Sunday, April 22, 2012

Aika: Water Pran

Water Prans are generally used to boost the defensive capabilities of a character. They have skills that increase defense, maximum mana and status resistance. These prans have a distinctive blue color when in fairy form.

Compatible with*:

WarriorSniperNight Magician
CrusaderDual GunnerPriest
* These are merely suggestions I've found from articles on the web.

Water Pran Skills
Aika - Splash of Water IconSplash of Water / Brave (Passive)
Adds water damage to all attacks performed.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level151015202530354045
Water Damage+7+9+12+16+21+26+33+42+53+65
Stage of EvolutionFairyChildTeen

Aika - Waterproof IconWaterproof / Elemental Guard (Passive)
Increases water resistance.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level151015202530354045
Water Resistance+2+4+6+8+10+12+14+16+18+20
Stage of EvolutionFairyChildTeen

Aika - Touch of Ice IconTouch of Ice / Glacial Armor (Active)
Charges armor with water element to increase physical defense and magic defense. [Duration: 40 seconds • Cooldown: 120 seconds]
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level151015202530354045
Physical Defense
Magic Defense
Mana Cost92121168219302378475598792962
Stage of EvolutionFairyChildTeen

Aika - Water Fairy Transform IconTransform / Fairy Form (Active)
Causes the pran to change between fairy and human form. [Cooldown: 30 seconds]
Skill Level1
Pran Level52050
Mana Cost2
Form (After Evolution)ChildTeenAdult

Aika - Wisdom IconWisdom (Passive)
Increases max mana points.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level5101520253035404550
Max Mana Points+50+70+91+123+158+198+249+330+401+513
Stage of EvolutionChildTeenAdult

Aika - Glacier IconGlacier / Water Shield (Active)
Creates a wall of water to absorb damage.
[Duration: 40 seconds • Cooldown: 150 seconds]
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level10152025303540455055
Damage Absorbed2803704856157809951255154018852260
Mana Cost209274377473594748990120215381822
Stage of EvolutionChildTeenAdult

Aika - Eye of the Storm IconEye of the Storm / Chilling Touch (Passive)
Increases abnormal status resistance.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level20253035404550556065
Status Resistance+1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10
Stage of EvolutionTeenAdult

Aika - Tsunami Blessing IconTsunami Blessing / Restore Mana (Active)
Purifies the mana in the surrounding area to increase the MP recovery rate. [Duration: 40 seconds • Cooldown: 180 seconds]
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level25303540455055606570
MP Recovery Rate+74+95+120+156+192+240+290+345+401+464
Mana Cost5677138971188144318452186264430243453
Stage of EvolutionTeenAdult

Aika - Hydrophopia IconHydrophopia / Water Pressure (Passive)
Increases physical and magic defense.
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level50556065707580859095
Physical Defense
Magic Defense
Stage of EvolutionAdult

Aika - Artic Aegis IconArtic Aegis / Absolute Zero (Active)
Freezes the character to gain immunity against all attacks. (Character will be unable to do anything) [Cooldown: 210 seconds]
Skill Level12345678910
Pran Level55606570758085909599
Duration (seconds)481216202428323640
Mana Cost2153255129943495402946175279596767477622
Stage of EvolutionAdult