Friday, August 9, 2013

FairyLand 2 Online (Part Six)


FairyLand 2 Online - Crafting Window
As far as crafting goes in FairyLand 2 Online, there are only a couple of things that you can make and that is armors, shoes and weapons. Anything else, like necklaces and rings, you may have to source for or loot them in the dungeons available in the game.

Anyway, as you can see in the screenshot, you will first need to acquire the necessary materials before you can proceed to crafting anything so let us just briefly focus upon the materials and the places to get them.
FairyLand 2 Online - Jean's Village MapFairyLand 2 Online - Universal Toolbox
Essentially, the materials that you need for crafting can all be obtained from these few areas located in Jean's Village, namely the "Hunting Area", "Mining Area", "Fishing Area", "Fabrication Area" and "Herbs Area". However, you will have to purchase something called a "Universal Toolbox" from the Grocery Store Aunty first before you are allowed to gather these materials. Furthermore, as this toolbox thingy is a consumable item, you might wish to purchase at least a couple of them if your planning to do some AFK (away from keyboard) harvesting.

So after purchasing a couple of these Universal Toolboxes, you will then have to proceed to one of the areas to start your harvesting process. If your looking for ores, you will need to head for the "Mining Area". If your looking for plants and flowers, then you will need to go to the "Herbs Area". If cloths and fabrics are what you need, then the "Fabrication Area" is where you ought to be going. As for the "Hunting" and "Fishing" areas, those are meant for you to collect ingredients for crafting of your HP and MP potions.
FairyLand 2 Online - Work Window
Once your there, just press "X" to call out your work window, select the type of material your harvesting, key in the quantity that you need and hit the "Work" button to start and the "Stop" button to stop. Alternatively, if the quantity does not matter and your just looking to break all your toolboxes, you can leave the quantity box empty and just start the harvesting process. And although it does not matter where in the area your standing or what your trying to gather, it is important that you place yourself within the area's boundaries or the harvesting process will not even start.
Some minor things to note:
  • Unlocking of Materials and Potions In Your Work Window
    FairyLand 2 Online - Unlocking New Material
    As far as I know, you do not need to skill all the way from the bottom to the top in order to unlock new materials to harvest or potions to craft in your work window. So long as you have enough "Shells" (in-game money), you can just click upon the "+" button found beside each of the icons to unlock it.
  • Unlocking Limit
    If you refer to the work window, you should see a value of "X/200" at the top right corner. This value represents the maximum amount of new materials and potions that you can unlock. But since there are only seven categories of materials and potions and each category has only 10 items to unlock, it is not yet possible to exceed this limit of 200 so you can might as well ignore this for now.
  • Rating, EXP and Progress
    From what I can tell, these three things (Rating, EXP and Progress) are all somewhat linked together in determining how effective it is that you can gather a particular material or craft a particular potion.

    Basically, for every successful attempt made, you will gain 1 point in the EXP bar (for that work category) and 50 points in the Progress bar (for that material or potion). And upon gaining enough points to fill up the EXP bar, your work category's rating will increase by 1.

    So how all these link together is that I've noticed much higher chances of success upon gaining enough rating in the work category and having maxed the Progress bar than compared to when I've just started. Therefore it should be safe to assume that you will need to be at a certain rating "level" and maxed the material's or potion's Progress bar in order to be sufficiently efficient in gathering a material or crafting a potion. Else you would just be wasting unnecessary durability on your Universal Toolbox.
FairyLand 2 Online - Making FoodFairyLand 2 Online - Crafting Shoe
Finally, once you've procured the necessary materials or ingredients, all you need to do is go to the "Make" tab for making of foods and potions or the "Manufacture" window for crafting of armors, shoes and weapons (accessed via your backpack) and the rest should be easy peasy for you.
FairyLand 2 Online - Crafted Court Shoes
The end product when crafting any armor, shoe or weapon should ought to look something like this, with some random bonus stats and your name engraved on it.

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