Friday, December 19, 2014

FEAR Online (Part Three)

Gameplay (Continued)
The rest of the gameplay is just your run-of-the-mill FPS concepts (like Ghost Recon Online for instance).

FEAR Online - Store WeaponsFEAR Online - Store Gear
There's your familiar "grind/progression" routine of upgrading your avatar's damage capabilities or gaining of additional benefits/bonuses via the purchasing of a variety of weapons and gears at the in-game "Store".
Naturally, of course, these require you to level up your rank (before you can buy and use them) as well as needs in-game cash that you've earned from completing both PVE and/or PVP matches.
FEAR Online - Store Characters
And there's your offering to play as different persons...through the buying of different character looks.
FEAR Online - Psionic AbilitiesFEAR Online - Buying Psionic Ability
But the primary importance of acquiring these different characters isn't so much as for their looks (okay, okay...maybe it is...maybe...), but rather the amount of psionic ability slots that they possess.
Some of them have only one slot, while others can have up to three of these "open".
To these, you can equip various sorts of psionic abilities that you've purchased...thereby allowing your character to gain those benefits whilst your playing as them within the games.

But do note which particular game modes that your bringing these abilities into. They might not be enabled or active in all of the game modes. You will have to read the ability's description to find out.
FEAR Online - Crafting Grenade BowFEAR Online - Crafting N3
Other than that...there isn't much left to the game except for a "rudimentary" crafting feature whereby the players grind through and complete PVP/PVE missions for the chance to loot precious, rare ingredients which are needed for when they craft certain special weapons.

And from what I can tell, it should be safe to assume that the smaller the quantity of that "ingredient" which is needed to make that weapon, the "harder" it is to obtain it (through regular free-to-play means).
If I'm not wrong, there should likely be an easier method of obtaining these "ingredients" as well...most probably via the usage of the in-game "item mall" and "Aeria Points".
Anyway, all in all, if your playing it as just another FPS online game that you can while away your free time at, then by all give FEAR Online a try. However, if your out chasing for the same kind of suspense and psychological thrill that you've had in the F.E.A.R. series of games, then your looking at the wrong online game, my friend.

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