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Entropia Universe (Part Three)

Character Creation and Customization (Continued)
Apart from (merely) modifying only your hairstyle, facial and body features, there lives another breed of players that specializes in the customization department. And these...really do rely upon their natural talents to thrive.

Yup, they're your makeup artists.

Entropia Universe - Makeups
From your natural-looking, non-intrusive your over-the-top, dazzling types. These are all hand-crafted using the same set of interface and options, and yet brings out a flair that goes way beyond that provided by the system.

They are truly, works of art.

And just like an artist procuring canvas and paints, to start producing must first obtain the following.
  • Makeup Masks (Your Canvas)
    Entropia Universe - Makeup Masks and Blueprints
    There are three versions of these makeup masks that you can acquire and use within the game, "Small", "Medium" and "Large".

    As far as this goes, each of the three versions are no different from the other except that they have different maximum TT values. And as a result of this difference, the "Medium" makeup mask is able to last longer than the "Small" makeup mask while the "Large" one is able to last the longest.


    This is because every time you equip the makeup mask, its TT value will decay by 0.10 PEDs. And once it reaches its "Condition Limit" (as specified within its "Item Info"), it will break and can no longer be used or equipped...which means that you will lose the makeup mask and its design, forever.

    So long as you don't keep changing your makeup masks, using any of the three (makeup masks) will do just fine. However, if you plan on changing your styles ever so often, then it might be in your best interest to use the "Large" version so as to ensure that your design will last longer.

    As for the making of these makeup masks? will just need to get the appropriate blueprints, its ingredients and craft them yourself of course. can just buy the masks off other players via the in-game auction. And I believe that it might just be easier and more cost-effective than making them yourself. But as this falls under the "Crafting" jurisdiction, I shall leave the subject as is (for now) and will deal with it when the time is right.
  • Cosmetics (Your Paints)
    Entropia Universe - Cosmetics
    There are tons of different cosmetics (and its associated variety of colors) that you can use to draw upon the makeup masks.

    These include stuff like rouge, foundation, powder, highlighter, lipgloss, lipstick, lipliner, eyeshadow, glitter spray, cosmetic pen and face paints. There's even makeup removers to help you clean things up for the more detailed makeup designs.

    However, as I'm not a makeup artist...have neither the talent nor the patience (they really do take up a lot of time to make, I think)...I shall leave it to the more professional ones to show you the ropes (and the subtle differences between each and every one of the various cosmetic tools).

    For more details, please visit and read the following tutorial:
    Entropia Universe - Skam's Guide to Make-Up

    (* Due to the datedness of the tutorial, I do believe that certain parts might be changed and no longer apply. For instance, designs are no longer symmetrical and thus you can do different things to both sides of your face.

    However, as this is the best and most detailed tutorial that I could find on the it deals with the inherent features of all the different makeup tools, it is one that you can't afford to miss reading if your planning on doing makeup masks.)
Once you've obtained the proper makeup masks and cosmetic tools, all you need to do is to draw upon a face using the tools and then save its design onto a makeup mask. You can then sell the design (the makeup mask) to other players and they can just equip the mask to put the design on their face.

But from what I've heard, different faces may have slightly different facial features. Therefore, it is possible that the designs you've made using one face...may not "fit" exactly onto the face of another.

Hence, if your planning on doing very intricate artwork on the makeup mask, it might be better to do it on the very person's that its tailor-made for them and won't look awkward when equipped.

Clothing, Coloring and Texturizing
Noticed that at no point during character creation, were you given the options to choose/modify your attire? Well...that's because you won't be given much...when you've first started...other than a pair of orange jumpers (typically known as your OJs). You will need to acquire your own fashion attire entirely on your own as you start playing the game.

Anyway, moving on...
Entropia Universe - Clothings
Clothings are perhaps THE most found-in-abundance kind of item within the game. There's clothing meant for male avatars and there's clothing meant only for female avatars. There's expensive, rare, limited edition fashion-wear and there's also cheap, common ones that are found in almost unlimited supply. Some clothing are customizable, some are not. Some can be worn over one another while others cannot.
Entropia Universe - Fashion
From boots, coats, dresses to gloves, hats and jackets, there's plenty out there for you to mix and match yourself form your own identity/style. Not to mention that different planets (found within Entropia Universe) have their own unique line of clothings and apparels. long as you search long and hard enough, you will surely find your own taste as well as stuff to match the seasons. That, I'm 100% sure.

But enough about I'm pretty sure you are more interested in something else that I've just mentioned. Ah yes...customizable clothing.

If you refer back to my previous screenshot, the one with all the fashion items and their names, you will undoubtedly have noticed something like this..."(M,C)" or "(F,C)". These are the clothings that I was talking about.

Leaving the "M" and "F" tags aside (which represents "Male" and "Female"), the "C" tag actually tells you that the item is customizable. And by being customizable, it actually means that the item can be colored as well as texturized.

So what do I mean by "Can be Colored and Texturized"?

Entropia Universe - Paint Cans and Textures
Well for your information, there's also stuff such as these found lying about within this world we call EU. Stuff that we call "Paint Cans" and "Textures".

Needless to say, the paint cans are used to color the customizable item while the textures are used to give the item...well...texture. Apply blue paint cans to the item, it will come out bluish. Apply denim textures to it and it will look like its made from denim. Simple as that.

However, to apply these paint cans and textures to the customizable item will require...certain tools.
Entropia Universe - Coloring and Texturing Tools
To color, you will need something called a "Colorator". To texturize, one will require a tool called the "Texturizer". The appropriate attachments for each individual tool will only be necessary if you wish to remove (wash away) the color or texture from an already customized item.

And just like the beautician and hairstylist that I've talked about earlier, one will also need to have the proper skills to apply the colors and/or textures...namely, be of the appropriate profession levels (Colorer, Material Designer).

Without the proper levels, the color and/or texture that you may be trying to apply might not come out the way you want it to be. For instance, if you want something to be applied at 100% saturation, it might only come out at around 95% or even lower.

Usually, people will want them to be at 100% saturation so that the color and/or texture will be more pronounced.

But once again...since I'm not a professional colorer or texturer, its probably best for you to pick up the rest from the pros.

For more details, please visit and read the following tutorial:
Entropia Universe - Texturizing and Coloring Guide

(* And if you were wondering where to obtain these paint cans and textures? As far as I know, paint cans are mostly found as loot off monsters that you kill while textures are mostly crafted from the various monsters' skins/hides as well as ores found whilst mining.

However, I must say that because of the way the system works, it just might be more ped-efficient for you to buy them from other players instead of sourcing for them yourself.)

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