Monday, March 31, 2014

Onigiri Online (Part Four)

Although the game's mostly about running around following the main storyline quest and repetitive clearing of dungeons at various difficulties (Easy, Medium and Hard Mode), I feel that I've had an enjoyable experience playing Onigiri Online.
Onigashima TownIzumo OutpostKyoto City
Onigiri Online - Onigashima TownOnigiri Online - Izumo OutpostOnigiri Online - Kyoto City
Onigashima FieldsIzumo Fields
Onigiri Online - Onigashima FieldsOnigiri Online - Izumo Fields
Due to the way they've split up the entire storyline into "arcs" or "sections", and how each arc is based within its own specific area, with a functioning outpost/village/city of its own, its associated side quests, atmosphere and feel..., there is basically a sense of progression and excitement that I find myself having, when I do manage to finish off the current arc and get to move on to the next one.

In terms of fighting mechanics, Onigiri Online more or less resembles that of your typical action-type mmorpgs.
Onigiri Online - Attacking A TargetOnigiri Online - Blocking An Attack
On top of having to manually aim at your target when attacking, you will also need to time when to unleash your weapon skills, decide whether to perform a single attack or chain multiple ones, anticipate the movement of your enemy and attack accordingly and judge whether you can block the attack or should you dodge instead.
Onigiri Online - Bad Call
If you fail to do the above-mentioned, you will often find yourself either missing the target completely or end up having to take their attacks as you've failed to block or get out of the way in time.

Though there doesn't appear to be much end-game or PVP content as yet, there are still sufficient features and plot in this game to keep you entertained. So overall, its still not a bad game to play if you have the time to spare.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Amaterasu

Onigiri Online - Functions Amaterasu
If you converse with Amaterasu, you will likely get only the following conversation option.
  • Succession Name (Titles)
    Onigiri Online - TitlesOtherwise known as your "Titles", this option actually bestows upon you the ability to acquire and put some title on your character.
    From what I can tell, the title serves no other purpose apart from allowing your character to "inherit" its title-specific effects. (And no, I do not think that you can show these titles beside your name or above the top of your character's head.)

    Anyway, the two things you'll need to know here is that, to obtain any title, you will first need to satisfy its "Title Requirements". Next, you will also need to observe the title's number limits.

    For the title requirements, these may span across different areas and multiple aspects. Some requirements may demand that your character have at least X amount of a certain primary or secondary stat, some may ask that you have a total sum of Y skill levels of a specific weapon type and rank, others may need you to hold Z number of monster info card of a particular monster and there are even some with totally hidden requirements that you will need to discover for your own self.

    In JapaneseIn English
    基本ステータスの知力が60以上Have above 60 Intelligence
    最終ステータスの物理防御力が3000以上Have more than 3000 Physical Defense
    弓スキル難度2以上のレベル合計が310以上Total sum of 310 or more skill levels in Bow Weapon Skills of Rank 2 and above
    『提灯お化け』のモンスターカードを15個所持Hold 15 "Lantern Ghost" monster info cards
    サブクエストを25個以上クリアClear 25 or more Sub Quests
    所持金が2500000以上In possession of 2500000 or more gold
    全員とのなかよしレベルが15以上Above 15 Friendship Level for all NPC Partners

    As for the title's number limits, it is actually just a restriction that controls the maximum number of people that may hold the title. Once the maximum limit is reached, then it is no longer possible to acquire that title until someone relinquishes from it (by switching to another one).

    * As far as I know, there is something like a 5 to 6 hour cooldown period before you can change between titles.
    ** The higher Amaterasu's "Flowering" (開花) ability is, the more titles that become open for you to acquire.
As for Amaterasu's remaining two abilities, "Nigimitama" (にぎみたま) and "Sakimitama" (さきみたま), the first one appears to add a bonus to the player's ability while the second one gives a bonus to your NPC Partner's abilities.

NigimitamaLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Bonus Stat Points-+25+30+35+40

SakimitamaNPC PartnerAbility Increase
Level 1--
Level 2YoshitsuneRepair + 1
Lady ShizukaExpert Eye + 1
Level 3Ibaraki DojiSommelier + 1
KaguyaMagatama Decoration + 1
Level 4MomotaroEssence of Training + 1
MirokuAssortment + 1
Level 5SusanooKongo + 1

(Finally, I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to シリウス ハント and 強小 for helping me to unlock Amaterasu. Thank you.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Susanoo

Onigiri Online - Functions Susanoo
If you converse with Susanoo, you will likely get the following two conversation options. (Note that I have yet to unlock the "Aramitama" option, hence it isn't shown in the above screenshot.)
  • Duel
    Onigiri Online - DuelThe "Duel" option allows you to accept the challenges (1 vs 1) from a variety of different boss monsters.

    (Basically, these boss monsters are the same ones you've fought before in the various dungeon instances.)
    * As far as I know, these challenges are renewed roughly once per day and gives decent EXP for the amount of time spent completing them (defeating the challenger).
    ** The higher Susanoo's "Fame" (名声) ability is, the tougher the boss monsters that will come to challenge you.
    *** Rank/Difficulty Table
    In Japanese
    In Numbers12345
  • Aramitama (あらみたま)
    The "Aramitama" option allows you to challenge some sort of special dungeons if I'm not wrong. And these dungeons are apparently time restricted (have to clear them within the allotted time) and requires you to team up with other players (due to their difficulty in clearing).

    * The higher Susanoo's "Rekka" (烈火) ability is, the more dungeons you will have access to.
    RekkaLevel 1Level 2Level ?
    Allowed Entry Into"Dawn"
    "Chance Encounter"
    "The Moment"
    ** These dungeons are at least level 60 and above so I think its safe to consider them as some sort of end-game content.

And in case you were wondering about Susanoo's "Kongo" (金剛) ability, it merely increases the defense of all NPC Partners such that they can sustain more damage before being forced to retire (when summoned). The higher the level of this ability, the better the defense.

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Kaguya

Onigiri Online - Functions Kaguya
If you converse with Kaguya, you will get the following three conversation options.
  • Magatama Crafting
    Onigiri Online - Magatama CraftingThe "Magatama Crafting" option allows you to craft all sorts of magatamas with varied amounts of physical and magical defense, strengthen slots and a variety of different bonus effects.
    * The higher Kaguya's "Magatama Crafting" (ネ申製作) ability is, the more kinds of magatamas you can craft and the better your chances of crafting high "Grade" magatamas.
    ** Just like for "Weapon Crafting", if you ever find items bearing a scroll-like icon Onigiri Online - Scroll Icon and has these characters 勾玉 in its name, please visit this option as it is likely to be a new magatama recipe for Kaguya to learn.
  • Magatama Decoration
    Onigiri Online - Magatama DecorationOnigiri Online - Decorative Options
    The "Magatama Decoration" option allows you to "customize" your magatamas by inserting various sorts of "Decorative Options" into them. Provided that the magatama has some "Strengthen Slots" that is...

    Basically, the entire process somewhat works in a similar fashion as when your performing a weapon over refine. However, instead of using another item of the same name, as a catalyst, you will rather need to procure some "ingredients" which will be consumed by the procedure.

    First, select the magatama that your intending to decorate. Next, choose the decorative option you wish to insert into the magatama and then make sure you have the necessary "ingredients" prepared. Finally, put in some "Support Items" to boost your chances of success or protect your magatama (if any) and then go ahead with the whole thingy once your comfortable with it.

    Just remember that each strengthen slot may only hold one decorative option. Furthermore, the decorative option can only be inserted if the magatama satisfies the option's "Purity Requirement" and is of the allowed types (refer "Type Requirement" in screenshot).
    Onigiri Online - Decorative Option Successful Insert
    If your successful with the insert, you will see some sort of confirmation window with the corresponding changes to the stats of your magatama (like as shown above). If unsuccessful, then you will likely break the strengthen slot (and can no longer insert any decorative options into it) or worse still, get your magatama destroyed.

