Friday, November 7, 2014

Defiance (Part One)

This time round, the new game I'm featuring is yet another that is developed by Trion Worlds, called "Defiance".

And from what I've heard, it is apparently based upon a science-fiction TV series of the same name and so should ought to be pretty interesting (and fun) for those of ya who do watch the series, I reckon.

However, as there is still a gaping difference between "thinking" that it might be interesting versus reality, so how's about we take a look at the game and decide on it for your own self?
For the rest of you, whom have never seen or even heard about the TV series, do not be dismayed. Please do follow along and enjoy the game as you any other.

For who knows? Perhaps the game, its storyline and lore might interest you so much that you would give the TV series a go?

The Download
Defiance - Client Download
Download-wise, everything's pretty smooth and peachy. All you have to do is to install the "Glyph" installer, log into your game account (after you've created one with them) and it will help you download the game client and bring it up to date.
Apart from that, just note that the client roughly sits at about 15 Gigs and so might take you quite a while unless you've got a decent internet connection.

Character Creation
Defiance - Create New CharacterDefiance - Character Create
For character creation, things are pretty simple here as well. There's a couple of options for each customization category and that's that. And as far as I know, the choices you've made here are merely visual ones. They will in no way limit your future paths, gameplay and game options.
  • Species
    For species, there's three for you to choose, Human, Irathient and Castithan. However, unless you've paid and downloaded the required DLC pack, the Castithan specie will be locked and thus your effectively only left with two species actually.
    Thankfully though, there's still a "Male" and "Female" version for each of the options here and so should still leave you with "some" choice I guess.
  • Origin
    Origin determines the "background story" of your you came to be what you are now. The options that you have here are Veteran, Survivalist, Outlaw and Machinist.
    From what I can tell, unless your into roleplaying, you can just simply choose whichever one that catches your eye. What you've chosen here will at best only affect your starting costumes and perhaps weapons.
  • Archetype
    Defiance - Character Archetype
    I'm purely guessing here, but Archetype appears to only be affecting your character's outward appearance (like as shown above). There's only three options available and so there's not much that I can say here, but this should most likely be the one which controls your character's build I suspect.
    By build, I mean how slender or muscular your character looks.
  • Fine-tunes
    After choosing the rough looks of your character, these next couple of sections are mostly for you to fine-tune it a little further.
    Defiance - Finetune FaceDefiance - Finetune Eyes
    Defiance - Finetune HairDefiance - Finetune Details
    There's basically four sections here to tweak, Face, Eyes, Hair and Details. However, as far as I can tell, they are all restricted to your character's "head" portion only. Furthermore, the options given are also pretty limited as well.
    But for a reason I guess.
    Defiance - Ingame Cutscene
    Just like Star Wars - The Old Republic and The Secret World, the character creation options are limited so as to allow for the ingame cutscenes to include your character (and increase the overall "immersion" experience).

    And quite frankly, it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.
    Just note that for "Details", some of the Facepaints (especially those that cover the entire face) do not quite mix with the Makeups (and can be deemed as mutually exclusive). You might just have to prioritize choosing one over the other.
  • Character Naming
    Defiance - Character Naming
    Beyond that, what's left is just to give your character a name I guess. Nothing more.

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