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Entropia Universe (Part Two)

The Download

Entropia Universe - Client Loader
As it has been a few years since I first started, I don't quite remember the entire downloading experience anymore. But from what vague memory that still exists, I do believe that the process was pretty okayish and rather straightforward.

The main point to note here would be to ensure that you've "ticked" and downloaded "everything". Each and every one of the planets' and sub-planets' data files. This is so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted gameplay and won't get kicked out of the game to download the new areas that you've stumbled upon. (Though its only when your moving to space, changing planets or the like...then you'll have to worry about this I guess.)

Furthermore, as each of the planets makes their own set of items (weapons, armors, clothings, etc) and these have been further distributed by the much so that they're found all over the place, its certainly safer for you to have the textures of these items downloaded rather than not.

Character Creation and Customization
While it certainly isn't the one I've used to create mine, this is definitely the "latest" that I could lay my hands on...thanks to the Avatar System Update that happened during Jan 2013. Therefore, I'll be using it to talk about this section, Character Creation and Customization.
Entropia Universe - Appearance Preset 1Entropia Universe - Appearance Preset 2
Anyway, upon first loading into the game, you should be met with something rather similar to the one I've shown above. These are the "preset templates" that you can use to determine the rough appearance that you would like your character to look like.

After choosing a template, you can then go into the edit mode to fine-tune the nitty-gritty details. (These details are roughly divided into the four major sections, Face, Body, Hair and Color.)
Entropia Universe - Character Customization FaceEntropia Universe - Character Customization Body
Entropia Universe - Character Customization HairEntropia Universe - Character Customization Color
And as I could recall them, the variety of options that each section offers do appear to be pretty plentiful. Thus, it should be theoretically possible to find a unique look for your character if you look hard enough. And I would suggest that you do each account may only create ONE character throughout its lifetime.

Yes, you live and die with that same character as long as your using the same account. And one's not allowed to create multiple accounts according to the terms and conditions listed.

Further Customizations
Beyond Character Creation, the only other way that you'll be able to make alterations to your face, body and hair is via visiting other fellow players whom are qualified "beauticians" and "hairstylists".

But mind you, they WILL BE charging you PEDs for their services. And they rightfully should, as they've went through hell and back...just to acquire these skills and the tools to make you "pretty". Not to mention performing these alterations do require various sorts of materials and ingredients that they will need to buy from other players.

Just so that you won't end up visiting some "quack" (fake) ones...I'll be explaining to you the rough concepts. To the best of my knowledge that is. (As I'm not one and never had the PEDs nor skills to dabble in these professions.)

The Tools
To become a qualified beautician and/or hairstylist, one must have the right tools.
Entropia Universe - Beautician Hairstylist Tools
To make facial alterations, one will need a "Face Sculpting Toolkit" and a "Face Sculpting Chair". To change one's hairstyle or hair color, a "Hair Stylist Toolkit" and a "Hair Stylist Chair" will be needed. To modify your body proportions, a "Body Sculpting Toolkit" and a "Body Sculpting Unit" will be necessary.

Once with these, the underlying mechanics is for the "customer" (the one with whom the change is made) to sit in the appropriate "chair" or "furniture". The "beautician" or "hairstylist" will then proceed to performing the deed with the appropriate tool equipped in his or her hands.

However, because of the need for the "customer" to "sit down" on the chair or furniture, this means that one will have to place the said item down on the ground. But that will leave the item open for others to pick it up or steal it. (And trust me...someone would.)
Entropia Universe - Beauty Parlor Apartment VersionEntropia Universe - Beauty Parlor Shop Version
Hence, the beautician or hairstylist will also need to spend some PEDs to acquire a piece of "private estate" of his/her own...either an apartment or a shop.

With such a place, anything dropped within the boundaries of the private estate can only be picked up by the owner (of the estate) and will thus be protected from being stolen.

The Materials
Not only must one have the right tools for the job, one will also need to have the proper materials or ingredients.
Entropia Universe - Beautician Hairstylist Materials
And as far as I know, the kind of materials required depends upon the alterations that is being performed...while the quantity that is put in would determine the success rate of the operation. (The more materials, the higher the chances of success.)
  • Hair Styling Materials - Basic Hair Color Set, Hair Gel, Hair Spray
  • Face Sculpting Materials - Basic Eye Color Set
  • Body Sculpting Materials - Basic Skin Color Set, Body Fat, Metallic Bone Replacement

The Skills
Even with the right tools and materials, the path to being a popular beautician or hairstylist (that people would want to visit) is all but smooth sailing.

Just like there are good ones and bad ones in real life, the same applies in Entropia Universe.
Entropia Universe - Beautician Hairstylist Skills
I mean surely you wouldn't want someone with these sort of skills to be touching your avatar right? God knows what might happen to you. ^_^;

Anyway, from what I do know, the more times you perform these sort of operations, the more skills you will gain and the higher your level becomes (in the associated profession).
Entropia Universe - Hair Styles Unlocked
And with the accompanying accumulation of levels in that profession, you will gradually become better in performing your job as well as unlock more options for your customer to choose. But first, you'll have to find "guinea pigs" to hone your skills upon. Hahahahaha.

For more details, please visit and read the following tutorial:
Entropia Universe - A Visit To The Beauty Parlor

(* Special thanks to Dark Zunami Angel and Ido Starlit I took the liberty of paying a visit to both of your shop and apartment for some screenshots.)

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