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Aika: Night Magician

Aika - Night Magician
The brilliant, powerful Night Magician (SEA version) or Warlock (NA version) is a master of offensive magic. Unlike the Priest and Crusader, who employ Aika's light magic, the Night Magician spends his days mastering the dark arts passed down from the era of the great prophet Giovanni. Although black magic is more oriented towards destruction, it is not associated with malicious energies. The Night Magician merely realigns ambient mana and channels the imbalance generated to inflict massive amounts of damage upon his foes.

With his vast array of spells, the Night Magician can quickly subdue the weak-minded, often stunning or rendering them helpless. While exceptionally potent, his spells sometimes carry the risk of backlash, making it beneficial to keep a Crusader or Priest nearby. The large quantities of energy that he is capable of drawing may also be used for group teleportation at higher levels.

After much experience in the field of combat and in honing his skills, the Night Magician may become the powerful Chaos Sorcerer (SEA version) or Arcanist (NA version).

Possible Roles: Long-range DPS, Nuker, Crowd Controller

Night Magician Skills
Aika - Mana Draw IconMana Draw / Mana Stream (Active • Target: Self)
Recovers mana by 50% - 100%.
[Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 120 s]
Skill Level1
Required Level1
Mana Cost10

Tier 1
Aika - Fireball IconFireball / Chaos Flame (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals fire magic damage, provides fire debuff and adds to critical rate. [Cast Time: 1 s • Cooldown: 1 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level14812162024283236404448525660
Fire Damage7594127161199246299362439531640756892103711991380
Critical Rate+25+27+29+31+33+35+37+39+41+43+45+47+49+51+53+55
Debuff Duration (seconds)3456
Mana Cost475979101125155188228277335403476562653755869

Aika - Enervate IconEnervate / Pain (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals magic DoT and provides dark debuff for 6 seconds.
[Cast Time: 0 s • Duration: 6 s • Cooldown: 6 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level481216202428323640444852566064
Magic Damage (per second)44597593115140169205248299353417485561641725
Mana Cost11916020325131137845655467080795311261310151517311958

Aika - Polymorph IconPolymorph (Active • Target: Enemy)
Transform the target into a harmless rabbit. (Cannot be used on multiple targets. Effect ends if target is hit, debuffed or healed.)
[Cast Time: 2 s • Cooldown: 40 s]
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level6101418222630343842
Move Speed-20-22-24-26-28-30-32-34-36-40
Duration (seconds)20222426283032343638
Mana Cost547088109134162196238288342

Aika - Lightning Orb IconLightning Orb / Shock Wave (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals magic damage, slows target and provides lightning debuff.
[Cast Time: 1 s • Cooldown: 1 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level8121620242832364044485256606468
Magic Damage94118147181220267324391472557658764884101011431284
Move Speed-15-16-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29-30
Duration (seconds)3456
Mana Cost6683103127154187227274330390461535619712800899

Aika - Mana Shield IconMana Shield / Darkness Shield (Active • Target: Self)
Creates a shield that redirects a percentage of the damage received to your mana. (Deactivates when MP runs out.)
[Cast Time: 0 s • Duration: 600 s • Cooldown: 60 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level10141822263034384246505458626670
Damage Redirected to Mana30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%48%50%52%54%56%58%60%
Damage to Mana (multiplier)x2.25x2.20x2.15x2.10x2.05x2.00x1.95x1.90x1.85x1.80x1.75x1.70x1.65x1.60x1.55x1.50
Mana Cost1782222733554255086117339161070131815091732199422192466

Aika - Hellfire IconHellfire / Chaos Inferno (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals magic damage and stuns the target for 3 seconds. (Will deal additional damage if target is under fire debuff.)
[Cast Time: 0 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level12162024283236404448525660646872
Magic Damage21326532739748158370585110041185137715931820206023142603
Additional Damage (if under fire debuff)107133164199241292353426502593689797910103011571302
Cooldown (seconds)40393837363534333231302928272625
Mana Cost1221531882282763354054895766817909141052118213281494

Tier 2
Aika - Aetheric Shackles IconAetheric Shackles / Hitch (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals magic damage and silences target. (Will deal additional damage if target is under dark debuff. Silence duration doubled if target is casting when hit by spell.) [Cast Time: 0 s]
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level17212529333741454953
Magic Damage104128154187227275328387457529
Additional Damage (if under dark debuff)212631374555667791106
Silence Duration (seconds)3456789101112
Cooldown (seconds)60585654525048464440
Mana Cost109134161195237288342404476551

