpoint has extraordinary 3D graphics and effects. It also has a range of breathtaking landscapes which is full of hostile monsters.
Drakensang Online - Character Create 1Drakensang Online - Character Create 2
At the time when I was trying out this game, there were only two classes to choose, Dragonknight and Spellweaver. However, the next day when I went back to the website, there was news of the release of a third class - Ranger. And what's more, there will be a fourth class somewhere in the near future. My guess is that this fourth class will probably be a "healer".
Drakensang Online - Isometric View
With the classic top-down isometric view and the red-blue hp and mp globes on the left and right, doesn't this game give you that sense of nostalgia?
Drakensang Online - Character StatsDrakensang Online - Skills
Although you can see some primitive form of statistics for your character, there are no actual stats for you to allocate when you level. Furthermore, skills in this game are not restricted by skill points. All you need is the right character level and enough in-game money to get them. So much for trying to be special then, almost all the players within the same class will be somewhat the same.
Drakensang Online - Quest 1Drakensang Online - Quest 2Drakensang Online - Quest 3
The quests are laid out in an easy to read format. In addition, the NPCs who are giving out these quests are visibly labelled with a blue "!" or "?" on top of their heads. Furthermore, the locations of these NPCs are also reflected on the map allowing players to easily find them.
Drakensang Online - Currencies
There are two forms of currency which you will deal with in Drakensang Online. The first form of currency is the in-game money which comes primarily as "gold", "silver" and "copper". The second form of currency is called "Andermant". Andermant is the rarer currency within the game and you shouldn't be too far off calling it the "cash shop" money.
Drakensang Online - Weapon TraderDrakensang Online - Potion TraderDrakensang Online - Upgrading
From the short interaction I have with the game, apart from the basic necessities, you will inevitably need to spend some andermant at some point in time while playing the game.

For example, when you wish to upgrade that unique weapon or armor that you've found, you will need andermant.

Or perhaps, when you wish to identify the unknown items that you've picked up, but ran out of crystals of truths, you will need andermant then too.
Drakensang Online - Crystals of Truths
Drakensang Online - Looting Andermants
But perhaps as some consolation to ordinary gamers, if you grind hard enough, you can actually get andermants and crystals of truths from the mobs that you kill. So its not all that bad for non-paying players.

Overall, this isn't a bad free game to play with and it will keep you occupied for some time. (Possibly until Diablo III is released?)