Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scarlet Blade (Part Four)

PVP Gameplay
There are two modes of PVP gameplay in Scarlet Blade (at least as far as I know). The first mode is in the form of participating in Battlefield Arenas. The second one is in the form of an ongoing PVP threat whilst running around leveling in the fields.

Battlefield Arenas

Scarlet Blade - Battlefield Arena MenuScarlet Blade - Battlefield Arena Confirmation
To enter any battlefield arena, you will first need to be of the appropriate levels, as in satisfy the entry level requirement. Next, you will need to be online at the proper times and register yourself in it...which usually starts to accept entries five minutes before the start of the battle (refer to countdown timer). After registering, you will then only need to wait for a tiny confirmation window, accept it and you will be teleported to the appropriate starting area for the battle.
Scarlet Blade - YanusYanus (Janus)
Cycle: Every 2 hours          Req. Lv.: 15 ~ 44
Max Players: 35 vs 35          Duration: 15 minutes

First team to reach 200 points wins.
Scarlet Blade - TurnpikeTurnpike
Cycle: Every 2 hours          Req. Lv.: 20 ~ 44
Max Players: 80 vs 80          Duration: 15 minutes

First team to reach 500 points wins.
Scarlet Blade - Al KasavaAl Kasava
Cycle: Every 1 week          Req. Lv.: 30 ~ 44
Max Players: 150 vs 150          Duration: 60 minutes

The team with the most flags wins.
Scarlet Blade - Atomic BunkerAtomic Bunker (Nuclear Bunker)
Cycle: Every 1 week          Req. Lv.: 35 ~ 44
Max Players: 100 vs 100          Duration: 20 minutes

The team who defeats Abaddon (dungeon boss) first wins.

Ongoing PVP threat
For this form of PVP, it is fairly similar to those kinds that you find in games such as Lineage II, Aika Online and SWTOR, where the threat of being PKed is continuous and everlasting.
Scarlet Blade - Enemy Faction Aggressor
However one thing different about it is that, in Scarlet Blade, the cross-faction PVP here is anonymous. There is no way of identifying who is whom. The name appears to be hidden, the HP seems to be faked and even the attire is frankly speaking, I'm not even sure if the level of the "Spy" shown is truthful.

But anyway, I guess it goes both ways so the attacker would have to choose his or her own targets carefully as as not to pick a wrong one and end up dying instead.
Scarlet Blade - Mereholt MapScarlet Blade - Viledon Map
And as far as I know, this form of PVP may take place at anywhere within the in-game world but would generally become more and more frequent as you proceed closer to the "front-line" map, Viledon (Enocia -> Mereholt -> Barbiron -> Viledon).

Well...just be extra careful whenever you see one lurking near you. You may never know when they might decide to attack you, or perhaps even be waiting for the most opportune moment to strike (like when your engaged in a fight with AI mobs).

Basically, there are two things to look out for when you engage in any of these two modes of PVP gameplay.
Scarlet Blade - Dog TagsScarlet Blade - Dog Tag Synthesis
The first one is "Dog Tags". These can be obtained as loot drops whenever you kill an enemy opponent in any of the battlefield arenas. It is categorized according to the level of the slain opponent and is used to synthesis silver or gold medals at any "Dog Tag Reward Officer" NPCs (found in starting area of battlefield arenas and in certain map's bases, like Viledon).

Generally-speaking, the higher the level of the dog tag and the more quantity of it you use, the better the chance of you successfully making a medal. However, it is important to note that the game system does not allow you to use a mixture of dog tags of different levels in the synthesis, so you might have to collect quite a few of these separate dog tags before you attempt to make any medals. least make it as close to a 50% chance as possible before you try.
Scarlet Blade - Memory Chip
The second one is "Memory Chips". These can be obtained as loot drops whenever you kill an enemy opponent in the regular in-game world (but may also be obtainable as a quest reward).

From what I can tell, these have no other purposes apart from selling back to an NPC to gain extra "Rank Points" (on top of those you've already earned from the kill itself).
Scarlet Blade - Medal Vending MachineScarlet Blade - Medal Exchanged Earrings
So what do you do with the medals and rank points that you've gained? trade them in for rare goodies and special skills of course! All you need to do is find one of these silver or gold medal vending machines...but they don't sell 'em cheap, so be warned.

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