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APB Reloaded (Part Four)

Gameplay (Continued)
Abington Towers And Baylan Shipping Storage
If you've not read my earlier post (APB Reloaded Gameworld), then I'll say it again here.

APB Reloaded - Abington TowersAPB Reloaded - Baylan Shipping Storage
The "Fight Club" districts, Abington Towers and Baylan Shipping Storage, are essentially two mid-sized zones that do not contain any NPC inhabitants, made with the sole purpose of allowing criminals and enforcers to fight against each other...within its confines, without any distractions or too much running about.
Abington Towers itself is designed with a mansion in mind while Baylan Shipping Storage is made in the likes of a port harbor with warehouses and cargo containers.
And although the gameplay, in both of these districts, still requires the player to participate in group-based missions much like the ones found in the "Financial" and "Waterfront" districts, the motivation for doing them are entirely different.
APB Reloaded - Joker Ticket Vendors
Players mostly join these two districts with the primary purpose of earning "Joker Tickets".

And these "Joker Tickets" are in turn to be used for purchasing some of the more special items sold by the NPC vendors found in the "Social" district (refer to above pic).

However, I must clarify that these "Joker Tickets" aren't quite won by merely being constantly on the "winning side" in the group-based missions, in these "Fight Club" districts.
Although they do kind of coincide, of course.
Rather, you must strive to achieve a specific criteria (depends on the district) in order to get those tickets.
APB Reloaded - Abington Towers ScoreboardAPB Reloaded - Baylan Shipping Storage Scoreboard
If its the Abington Towers, you must earn a certain amount of money or cash whilst within the district.
Earning $3000 will instantly net you 50 Joker Tickets. Earn $6000 and you will get another 150 Joker Tickets (also instantly).

If the amount of cash you've earned gets you within the top 10% of the cohort (for that week), then you will be rewarded with 200 more Joker Tickets.
If its the Baylan Shipping Storage, then instead of earning cash, you will need to perform random sets of activities.
APB Reloaded - Baylan Shipping Storage Activity
These activities can be anything from getting X number of assists (help to damage but not kill an enemy) to perhaps killing Y number of enemies with a specific weapon (can be pistol, rifle, shotgun, assault rifle, etc).
Each "Clear" counts as 1 activity and when you've successfully finished 7 of these, you will get 50 Joker Tickets. If you've managed to clear 15, you will get another 150 Joker Tickets.

Likewise, if the number of activities that you've cleared gets you within the top 10% of the cohort (for that week), then you will be rewarded with 200 more Joker Tickets.
If in the event that you can't quite complete the activity that you've been given, you can also consider pressing "F7" to skip it and change to another. However, there's a cooldown of several minutes in between such a use.

Gameplay Need to Knows
Now that you've roughly been introduced to the gameplay of APB Reloaded, here's a list of minor things that you might want to know about too.
  • Things That You Can Buy From NPC Contacts
    Remember the NPC contacts, that I've talked about, which are littered all over the two mission districts (Financial and Waterfront)?
    APB Reloaded - Contact Buy TabAPB Reloaded - Contact Sell Tab
    Well apart from being an unlockable, pledgeable "statue" (kind of), these contacts also serve as points to buy and sell your items actually (not that there's many things that you would want to sell).

    Typical stuff that you can buy include weapons of all sorts (smgs, lmgs, rpgs, pistols, sniper rifles, assault rifles and shotguns) to clothings, equipments and modifications to even vehicles of all kinds (cars, trucks and vans).
    All so long as you've unlocked them that is.
    And all those stuff that you've bought (well almost all), you can always sell them back via the "Sell" tab.
    But I would strongly advise against that its an all lose and no win situation (you will get back less money than it had cost ya).
  • Terminals That You Ought To Know
    Below are some terminals that you ought to know about.
    APB Reloaded - Important Terminals
    The Joker Ammo is kind of like your munitions cache. You will basically go to this terminal to replenish (buy) your bullets and grenades.
    Kind of funny that its in the form of a self-service vending machine (if you ask me). As your own self-defense or justice? And especially when all hell had broken loose? That's just weird I tell ya.
    The Mailbox functions exactly as its name implies...handling your mails. This can be anything from letters and correspondence sent between you and your friends to random rewards sent by the game system as well as stuff you've won via auction (Marketplace, Social district).

    Last but not least, the Vehicle Terminal. This is the terminal to access when you want to spawn your own private vehicle. The one which you've equipped and had customized.
    Though you can always hijack or commandeer a nearby civilian's, the fundamental difference is that no one else apart from you and your mission team-mates can use your private vehicle (but the opposing team, in your mission, can always blow them up).
  • Changing Setups And Reloading Ammo
    APB Reloaded - Locked Loadout
    If you press "I" while your out in the districts, in the middle of nowhere, you will inevitably find red "padlocks" on all of your changeables (in inventory loadout).
    Which brings us to the do we change our setups then?
    Well...remember the NPC contacts and terminals that I've talked about earlier? You will need to be near one of those in order to access your inventory and swap equipments (normally and without restrictions).

