Friday, August 1, 2014

Warframe (Part Six)

Mods (Continued)
Elemental Mods
Although most of the mods are pretty easy to understand and use (just simply install them to gain their bonus effects), I must bring to your attention a particular set of mods which I shall name as "Elemental Mods".

Elemental Mods are basically mods which bestow upon your weapon attacks with elemental damages.

Warframe - Elemental Mods Examples
From what I know, there are a total of four primary elements (or elemental damage types) that you can obtain from installing such mods, Fire (Heat), Freeze (Cold), Electricity and Poison (Toxin).
Warframe - One Elemental Mod InstalledWarframe - Two Elemental Mods Installed
By installing them individually into a weapon, they will function just like any other mod. However, once you start to install more than one of them into the same weapon, things start to become slightly complex...the reason being that these can combine to form secondary elements, Blast, Corrosive, Gas, Magnetic, Radiation and Viral.


To further complicate things, there are also certain rules to follow
  • Two A Pair
    If you haven't already guessed it from the secondary element matrix, it takes two primary elements to form any one of the secondary elements. No more, no less.
  • Position Matters
    Warframe - Elemental Mod Hierarchy
    Referring to the above picture, if we take "1" as the "anchor" and "8" as the position furthest away from the anchor, then the formation of the secondary elements can easily be derived from the positions of the primaries (primary elements).
    Warframe - Blast And CorrosiveWarframe - Radiation And Viral
    Starting from 1 to 8, the very first unique primary element will ALWAYS combine with the next unique primary element (that is found in the line) to form a secondary element.

    And if there are still unique primary elements left behind, they will combine to form the next secondary element...provided that there is more than one of them. Else, it will be left untouched since there is nothing for it to combine with.
  • Same Kind Stacks
    Warframe - Stacking Situation 1Warframe - Stacking Situation 2
    If there are more than one mod providing the same primary elemental type, then regardless of the position of the "offending mod", its effect will merely stack into the first's.

    In other words, it is not possible to produce two different secondary elements that requires the usage of a COMMON primary element.
  • Innates Are Special
    Warframe - AmprexWarframe - Penta
    Weapons with innate elemental damage, such as those shown above, are special.

    If the weapon has an innate primary element, its order of importance (in the formation of secondary elements) will be the last in line, behind "8". (Think of it as the hidden "9" if you wish.)

    If the weapon has an innate secondary element, it will be treated as a separate entity and will not be a factor in the formation of new secondary elements (when you install the elemental mods). In fact, this may be the only situation whereby you can have three secondary elements co-existing in the same weapon.

Formas, Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors
Warframe - Forma, Orokin Reactor and Orokin Catalyst
Last but not least, these are indisputably THE most important items you'll ever be chasing after in Warframe. The Forma, Orokin Reactor and Orokin Catalyst.
Warframe - Unaltered GrakataWarframe - One Star Grakata
The Forma's used in changing the polarity of your item's mod slots, be it a warframe, weapon or sentinel. However, it can only be used upon items of maxed rank, can only alter them one slot at a time and upon usage, will reset the item back to Rank 0.
Warframe - Polarizing Mod Slot
To use (the forma), just click on the "Polarize" button, left-click on the slots to cycle through the polarities. Once your happy with it, accept to apply the changes. Else, you can cancel away without fear of losing any formas. It will only be consumed upon application.
Warframe - Hate Without Orokin CatalystWarframe - Hate With Orokin Catalyst
The Orokin Reactor (for warframes or sentinels) and Orokin Catalyst (for weapons), on the other hand, is used to "double" the amount of mod points that your item has (for example from 30 to 60, if maxed).

Once installed, it is permanently stuck to the item. It cannot be removed and will not be affected by any changes to the item.
Warframe - Alerts
And as far as I know, from the free-to-play perspective, these items or the blueprints to manufacturing them can only be obtained via doing void missions, as gifts from daily login lotteries and/or as rewards from random alert / invasion missions.

Otherwise, for paying customers, you can simply acquire them off the market ("item mall") using platinums. Or better yet, if your already planning to do so, just "buy" the item (warframe, weapon or sentinel) straight off the shelf.

Why? Because items bought using platinums saves you the trouble of having to source for the blueprints / resources to make them, comes with their own slots...not to mention are already pre-installed with the appropriate orokin reactor or catalyst.

Sad to say though, these three items are VERY vital to your gameplay. Without them, it will be near impossible for you to mod your warframes, weapons and sentinels well enough to survive the higher level missions on your own.

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