    * The higher Kaguya's "Magatama Decoration" (ネ申装飾) ability is, the more decorative options that you will have access to and the better the stats that those options give.
  • Magatama Disassembly
    Onigiri Online - Magatama Disassembly
    This option allows you to disassemble any unwanted magatamas that you do not wish to keep and recycle them back into ingredients.

    If I'm not wrong, the ingredients that you will get back can likely be used in other places such as for magatama crafting or magatama decoration. However, the kinds of ingredients and the quantities that you can retrieve depends upon the level of Kaguya's "Magatama Disassembly" (ネ申解体) ability.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Momotaro

Onigiri Online - Functions Momotaro
If you converse with Momotaro, you will likely get at least two conversation options. However, because my friendship level with him isn't high enough, the skill extraction option isn't available yet.
  • Skill Evolution
    Onigiri Online - Skill EvolutionSimply speaking, the "Skill Evolution" option allows you to "upgrade" the rank of a weapon skill (on a particular weapon), to the next rank, provided that you've maxed it.
    * From what I could decipher, a weapon skill can only be evolved if it has a "double-layered" frame like as shown in the screenshot. If it only has a single layer, then its not possible to evolve it even when you've maxed the skill.
    ** Depending on the rank of the skill, the number of skill levels it takes to max it will differ. If its a Rank 1 skill, it will take 10 levels to max it. If its a Rank 2, then it will take 20 levels to max it. Generally speaking, its "Skill Levels to Max = Rank X 10".
    *** The higher Momotaro's "Essence of Evolution" (進化の極意) ability is, the higher the rank that you can evolve the skill to.
    **** The higher Momotaro's "Essence of Training" (鍛錬の極意) ability is, the faster you can get those weapon skills to skill up when you use them.
  • Skill Extraction
    Onigiri Online - Extracting Weapon Skill
    Based on what I could tell from this website, Onigiri Online - Skill Extraction (its in Japanese by the way), you will likely need to have at least more than 10 skill levels before you can attempt to extract any weapon skills.

    And upon extracting the weapon skill, you will gain some sort of weapon skill card or something in your inventory. However, your skill level for it will also drop by 9 levels I believe...not to mention that you will lose some in-game coins as payment for the extraction process.

    The weapon skill card that you've obtained can then be "slotted" into another weapon of your choice. But must be of the same weapon type, I suspect.
    Onigiri Online - Inserting Weapon Skill
    To insert it, just open up your inventory, locate the skill card, select it and hit the "Use" button. The weapon skill will then be inserted into your currently equipped weapon, albeit occupying a random skill slot and forcibly removing its previous owner (the weapon skill that was in that position).

    * The higher Momotaro's "Essence of Extraction" (抽出の極意) ability is, the higher the rank of the weapon skill that you can extract.
    ** Do note that I'm not certain if you can simply extract any weapon skill that you wish to or will they follow a similar criteria like that found in Skill Evolution.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Ibaraki Doji

Ibaraki Doji
Onigiri Online - Functions Ibaraki Doji
If you converse with Ibaraki Doji, you will get the following conversation options.
  • Liquor Store
    Onigiri Online - Liquor StoreThe "Liquor Store" option allows you to purchase and refill all sorts of liquor with varying liquor strengths and effects.

    Just note that the higher the liquor strength, the faster you would get drunk.
    * The higher Ibaraki Doji's "Sommelier" (そむりえ) ability is, the more types of liquor she will offer in her store and the cheaper it will be to buy them.
    ** Just like for "Weapon Crafting", if you ever find items bearing a scroll-like icon Onigiri Online - Scroll Icon, please visit this option to check if its a new liquor recipe for Ibaraki Doji.
    *** The "Buy" option allows you to change the contents of your liquor bottle to a new liquor type, replacing the previous one. The "Refill" option just replenishes your current liquor type's amount/quantity.
  • Change Liquor Bottle
    Onigiri Online - Changing Liquor BottleThis option allows you to change the liquor bottle that your carrying at the moment. Just select the liquor bottle you wish to use and hit the "Close" button to exit.

