Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scarlet Blade (Part One)

Scarlet Blade
Now the game I'm gonna introduce to you this week is called "Scarlet Blade" published by Aeria Games. And quite frankly, due to the fact that the selling point of this game is its "skimpily dressed" female avatars, I do had some qualms about featuring it on my blog as it might not cater to all (and it even has a Mature 17+ rating).

However, after surfing around the websites of major MMO game reviewers and saw that they were okay with the covering of this game, so I've decided that it would be safe to proceed as well...but I'll promise to be cautious with the pictures where possible.

Anyway, from my brief experience with this game, I have kind of found that it does remind me of the times when I had played Lineage II and Aika (their combat and PVP gameplay do share some slight similarities in my opinion so maybe that's why...), so I reckon that if these two games had been a part of your MMO gaming history then perhaps this one might interest you too.

Well...I think I've said enough for now, so shall we proceed with the disecting of this game, Scarlet Blade?

Character Creation
Character creation in Scarlet Blade is pretty simple and straightforward. For the most of this part, there are only three major things to do and that is the choosing of your character's faction alignment, the job class and then the visual features.
  • Faction
    Scarlet Blade - FactionsScarlet Blade - Changing Factions
    When creating a character, you are required to choose between one of these two factions available in the game, the Royal Guards and the Free Knights. And as far as I know, these two factions are at loggerheads with each other and forms the basis of the PVP experiences that you will encounter within the game.

    After choosing your faction here, the only other way of changing factions is via a faction changer NPC found in major strongholds and bases. However, the process of defecting is subjected to a stringent quota (so as to keep the numbers on both sides balanced).
  • Job Class
    There are a total of six job classes available in the game. They can be roughly generalized into these four major types, Tank, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS and Support.

    Scarlet Blade - DefenderDefender

    At the frontline in any conflict, the Defender stands tall with a massive giant sword to cut down any foe that dares to stand before her.

    Melee DPS
    Scarlet Blade - Shadow WalkerShadow Walker

    Gifted with stealth and agility, the Shadow Walker is able to move silently within a battlefield to ravage her prey with lethal claws.
    Scarlet Blade - WhipperWhipper

    Specializes in engaging multiple enemies at once, the Whipper can unleash a whirlwind of destruction and pain using her deadly whip.

    Ranged DPS

    With her trusty rifle by her side, the Punisher is tasked to deal the decisive blow to strategic targets deep within any opposing force.
    Scarlet Blade - Punisher

    Sporting twin pistols, the Sentinel relies upon her small stature and lightning fast movements to quickly move around, providing cover fire, damage and disables.
    Scarlet Blade - Sentinel


    Although designed for healing and buffing purposes, the Medic is still a frightening opponent with her Aegis Cannon and arsenal of poisons, debuffs and disables.
    Scarlet Blade - Medic

    Please do remember that once you've chosen a job class for your character, your stuck with it for life and nothing short of making a new character and re-leveling again will save you, so choose wisely my friend.
  • Visual Customizations
    Scarlet Blade - Prebuilt TemplateScarlet Blade - Hairstyle Options
    The visual customizations available in Scarlet Blade is a tad bit disappointing in my opinion. Although the graphic quality is nice and all, but as far as I can see the options for you to mess around with are few and limited. What's more, all of these options are strictly restricted to the head portion only so there's nothing else that you can do beyond that.

    And since there are only a few style selections (for your face and hairstyle) here plus a couple of color choices (for your eyes, lips and hair color) there and nothing else noteworthy to talk about, I shall keep it at that then.

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