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Aika (Part Four)

Aika - Pran Description
Princess of Air Nymph, otherwise known as Pran, is a fairy familiar that will act as your reliable sidekick and close partner during your stay in Aika. Though they cannot directly participate in a battle with you, they can help by providing you with offensive and defensive buffs as well as boosts in certain stats.

And as you travel around the world of Aika, fulfilling quests and undertaking adventures, she will grow alongside with you as well. Not only will her spells become more potent, she will also evolve and develop her own personality eventually (depending on how you treat her).

Furthermore, your pran can be given a unique name and also follow you around in whichever character you may choose to use in your account. You will need to use the pran station, as a go between, to move her from one character to another. Do note that each account has a limit though. You can only create up to three characters to play with and two prans to aid your characters in battles.
Aika - Fire Pran
There are three types of prans which you can choose to create, fire, water and air.
Each of these prans have their unique capabilities and skills. Although none of them are inferior to the other, it is in my opinion that you choose your prans carefully to compliment HOW you play your character or in other words, your fighting style.
Aika - Pran Quest
To acquire your first pran, you will need to have a character reach level 7. A quest will then be available to you at the Flour Mill NPC. Once you've followed through and cleared the quests, you will get to name and meet your pran companion at the Pran Station.

If you so wish, you can approach the Pran Station NPC again to repeat the quest to obtain your second and final pran (after which the quest will no longer be available). Just remember that depending on the type of pran your getting, you will need to acquire the necessary amount of essences.
Pran TypeEssence (Qty)
Fire Essence - Can be acquired from boars (young, breeding, mutated, wild).
Water Essence - Can be acquired from kubaris (munta, fierce munta, raging munta).
Air Essence - Can be acquired from moguns (cowardly, anxious, feisty).
Aika - Old Wooden BoxAika - Opening Old Wooden BoxAika - Items in Old Wooden Box
Alternatively, you can also get random essences from old wooden boxes lying around the map.

If you ever decide that one of your pran is useless and you wish to change it for another type of pran, here is one way that I've read about (during my surfing for information) which you can try. But the criteria is that you must have an empty character slot.

First, create a disposable character. Then place the unwanted pran on that character and delete the character. The pran will then be disposed off together with the character and thus freeing you to create another pran. Just remember to remove all the things from the pran before deleting it (as pran costumes can be pretty expensive in my opinion).

There are three major points of evolution for a pran in which you as her master must take note of.
  • Evolution I
    Evolution I occurs when your pran reaches level 5. At this point, your pran will evolve from a fairy into a child.
  • Evolution II
    Evolution II occurs when your pran reaches level 20. At this point, your pran will evolve from a child into a teen.
  • Evolution III
    Evolution III occurs when your pran reaches level 50. At this point, your pran will evolve from a teen into an adult.
Aika - FairyAika - ChildAika - TeenAika - Adult
Each of these evolution stages will have its own unique quest to complete. Just remember that once your pran reaches the required level (regardless of which evolution stage it is), you must immediately bring her to see the following "suspicious-looking" guy in Regenshein.
Aika - Pran Messenger
That is because your pran will cease to gain experience points until she evolves into the next form. Upon completing his quest, your pran will evolve and can then gain experience points again.

If you still remembered that prans can have their own personality, then now would be a good time to introduce you to the types of personalities that a pran can have.
Aika - Pran Cute PersonalityAika - Pran Mean PersonalityAika - Pran Sassy Personality
Aika - Pran Smart PersonalityAika - Pran Spunky PersonalityAika - Pran Tough Personality
Just note that during the fairy and child stages, your pran is still learning and is in the midst of developing, thus her personality will not be shown until later in the teen and adult stages.
Aika - Pran Interaction
The personality that your pran develops largely depends upon how you answer her questions (whenever she interacts with you), but there are speculations that the food you feed her might also play a small part in it.
SmartMeanSassy (Left) & Cute (Right)
Aika - Adult Pran Smart PersonalityAika - Adult Pran Mean PersonalityAika - Adult Pran Sassy (Left) and Cute (Right) Personalities
If you want a full list of their adult appearance according to their personality, here are two websites that I found it from, Adult Pran and Aika Epic II: Karena.
PersonalityBehavior Example
CuteYeah, I think it's fun playing with you! I think that you might be one of my best friends, master! That makes me really happy! Let's get going.
MeanHey, let's see if you're actually good for something. Hand over some cash. Um – please.
SassyIt's usually cold in the mornings, so I warm myself up with a cup of tea! But sometimes I feel like I don't need it - baby, I'm already steamin' hot!
SmartI'm slightly bemused, master. I'm getting insulted because of my ears. It's slightly gratuitous, isn't it?
SpunkyYes, I really like being happy! Yay, this should be easy!
ToughSome dumb pran was running her mouth, so I socked it shut. I'm only sorry that she wasn't sent straight back to the Pran Station.
Personally, I feel that apart from the differences in poses, wings (for adults) and behaviors while interacting with you, there isn't much else that is worthy in making you fuss over their personality. I would rather recommend that you answer the questions as you feel and then get a surprise when they develop their personality.

Anyway, if you still feel like wanting a particular personality, here's a pran conversion table which I found on one forum. Hopefully it will give you a better idea on how to answer those questions so that you can develop a specific personality.

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