Monday, August 15, 2011

Galaxy Online II (Part Two)



To join a corps, go to the corps window, select the corps that you fancy and click the apply button. Once your application has been approved, use the "my corps" button to access the corps facilities. (You will need to have an alliance center built before you have access to the corps window.)
Corps facilities
Some of the benefits of being in a corp includes having access to the corps mall, bonus to resource production, bonus to research/ship production speed (if your corps owns resource planets) and bonus to success rate in merging of commander cards and gems.

You will need to donate via the "corps donations" button (shaped like an airplane) in order to gain contribution points. These contribution points are needed to have access to the corps mall and corps merging center (click on the facility management button (shaped like a wrench) to see how much contribution points are needed to access the facilities). Every 10k of resources or 1 mall point is equal to 1 contribution point.
Corps mall
Merging gems

If you do not have enough contribution points to use the corps merging center, you will lose the "bonus success rate" provided by the corps merging center when merging (contribution points are not used when merging they are merely needed to retain the bonus success rate). Contribution points are used in the corps mall to buy ships (they come in a bundle of 100 per purchase).

A trading center needs to be built in order to access the auction window. This is where you can buy and sell items for gold or mall points. If you are looking to buy a specific item, there is a search box provided for you. The items are sorted by lowest price first, however items selling for mall points will be listed before gold.
Auction selling
When listing an item for sale, click on the "Sell" tab and then the item you wish to sell. Enter the quantity under "Enter Amount", select whether you want to sell it for gold or mall points and then enter the price you want to sell the whole bulk for under "Total price". Finally select the amount of time the sale will last before it ends.
In the above example, I am selling 3600 hawks for 10 million gold and the sale lasts for 48 hours. This means that I am selling the hawks for ~2777 gold each and the cost for listing this sale is 650,000 gold. I will need to pay the admin fee upfront first out of my own pocket.

An interested buyer will have to pay 10 million gold in one shot to buy my hawks (it is coded such that we have to buy all or buy none). Of course, if we lower the time the sales lasts, the admin fee we have to pay will be lower respectively. Note that if we sell the item for mall points instead, then the admin fee we have to pay will be in mall points (not GOLD!).

If an item has a "padlock" symbol at the top right hand corner, this item is bound to you and cannot be sold. It will not appear in the "Sell" tab for you to click.

My Tools
Subsidary territory
Quest (Click on the icon to claim)


The subsidary territory is where you can place metal or he3 comsats (small, medium, big or special). Depending on the size, the amount of resources you can collect differs and so does the time you need to wait before you can collect them. Initially, you will start out with only 2 slots to place your comsats. As you upgrade your space station, the number of slots increases up to a maximum of 12.

Comsats cannot be placed on any slots that is shown in red. This is because these slots overlap with your hostile neighbour's. The only way to recover these red slots is to attack and defeat your hostile neighbour. 

From the subsidary territory window, you can go to your friends' subsidary territories to help repair their celestial base or steal some of their unclaimed comsats' resources (do note that they can do the same to you as well). Once 8 of your friends have helped repaired your celestial base, you have to wait for 24 hours before you can click on it to claim 8 vouchers. These vouchers can be used to buy certain items from the web mall or used to speed up the upgrading of buildings and research tech.

The mail window is where you collect items that you have gained from instances or auction. This is also where you can send messages to other players in the game. However, there is no way of sending items to other players via the mail system.

Mall/Lucky Draw
Lucky draw
Web mall

The lucky draw window is where one claims the free spin that is given each day. If you are lucky enough, you might even manage to get commander cards from spinning.

The web mall is where you can buy items to aid your gameplay. There are 4 kinds of currencies that can be used in the web mall, namely badge, honor, mall and vouchers. Each type of currency is limited to buying certain kinds of items from the web mall.

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