Friday, March 27, 2015

APB Reloaded (Part Two)


APB Reloaded - Auto District ChoosingAPB Reloaded - Manual District Choosing
Instead of calling it a gameworld, APB Reloaded actually consists of several instanced map zones, called "Districts", which one can freely enter or leave.
APB Reloaded - Financial District
The "Mission" districts (Financial and Waterfront) are large zones inhabited with NPC players much like "Grand Theft Auto".

In these districts, players can choose to roam about freely, interact with the NPCs or party up with fellow criminals/enforcers (other gamers of the same faction) to duke it out in group-based missions against teams of the other faction.
However, do note that there's several versions of these two districts that you may join (should you choose to do so manually).

"Threat-based" ones which pits you against players of similar "rankings/standings" (skill level) and "Free-for-all" ones, called "Open Conflicts", which just randomly puts players into and when they become available.
APB Reloaded - District Enter Warning
Threat-based districts are color-coded from green (suitable for newcomers), bronze, silver to gold (suitable for pros). And naturally, you are encouraged to enter districts appropriate for your "skill level" to ensure faster and better matchmakings, of course.

Additionally, these districts also appear to have a maximum population limit of 100 players (50 Criminals and 50 Enforcers).
APB Reloaded - Abington TowersAPB Reloaded - Baylan Shipping Storage
The "Fight Club" districts (Abington Towers and Baylan Shipping Storage) are medium-sized zones that do not contain any NPC inhabitants.

These districts exist purely to facilitate fast-paced fighting between criminals and enforcers (players).
Though they still involve group-based missions, but as far as I can tell, the fights in these zones are rid of the NPC "distractions" and all their running about.

And what makes it even more fun is that there's only two sides. Your either an Enforcer or your a Criminal. Therefore, so long as there's enough people in the zone, your pretty much assured of a massive shootout.
APB Reloaded - Breakwater Marina
The "Social" district (Breakwater Marina) is a small zone meant for socializing between gamers...criminals and enforcers alike.
No guns and grenades are allowed in this zone.
Coincidentally, this zone is also where you perform all the customizations for your avatar, cars and clothings.

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