Friday, December 12, 2014

FEAR Online (Part Two)


FEAR Online - Game Lobby
The above shows the FEAR Online game lobby. On the left side are your usual FPS game modes while on the right...we have your Co-Op scenarios.
FEAR Online - Death MatchFEAR Online - Blood Lust
And since we're talking about FPS game modes here, I doubt it will require much explanation actually.

There's your typical two teams, X-a-side (X can be any number like 4, 6 or 8), the team to reach the designated number of kills first wins kind (death match)...there's your bomb defusals (demolition) and there's your knife-only matches (knife fight).

The only more peculiar one would be "Blood Lust", in which the players are allowed to transform into a hideous monster for a limited time duration (but ultimately still follows the regular death match rules).

During this transformation, although the player will have overwhelming damage capabilities and HP, its attacks will be reduced to a very short range (almost melee distance).
FEAR Online - Co-Op Tunnel
As for the co-ops, these are just PVE missions where you can play with up to 3 others to fight NPC mobs, clear the given objectives and make your way to the end of the scenario.

However, you must take note that these missions aren't really short and will take some time to finish (depending on the co-op). Furthermore, since you WILL need to complete them in one sitting, do make sure you have ample time on your hands or you will be forced to quit suddenly in the midst of one.
FEAR Online - Co-Op Check Point
And as far as I know, for any one co-op, the entire mission can be roughly broken down into multiple "sections"...each with its own checkpoints.
FEAR Online - Co-Op Player DeadFEAR Online - Co-Op Check Point 01
In between each "section", the players only have "one" life. Dying whilst in this section, will leave the player "hanging" in "Spectator Mode" for the rest of the section.

However, if even any one of your teammates makes it to the check point (for that section), all of those whom have died previously will immediately revive and continue on with the co-op. So don't quit even if your dead.
FEAR Online - Co-Op Player Revive
Alternatively, if you could make it to the "downed" player just in time (before he's truly dead), you can still revive the player there and then (instead of having to wait until the check point).
From what I can tell, there's no limit to the number of times that you can revive a person in this way. However, I have found it to be pretty difficult when trying to get a clear access to revive the person...especially when there's a crowd of monsters surrounding him (or you for that matter). So do take note of that.
But in such cases, the rescuer will have to do an on-the-spot decision I guess...whether its safe to try and save the player OR will it be more feasible to head for the check point (prioritize survival). a tough thing to make a call for. Sometimes, you would just have to take the risk and revive the person (instead of running away) so that you will have enough firepower to reach the end.
FEAR Online - Co-Op Reward
If you and/or your team manages to survive till the end (complete the scenario), you will each get a chance to choose an "item box" (that contains some random reward), some EXP as well as GP (in-game currency).

But there's a couple of things to note...

Though fun (at least initially), these co-ops are pretty much "fixed" and "linear". They do not offer much replay value when you've completed them once. You will mostly be grinding them just for the chance to loot some rare item rewards...which might be useful in the "crafting" of your own weapons.

However, for those hardcore "junkies" out there (looking for a challenge), these co-ops do come in varying difficulty levels.
FEAR Online - Difficulty Rotation
Each day or two, the difficulty level of the co-ops will rotate and change between 1-star to 3-stars. At 1-star level, the NPC mobs that you encounter are pretty mild and tame. But at 3-stars though, they WILL become your worst nightmare...practically at "hacking/cheating" level. But naturally, of course, the corresponding rewards that you might get will be better too.
FEAR Online - Operation PlansFEAR Online - Buying Operation Plans
Other than that, you will just need to remember that "Operation Plans" are required in order to enter and participate in these co-ops.

Upon the successful completion of a co-op, one of these operation plans will be consumed. If the co-op's a failure, none of them will be used though.
"Operation Plans" will automatically recharge itself once every 8 hours...and up to a maximum of 3 plans can be stored at any one time.

For extra plans, apart from waiting every 8 hours, you will have to resort to buying them from the "item mall" using "Aeria Points" (obtainable only by paying real life cash).

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