Friday, July 25, 2014

Warframe (Part Five)

Editor's Note:
During the course of featuring this game, Warframe, there has been an unfortunate incident of a "Version Update" by the game devs. Whilst the majority of the gameplay has been left untouched and somewhat the same, a radical change has been made to the game's interface or hud display.

As such, I have chosen to keep the previously written articles intact and without any changes made to them. But from here onwards, the continuing articles will be made/written using screenshots in the new interface.

But a word of warning...

While the new interface does give an intriguing dash of sci-fi, futuristic feel to the game, it is in my opinion a little bit too tacky and hard to get accustomed to (in comparison to the old one).

Do you still remember in the previous article, when I was talking about Ranks, that I mentioned about "Mod Points" and its purpose being for installing of "Mods"? is where we will be touching upon it, so look no further.

What are mods and what do they do?

Warframe - Unmodded Rank 30 KunaiWarframe - Modded Rank 30 Kunai
To state it quite simply, mods are something that you install onto an item, be it a weapon, a warframe or a sentinel, to alter its parameters (stats) and make it better.

In other words, it will make an inferior weapon...better, but can also make a good weapon into a killing machine. It all depends on how you mod it and the purpose your modding it for.

The Basics of a Mod
The below shows a typical mod that you can pick up during the course of playing the game. And for your convenience-sake, I've highlighted the important aspects found on the mod so that you can know and understand what each of them means...
Warframe - Mod Incendiary Coat
  • Name
    This tells you the name of the mod.
  • Power
    This tells you the power of the mod.

    Without an "arrow" pointing upwards (beside the number), this depicts the amount of mod points needed to install the mod onto the item. But with the "arrow", instead of "consuming" mod points upon installation, it would free up mod points on the you points to install more mods (if you have the space for them that is).

    Mods with this "arrow" are typically "Aura" or "Stance" mods. These can only be installed in limited special slots separate from the others. "Aura" mods can only be installed on warframes whilst "Stance" mods can only be installed on melee weapons.
  • Polarity
    This tells you the polarity of the mod.

    If the polarity of the mod matches the polarity of the slot its installed in, it would reduce the amount of mod points consumed or increase the amount of mod points it frees up. (Power Number and Polarity would be shown in "Cyan".)

    Conversely, if the polarity of the mod does not match the polarity of the slot its installed in, it would increase the amount of mod points consumed or reduce the amount of mod points it frees up. (Power Number and Polarity would be shown in "Red".)

    If the slot does not have any polarity, then there will not be any mod point penalty or bonus applied to the mod installed. (Power Number and Polarity would be shown in "White".)
  • Rank
    This tells you the rank of the mod.

    Each box represents one rank and if filled, turns white, will increase the effects of the mod.
  • Rarity
    This tells you the rarity of the mod.

    From Common to Legendary, this is a measure of how hard or rare to obtain the mod is. (The number at the end, I believe, reflects the current numerical rank of the mod. It does not have anything to do with the rarity.)
  • Type
    This tells you the type of the mod.

    It mostly affects where and on what you can install the mod.
  • Conclave
    This tells you the conclave rating of the mod.

    When installed, your overall "Conclave Rating" will increase by the numerical value indicated.

    The "Conclave Rating" is a score system used in PVP-matchmaking to ensure that fights are "fair". PVP arenas are restricted by a conclave rating value whereby players will not be allowed admittance if their overall conclave ratings are above the restriction.
  • Effect
    This tells you the effect of the mod.

Fusion and Transmutation
Warframe - Mod Station
There are two things that you can do to a mod. One, fuse them and two, transmute them.
Warframe - Fusing With DuplicatesWarframe - Fusing With Everything Else
When fusing, what you do is to take mods that you don't want or need (in "Red"), be it junk or duplicate mods, and fuse them into the mods that you wish to keep (in "Blue").

And the purpose of doing this? rank up the mods that you wish to keep of course (so as to increase the effects of those mods).

Just note that it is generally faster to rank up mods (you'll need to fuse less of them) if you use duplicates of the mod (as in fusing the same mods) rather than junk mods in the fusion process.

Additionally, the higher the rank of the mod, the harder it is to continue ranking it. For instance, it is very easy to rank an "Unranked" mod to Rank 1, but much harder to rank it from say...Rank 4 to Rank 5. (Let alone max it.)

Some mods only have three ranks to max, some may have five while others can have up to ten ranks. (Refer to the number of empty boxes at the side of the mod.)

Warframe - Fusing With Fusion Cores
Alternatively, if you do run out of duplicates or junk mods, you can also substitute them with "fusion cores" (such as the ones shown above) instead. But I'll highly recommend that you keep these for the ranking up of those rare mods rather than waste them in the fusion of some easily found in abundance ones.
Warframe - Transmute Same ModsWarframe - Transmute Different Mods
When transmuting, what you do is to take ANY four "Unranked" mods and combine them into a new RANDOM mod.

Now what your doing here is entirely a gamble, so I would suggest that you do these not too often and only when you have spare credits / mods to burn and is feeling lucky for the day.

Other than that...there isn't much else to say about transmutation. There's no formula to it as far as I know.

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