Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Secret World: Gameplay

Having became interested in The Secret World, I took a dive into Google to see if I could find anything related to its skills and gameplay. What I found was this 30 minute video featuring its gameplay that was posted in March 2011 and this cool skill wheel made in flash. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of 'The Secret World' if you haven't already knew about them.

The following is a 30 minute clip where the makers of the game briefs the media regarding The Secret World's gameplay. This clip can be divided into three parts.

The first part talks about how players can interact with elements in the game world plus some insights into missions and bosses.

The second part features the skills that can be found in the game and the introduction of the skill wheel.

The last part talks about the PVP aspect of The Secret World.

Skill Wheel
TSW SkillWheel
The image links you to the website where the Skill Wheel can be found. It is made in flash, so feel free to click on it and explore the skills (which are known so far) in further detail.

What We Know So Far Regarding Skills
If you have already viewed through the clip above, you will know that the character can only "equip" seven active skills and seven passive skills. These skills can come from any of the cells in the inner or outer circle as long as you have learnt them.

There are no prerequisites to learning the skills in any of the cells in the inner or outer circles. If you so choose, you can learn skills in "Ranged" under the cell "Rules of Engagement" and then learn skills in "Hammers" under the cell "Deadly Strength".

The only catch is that to learn the next skill in the same cell, you will have to learn the previous skill (this all depends on which skill is the previous and which is the next). For example (assuming the top-most skills are the first you learn), if you want to learn the skill "Black Rounds" in the cell "Boiling Point" under "Ranged", you will have to learn all the previous skills, "Chain Fire", "Speed Holster", "Snapshot", "Magnum" and "The Business". Furthermore, learning each of the skills will require different amounts of skill points. Naturally, the skill points cost will gradually increase as you learn skills further down the cell.