    (The difference between the bottles is the number of charges that they can hold. Plus maybe some add-on special effects when drinking from the bottle. Can be good or bad...)
    * The higher Ibaraki Doji's "Liquor Bottle Collection" (とっくり収集) ability is, the more types of liquor bottles that you can use. However, you must collect them first of course.
    ** Collection of these liquor bottles also comes in the form of an item bearing the scroll-like icon. (Just visit this option with the item in your inventory to trigger the appropriate response.)
  • Your Behavior?
    Not sure whether I've translated correctly, but apparently, what the option does is that it gives you some specific type of liquor for free. (Note that it will override whatever liquor that you may have held in your liquor bottle.)

    Depending on the liquor bottle that your using and the level of Ibaraki Doji's "Behavior" (おふるまい) ability, the type of liquor given may be different.

    (* Usage of this option is limited to...once a day I think.)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Miroku

Onigiri Online - Functions Miroku
Basically, Miroku acts like your NPC store in Onigiri Online. You will usually only be using him to sell stuff in order to clear out storage/inventory space.
Onigiri Online - NPC StoreOnigiri Online - Miroku Bargain
Apart from the consumables, most of the other stuff he is selling isn't quite needed or useful to you and are pretty costly to purchase. You should especially avoid using his "Bargain" option to buy anything other than friendship increasing presents to give to your NPC Partners (and perhaps some rare or otherwise hard to obtain stuff like specific crafting ingredients).

(* Note that the variety of items, quantity in stock and stuff he offers in "Bargain", all of them depends upon your Friendship Level with him.
  • Assortment (品揃え) - Affects the variety of items he sells in his store.
  • Stock (在庫) - Affects the quantity of the items he sells in his store.
  • Negotiation (商談) - Affects the kinds of stuff he puts up for Bargain Sales.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Yoshitsune

Onigiri Online - Functions Yoshitsune
If you converse with Yoshitsune, you will get these conversation options instead.
  • Weapon Enhancement
    The "Weapon Enhancement" option allows you to enhance your weapons to increase their min-max damage.
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Enhancement
    All you need is to "feed" the weapon your enhancing with "food items" (weapons you don't want or need) and it will gradually increase in "Enhancement Level". But only until its "Enhancement Level Cap", at Level 10. Upon reaching this cap, you can no longer enhance it anymore until you've "unlocked" it for further enhancement using the "Over Refining" option.

    As far as I know, enhancing your weapon has no risk at all. All you need is just an abundance of "food items" to feed it with. It doesn't seem to care about what sort of weapon types your using as a food item, nor its current durability. What is important is only that their relative "level requirements" be within 20 levels.

    In other words, if the weapon your enhancing has a Level 30 requirement to use, you may only use weapons with level requirements of above 10 (that is level 11 and above) as food items. Anything below that will not help to increase the weapon's enhancement level (but will still be consumed nonetheless).

    (Using Rare and Very Rare weapons as food items will often help to increase the enhancement level faster. However, unidentified weapons on the other hand appears to be treated as a less than level 10 food item. So it might be better to identify it first.)
  • Over Refining
    Once you've hit an "Enhancement Level Cap", you will need to use this "Over Refining" option to unlock the weapon for further enhancements.
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Over Refine
    As a "Catalyst" for this process, you will need a weapon bearing the same name as the one your trying to over refine.

    If successful, the catalyst will be consumed and your weapon will be unlocked for further enhancing (until its next cap, at level 20). If unsuccessful, both the catalyst and your weapon will be gone so please note that its a pretty risky affair that your attempting here in my opinion. However, where there are risks involved, there will also be rewards.

    Apparently, at each successful unlock, the weapon will gain additional bonus effects. But in order to be able to perform the unlock, you will need Yoshitsune's ability, "Polish" (研磨)*, to be at a certain level.

