Monday, August 15, 2011

Galaxy Online II (Part Three)

Restricted instances
You can access the instances or league matches by clicking on your space station and then the respective options. Passports are required to enter restricted instances, however you will be given 2 free passports a day. Any additional passports will have to be bought in the web mall at 30 vouchers/mall points each. To enter in league matches, you must pay a certain amount of gold. Each player is able to take part in a maximum of 3 league matches a day. Players are then rewarded with honor points which can be used to buy items in the web mall.

When fleets are fighting in instances & restricted instances, they consume He3 and if any loss of ships occur, they will be permanent. Losses in the league matches, however, is not permanent and there will be no consumption of He3.

To start a combat, click on an instance and then the "increase fleet" button. Select the fleets that will enter the instance and click "OK". You can hover your cursor over the instance to check the maximum number of fleets that you can bring to that instance. If the instance has more than 1 checkpoint, you will be required to click a button to proceed to the next checkpoint after a battle. Now click the "GO" button to start the instance.
Fleet battle

The battle proceeds in rounds and in each round, the fleets will move in turns until every fleet has done so. If a target fleet falls within attack range, the fleet battle will commence. Everything is done automatically and the players cannot do anything at all until the battle is over and one side is exterminated. When the instance is cleared, all commanders that participated in the battle will gain experience and the corresponding treasure box for that instance will be sent to your mail box. For restricted instances, badges will be given and a chance to loot the corresponding treasure box for that restricted instance.

Players can stop the battles in instances at any time by clicking the "Stop" button located above the navigation buttons. Use it if you feel that the battle is against you to minimize your losses.

Remember to click the "Syncronize Transition" button to ensure all your fleets arrive at the same time
To attack hostile neighbours, go to "galaxy" view and click on their planet. Click the "Send" button to select the fleets to send to their planet. Note that there is a time indicated underneath each fleet shown. This time represents how long the fleet will take before it arrives at the targeted planet. Depending on ship types in the fleet and distance to the planet, this time will change. Click on the "Attack" button to start. If you are sending fleets to protect the planet, click on the "Defend" button instead.

If at any time during the transition, you wish to recall your fleets, click on the "Check Transition List" button found above the navigation buttons in "galaxy" view. Find the fleets in one of the tabs and hit the "Recall" button.

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