    Apart from that, they also serve as "ammo reload points" for you to replenish your carried ammunition. So if you ever run low on bullets and grenades, you could consider standing beside one of them for a couple of seconds (unless you have your own field supplier mod).
    Yup. The bullets and grenades that you buy from the Joker Ammo will just go into a "storage pool" (which you will need to regularly maintain). You can only carry a limited amount of ammunition on ya and will be grabbing your supplies from this pool as and when you've spent some.
  • Stuff Within The Game That You Can Interact With
    APB Reloaded - Action Scenes
    To be quite honest with you, there's only that many things which you can interact with in APB Reloaded.
    And one can literally count them all with the fingers of one hand.
    There are only certain doors which can be kicked open by the player, certain gates that you can crash through, ladders to scale the exterior of a building and fences that you can climb.
    APB Reloaded - Destroyable Fire HydrantAPB Reloaded - Non-Destroyable Fence
    Except for some (purposely made) destroyable ones like traffic lights, mailboxes (nope not the mailbox terminal that your thinking about), fire hydrants, trash cans, traffic cones and small wooden roadblocks, the rest are pretty much rock solid, non-movable, non-destroyable "blocks" that one can hardly do anything about (to it) and will have to avoid crashing into them at all cost.
    Yes. Even if they do look paper-thin. They're not.
    APB Reloaded - Enterable Building
    Most of the buildings are pretty much inaccessible to the player as well...unless they are structurally-designed to be entered (with doors that you can kick open and corridors to run in).
  • Switching Cam Position And Leaning
    APB Reloaded - Camera PositionAPB Reloaded - Leaning
    As most of the in-game fighting involves taking cover and firing from behind solid objects (like corners of buildings or walls), it then becomes especially important that you know how to switch between your left and right (over-the-shoulder) camera positions as well as to learn how to lean out (from cover) to fire your weapons.
    And its actually quite easy too. All you need is to remember these three keys, "V", "Q" and "E".
    "V" allows you to switch between viewing from over your left shoulder and from over your right shoulder.
    You should always make full use of this to peer over any "suspected" corner without exposing/revealing yourself to an enemy.
    "Q" and "E" allows you to lean left or right...but only when your in "Marksman" mode (aim down sights).
    I've found that usage of these only becomes useful when you've matched them with the appropriate camera angle (left to left and right to right). Else, they will only obstruct your view and ability to fire (note cross hair positions).

    In addition to that, be especially mindful of where the muzzle (of your weapon) is at. I've found that unless you've made certain that the nose is clearly sticking out from the corner or wall, it actually blocks your shots and prevents you from hitting your target (but your target can still hit you).
  • Prestige/Notoriety (a.k.a. Heat Meter)
    APB Reloaded - Prestige
    The "Prestige/Notoriety", or as I would rather call it...the "Heat Meter", is actually some sort of an indicator denoting your "Heat" (or "Presence") within the district.

    As you (the player) performs various tasks like committing crimes (if your a Criminal) or killing/arresting criminals (if your an Enforcer), your "Heat" will gradually climb and increase up to a maximum of "5 Stars".
    Apparently, due to some inherent "handicap" (in game mechanics I presume), Criminals start from "No Star" while Enforcers start from "2.5 Stars".
    Conversely, if you find yourself doing the exact opposite (of what your supposed to do), like indiscriminately killing NPCs or destroying public property while being an Enforcer, your "Heat" can also fall to zero ("No Star").
    And how does that affect me?
    APB Reloaded - Low Prestige RewardAPB Reloaded - High Prestige Reward
    Well...if you take a look at the "Multiplier", you should be able to deduce that as your "Heat" increases, your rewards from completing tasks will also actually increase accordingly.
    However, as fine as that may sound, the potential rewards (that you may get) does not come without its risks.
    APB Reloaded - 5 Star Bounty
    For once a player reaches "5 Stars", he or she actually gets flagged for open district-wide PVP (can attack anyone and can be attacked by anyone)...and with a "bounty" placed on their heads even (by the server).
    Note that a criminal's bounty can be collected by anyone, but an enforcer's bounty may only be claimed by a criminal.
    Regardless of where they flee to, they are open for attacks and their cars become destroyable by anyone.

    What's more? They even get their presence announced to everyone in the district (on their radar and even their map too) there's literally nowhere for them to hide.

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