Saturday, March 10, 2012

Metal Assault: Shutdown

Metal Assault - TombstoneMetal Assault - Framed
Just received news that Aeria Games will be shutting down Metal Assault on the 31st March 2012. As such, I will be moving all Metal Assault articles under a new section for discontinued games.

- BuLaDiFu -

Quote from Official Website
Dear Metal Assault Players,

We regret to inform you that on March 31st, Aeria Games will shut down Metal Assault and remove it from our portal. We know that this news may be upsetting, but, continuing servicing Metal Assault is not in the best interest of all parties. Personally, I am sad that we have to shut down the game because in my short time with the Metal Assault community, I had a blast. Metal Assault is a very enjoyable game, and some of my fondest memories come from playing matches with and against the Metal Assault community.

We appreciate all the support and we hope that you can understand.