Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aika: Air Pran

Air Prans are generally used to boost the evasive abilities of a character. They have skills that increase evasion, maximum health & mana, recovery rate and reduce mana cost. These prans have a distinctive yellow color when in fairy form.

Compatible with*:

WarriorSniperNight Magician
CrusaderDual GunnerPriest
* These are merely suggestions I've found from articles on the web.

Air Pran Skills
Aika - Breath of Air IconBreath of Air / Brave (Passive)
Adds wind damage to all attacks performed.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level151015202530354045
Wind Damage+7+9+12+16+21+26+33+42+53+65
Stage of EvolutionFairyChildTeen

Aika - Windbreaker IconWindbreaker / Elemental Guard (Passive)
Increases wind resistance.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level151015202530354045
Wind Resistance+2+4+6+8+10+12+14+16+18+20
Stage of EvolutionFairyChildTeen

Aika - Touch of Wind IconTouch of Wind / Operation Wind (Active)
Casts blessing of wind to increase dodge rate.
[Duration: 20 seconds • Cooldown: 120 seconds]
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level151015202530354045
Dodge Rate+17+20+23+27+31+36+41+47+53+60
Mana Cost1051381922503454325436849061099
Stage of EvolutionFairyChildTeen

Aika - Air Fairy Transform IconTransform / Fairy Form (Active)
Causes the pran to change between fairy and human form. [Cooldown: 30 seconds]
Skill Level1
Pran Level52050
Mana Cost2
Form (After Evolution)ChildTeenAdult

Aika - Prudence IconPrudence / Tranquility (Passive)
Increases max health and mana points.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level5101520253035404550
Max Health Points
Max Mana Points
Stage of EvolutionChildTeenAdult

Aika - Tailwind IconTailwind / Warm Breeze (Active)
Decreases mana consumption for all skills.
[Duration: 20 seconds • Cooldown: 150 seconds]
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level10152025303540455055
Mana Consumption-25%-30%-35%-40%-45%-50%-55%-60%-65%-70%
Mana Cost2393134315406798551132137417572082
Stage of EvolutionChildTeenAdult

Aika - White Squall IconWhite Squall / Clement Wind (Passive)
Increases health and mana points recovery rate.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level20253035404550556065
HP Recovery Rate
MP Recovery Rate
Stage of EvolutionTeenAdult

Aika - Kindred Hurricane IconKindred Hurricane / Serenity Sky (Active)
Recovers health points every two seconds.
[Duration: 20 seconds • Cooldown: 180 seconds]
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level25303540455055606570
HP Recovered+88+111+139+174+211+254+301+351+405+463
Mana Cost64881510261358164921092499302234563946
Stage of EvolutionTeenAdult

Aika - Slipstream IconSlipstream / Fair Wind (Passive)
Increases dodge rate.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level50556065707580859095
Dodge Rate+2+4+6+8+10+12+14+16+18+20
Stage of EvolutionAdult

Aika - Typhoon Boon IconTyphoon Boon / Head Wind (Active)
Reduces damage received only if damage exceeds 20% of your maximum health points.
[Duration: 20 seconds • Cooldown: 210 seconds]
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level55606570758085909599
Damage Reduction20%22%24%26%28%30%32%34%36%40%
Mana Cost2153255129943495402946175279596767477622
Stage of EvolutionAdult