Aika - Black Harvest IconBlack Harvest / Erode (Active • Target: Enemy)
Damages target and absorbs a percentage of the damage dealt as HP. Also decreases target's heal effect for 6 seconds. (Will deal additional damage if target is under dark debuff.)
[Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 20 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level19232731353943475155596367717579
Magic Damage17321025530937545353663373885498011131250140615751749
Additional Damage (if under dark debuff)354251627591107127148171196223250281315350
Absorbed as HP (of damage)100%105%110%115%120%125%130%135%140%145%150%155%160%165%170%175%
Heal Effect-25%-28%-31%-34%-37%-40%-43%-46%-49%-52%-55%-58%-61%-64%-67%-70%
Mana Cost96116141171208250296350408472546615691777871967

Aika - Mana Torrent IconMana Torrent / Mana Storm (Passive)
Increases magic attack at the cost of additional MP.
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level21252933374145495357
Magic Attack+5+10+15+20+25+30+35+40+45+50
Additional MP Cost+3+6+9+12+15+18+21+24+27+30

Aika - Meditate IconMeditate / Mana Harmony (Passive)
Increases your max MP and MP recovery rate.
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level23273135394347515559
Max MP+80+160+240+320+400+480+560+640+720+800
MP Recovery Rate+5+10+15+20+25+30+35+40+45+50

Aika - Shadow Fall IconShadow Fall / Darkness Swarm (Active • Target: AoE)
Deals magic damage over time for 10 seconds by throwing dark fragments over designated area. [Cast Time: 10 s • Cooldown: 12 s]
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level25293337414549535761
Magic Damage (per second)6882100121144170201233270308
Additional Damage (if under dark debuff)5101520253035404550
Mana Cost40749459972686610221207139716181846

Aika - Soul Trap IconSoul Trap / Eclater (Active • Target: Enemy)
Draws a magic circle that explodes if target's HP drops below 50% or after 20 seconds. (Explosion damages target and enemies within 4 meters of target.) [Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 6 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level27313539434751555963677175798387
Magic Damage (upon exploding)3894715726918179661126130214941698190621442402266829653292
Additional Damage (if under dark debuff)384757698196112130149169190214240266296329
Mana Cost29235342951861372584597711211274143016081802200122242469

Tier 3
Aika - Aether Flare IconAether Flare / Lightning Lance (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals magic damage and removes up to 2 defensive skills from target. [Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 6 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level32364044485256606468727680848892
Magic Damage3784575516517688931033118013351500168718872095232825852872
Additional Damage (if under lightning debuff)1321601932282693133624134675255906607338159051005
Mana Cost359433523617728846979112712661422159917891986220624512722

Aika - Inferno IconInferno / Chaos Blaze (Active • Target: Caster-centered AoE)
Deals magic damage to targets within 5 meters and slows them for 8 seconds. [Cast Time: 0 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level34384246505458626670747882869094
Magic Damage47657668480694810961264144016181818204422722524280431123458
Move Speed-20-22-24-26-28-30-32-34-36-38-40-42-44-46-48-50
Additional Damage (if under fire debuff)119144171202237274316360405455511568631701778865
Cooldown (seconds)30292827262524232221201918171615
Mana Cost357432513605711822954108012141364153317041893210323342594

Aika - Nightmare IconNightmare / Sleeping Haze (Active • Target: Caster-centered AoE)
Casts a sleep effect on enemies within 5 meters. (Sleep effect ends if target is hit and the attack that breaks it is guaranteed to be a critical hit.) [Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 120 s]
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level36404448525660646872
Sleep Duration (seconds)481216202428323640
Mana Cost561677798942109412661455163518382067

Aika - Rend Soul IconRend Soul / Hand of Darkness (Active • Target: Enemy)
Decreases target's physical attack and inflicts fire, dark & lightning debuff. [Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 20 s]
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level38424650545862667074
Physical Attack-10%-11%-12%-13%-14%-15%-16%-17%-18%-20%
Duration (seconds)10111213141516171820
Mana Cost50159570182495310981251140615791776

Aika - Mass Teleport IconMass Teleport (Active • Target: Caster-centered AoE)
Teleports all party members within 10 meters to a saved location. [Cast Time: 6 s]
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level40444852566064687276
Max Saved Locations12345
Cooldown (seconds)60048036024012060
Mana Cost1697198223172820323237794203467552035909

Aika - Meteor IconMeteor / Darkness Fall (Active • Target: AoE)
Deals magic damage to all targets within 6 meters of cast center and stuns them for 5 seconds. [Cast Time: 8 s • Cooldown: 60 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213141516
Required Level40444852566064687276808488929699
Magic Damage239928333343388444935133581165277342821091161012911249123841363315011
Additional Damage (if under dark debuff)23928333438844951358165273482191110121124123813631501
Mana Cost179921252507291333703850435848955507615868377597843792881022511258

