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Kingdom Under Fire II (Part Six)

Crafting in Kingdom Under Fire II is actually a fairly simple affair. All you need is to gather the appropriate ingredients and the rest is up to luck. There's totally no skills training involved or required, as far as I know.

KUF2 - Accessory CraftingKUF2 - Weapon Crafting
Typical stuff you can craft include armors, weapons and accessories that your hero would use, consumables like potions, troop job transfer items, troop badges and magic stones that you insert into equipment with sockets.

So how and where do you find these ingredients needed for crafting? far as this is concerned, there's three ways that I know of.
  • Loot
    KUF2 - Loot Boxes
    You can loot them off monsters you've killed. Just remember to pick up these boxes before you leave the mission zone (or they're lost forever).
    The grander-looking the box, the rarer the items found inside.
  • Disassemble
    KUF2 - Disassemble Magic Stone
    You can also acquire them by disassembling unwanted items that you've looted (though I would much rather you sell them off for gold...which is more practical and much much more needed).
    When hunting for ingredients in this way, its best to take apart stuff that's similar (in category, grade and level) to what your intending to craft.
  • Produce
    KUF2 - Producing Ingredients
    Or you can simply choose to produce the ingredients yourself.
    Its the quickest and easiest way to get what you require.
    However, the raw materials needed to produce these ingredients (for crafting) are entirely disparate and cannot be obtained via typical looting/disassembling (of stuff) means.
    KUF2 - Production RunKUF2 - Production Union
    To get them (the raw materials), you will typically have to rely on sending "Production Workers" out on production runs (much like SWTOR's mission runs).

    The "catch", though, is that workers may only get raw materials specific to certain "Production Unions" (that the hero have joined). And as the hero may only join in two out of the four available unions, you might have to be a little "selective" here...depending on what you would prefer to craft more often (weapons, armors, potions, accessories, etc).

    For example, I chose to join the "Gathering" and "Mining" unions just so that I could produce "Topaz Pieces" (an ingredient used in the crafting of recovery potions).
    Note though, that this won't really limit your ability to craft anything in KUF2. In fact, so long as you've got the right ingredients, you will be able to craft the item.

    The joining of production unions and sending of workers out on production runs is just a "hassle-free" way to "obtain" more of the ingredients (even while your asleep and logged off) necessary to craft something...rather than having to go out hunting for them via the two alternative methods previously mentioned.
    KUF2 - Quest Board
    But even if you've dedicated yourself to any two particular production unions, that does not mean that its impossible for you to get your hands on "raw materials" of the other unions (so as to produce ingredients that make use of them).
    Just that it will be much more troublesome only.
    If you so desire, you can actually take up quest board stuff or open level 1 royal gifts (by donating rank 1 troops) to get those raw materials still. However, it will be pretty time-consuming (for doing it the "quest board" way), costly and random (for doing it via the "level 1 royal gifts" method).

Upgrading Equipment
KUF2 - Item Enhancement Master
Ever saw this NPC called an "Item Enhancement Master", while your visiting one of the city zones, and wondered what he could do for you? Well...what he actually does is upgrade your hero's equipment and make them better.
If you ever come across some worthwhile equip that you plan to use for quite some time, this is where you can up their stats to make them last even longer.
KUF2 - Enhancing Stones
But to do so, you would need either of these two stones, "Hironeiden Enhancing Stone" or "Hexter Enhancing Stone".
The "Hironeiden" one is usable on weapons and armors of up to level 23 only while the "Hexter" one can be used on all below level 30.
KUF2 - Item Upgrade
Once you do, you can then pay a visit to the master, drop that equip into the appropriate box (like as shown) and upgrade away.

Magic Stones
KUF2 - Blue Magic StoneKUF2 - Auction Magic Stones
Over the course of your adventuring, I do believe you will occasionally come across colored magic stones (red, blue and yellow) like these (be it in the mission zones, player auctions or even craft them yourself).

What these actually do is to make your weapons and armors stronger (or rather, the hero's stats)...via the various bonus effects inscribed upon them (the magic stones).
Red magic stones are for weapons, blue magic stones for armors and yellow magic stones for the "third socket" of a weapon (if it has any).
KUF2 - Insert Magic Stone
But the premise is that the item must have sockets. And not only that, the socket itself must be of the "appropriate level" (strong enough to house the magic stone) too, or it won't fit in.
KUF2 - Same Kind Magic Stone
Once that is satisfied, you can then just click on the "Equip" button to insert it into the item (free of charge).
If you wish to remove an inserted magic stone, you can also do that by clicking on the "Unequip" button. However, you will need to pay a certain "fee" in order to do so.
Do remember though, that one cannot put two of the "same kind" of magic stones into the same item.
Although I'm not entirely certain to what extent the system would classify two magic stones as the "same kind", but its safe to assume that you shouldn't be able to do so for identical stones (exact copies) as well as for stones which provide the same kind of benefits.

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