Tier 4
Aika - Mirrored Agony IconMirrored Agony / Dead Link (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals magic damage to target but caster also receives a portion of the damage inflicted in return. (Returned damage will not drop caster's HP below 1 and cannot be blocked by Mana Shield.)
[Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 3 s]
Skill Level12345678910111213
Required Level51555963677175798387919599
Magic Damage984113813041484166818742102233225922880319835503944
Returned Damage (of inflicted damage)75%73%71%69%67%65%63%61%59%57%55%53%50%
Caelium/Facion Required (pieces)1234567
Additional Damage (if under dark debuff)197228261297334375420466518576640710789
Mana Cost168194222253284319357397441490544604671

Aika - Ahriman's Blessing IconAhriman's Blessing / Dark Affinity (Passive)
Increases resistance to silence and fear effect.
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level55596367717579838791
Silence Resistance5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%
Fear Resistance3%6%9%12%15%18%21%24%27%30%

Aika - Calamity IconCalamity / Deadly Sins (Active • Target: AoE)
Ranged attack that deals magic damage over time and slows enemies within target area.
[Cast Time: 0 s • Duration: 12 s • Cooldown: 180 s]
Skill Level1234567891011
Required Level5963677175798387919599
Magic Damage (per second)572646725815914101411281252139015441715
Move Speed-10-12-14-16-18-20-22-24-26-28-30
Additional Damage (if under dark debuff)5764728191101112125139154171
Caelium/Facion Required (pieces)345678
Mana Cost463352335873660274038213913710141112591250613892

Aika - Incinerate IconIncinerate / Prominence (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals magic damage to target & all enemies within 4 meters of target. Also stuns them for 3 seconds and deals further damage when stun ends. [Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 60 s]
Skill Level1234567891011
Required Level6165697377818589939799
Magic Damage16781886212223862657295032763638404244904730
Damage (when stun ends)55362270078787697310811200133314811560
Additional Damage (if under fire debuff)420472531597664738819910101111231183
Caelium/Facion Required (pieces)456789
Mana Cost12591415159217901993221324572729303233683548

Aika - Focus Magic IconFocus Magic (Passive)
Decreases the chance to be interrupted while casting and reduce mana consumption for all skills.
Skill Level12345678910
Required Level65697377818589939799
Cast Interruption-4%-8%-12%-16%-20%-24%-28%-32%-36%-40%
Mana Consumption-5%-6%-7%-8%-9%-10%-11%-12%-13%-15%

Aika - Volt Rain IconVolt Rain / Call Lightning Storm (Active • Target: AoE)
Summons lightning storm to deal magic damage 5 times upon enemies within 6 meters. Also reduces move speed and removes up to 3 defensive buffs. [Cast Time: 6 s • Cooldown: 300 s]
Skill Level123456789
Required Level697377818589939799
Magic Damage (per hit)8849941107122913651516168418711971
Move Speed-50
Additional Damage (if under lightning debuff)159179199221246273303337355
Caelium/Facion Required (pieces)678910
Mana Cost4551510357576369705378098817979510320

Tier 5
Aika - Shadow Mist IconShadow Mist / Black Mist (Active • Target: Self)
Summons a dark mist which surrounds the caster. The mist can absorb a certain amount of physical damage and increases max. skill attack, critical rate and dodge rate of caster. (Deactivates when time is up or when physical damage absorbed reaches its maximum. Physical damage from AoE attacks will be absorbed with a 25% reduction.) [Cast Time: 0 s • Duration: 120 s • Cooldown: 60 s]
Skill Level12345678
Required Level7175798387919599
Physical Damage Absorption Amount88489919110181224313601150991676518620
Max. Skill Attack+890+997+1107+1231+1367+1518+1686+1872
Critical Rate+25+28+31+34+37+40+43+46
Dodge Rate+31+33+35+37+39+41+43+45
Caelium/Facion Required (pieces)78910
Mana Cost38934364484753865984664373768192

Aika - Black Hole IconBlack Hole / Darkness Explosion (Active • Target: AoE)
Causes an explosion to deal magic damage to enemies within 6 meters of targeted spot. Those which are hit will also have a portion of their mana burned, suffering damage equivalent to the amount being burnt. [Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 120 s]
Skill Level1234567
Required Level75798387919599
Magic Damage2940326536294029447449705519
Max. Mana Burnt3675408145365037559362136899
Additional Damage (if under dark debuff)661734816906100611181241
Caelium/Facion Required (pieces)891011
Mana Cost2205244927223022335637284139

Aika - Ruinous Thunder IconRuinous Thunder (Active • Target: Enemy)
Deals magic damage to target and enemies within 3 meters of target. Those which are hit will have their magic resistance reduced for 3 seconds and have up to 2 defensive buffs removed.
[Cast Time: 0 s • Cooldown: 6 s]
Skill Level123456
Required Level798387919599
Magic Damage209923332590287631953548
Magic Resistance-20%-22%-24%-26%-28%-30%
Additional Damage (if under lightning debuff)378420466518575639
Caelium/Facion Required (pieces)91011
Mana Cost236126252914323635943992