    Requires PolishUnlock AtBonus Effect
    Level 1Level 10Weapon Skill Power +5%
    Level 20SP Recovery Rate +4
    Level 2Level 30Normal Combo Attack Power +10%
    Level 3Level 40Physical Attack Speed +5
    Magic Casting Speed +5
    Level 4Level 50Normal Combo Attack Power +10%
    Level 5Level 60CT Reduction +5
    Level 6Level 70Physical Attack Speed +5
    Magic Casting Speed +5
    Level ?Level 80None
    Level 90Critical Rate +5
    Attack Power +10%

    * The level of this ability also affects your chances of success in over refining.
    ** Likewise, the higher the unlock your attempting, the lower your chances of success.
    *** The "Normal Combo Attack Power" most likely refers to your damage when chaining regular non-weapon skill related strikes.
    **** CT refers to Cooldown Times. It most likely reduces your cooldown time to recast a weapon skill.

    ("Support Items" that can be used here include items that prevents your weapon from being destroyed and stuff that increases your chances of success. But these can only be bought from the Item Mall...which requires real life cash.)
  • Weapon Crafting
    The "Weapon Crafting" option allows you to make your own weapons. However, doing so can often be very costly. Besides, not all of the ingredients can be easily found or readily available.

    In my opinion, you might be better off farming in dungeons for your weapon needs. (At least at low levels.)
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Crafting
    * The higher Yoshitsune's "Swordsmith" (刀鍛冶) ability is, the more weapons you can craft and the better your chances of crafting high "Grade" weapons.
    ** If you ever find items bearing a scroll-like icon like this Onigiri Online - Scroll Icon, please visit this option to check if its a new weapon recipe for Yoshitsune to learn.
  • Weapon Repairing
    The "Weapon Repairing" option allows you to repair damaged weapons. Easy peasy.

    However, you will need to note that there are three possible outcomes that you might get when you perform a weapon repair.
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Repairing
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Repair FailedOnigiri Online - Weapon Repair NormalOnigiri Online - Weapon Repair Excellent
    Max Durability Reduced-Max Durability Increased

    As far as I know, increasing Yoshitsune's "Repair" (修繕) ability would reduce the chances of you getting "Failed" repairs.

    However, if your looking for a fail-safe alternative, then you would need to use some item mall "Repair Protection Man" thingy to guard your weapon during repairs. (Just tick the "Repair Protection" box beside the weapon you wish to protect.)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Lady Shizuka

Lady Shizuka
Onigiri Online - Functions Lady Shizuka
If you converse with Lady Shizuka in any of the "safe zones", like towns, outposts or cities, you will get conversation options such as that shown above.
  • Weapon Appraisal (Identify)
    The "Appraisal" option allows you to identify unknown weapons that you've picked up during your adventuring (looted off monsters killed in dungeons or natural field spawns).
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Appraisal
    As far as I know, all unknown weapons have two important pieces of information found on them. Its rating and the place where its looted.

    The rating affects how good a weapon it "might" be while the place determines the kind of weapons you would get (the "level" range of the weapon, not the weapon's type).

    Depending on your luck, friendship level with Lady Shizuka* and the rating (Gold, Silver or Bronze) of the weapon in question, your weapon appraisal would have three kinds of outcomes.
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Appraisal Big SuccessBig Success:
    You've managed to identify a "Very Rare" weapon.

    (These weapons have a Onigiri Online - Very Rare Icon appended to their names.)
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Appraisal SuccessSuccess:
    You've managed to identify a "Rare" weapon.

    (These weapons have a Onigiri Online - Rare Icon appended to their names.)
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Appraisal Normal IdentificationNormal Identification:
    You've managed to identify an "Uncommon", "Regular" or "Junk" weapon.

    (If its "Uncommon", it will have a Onigiri Online - Uncommon Icon appended to its name. "Regular" would have no special markings, while a "Junk" one would have subpar durability and cannot be repaired.)

    * More specifically, its the "level" of this ability of Lady Shizuka, "Expert Eye" (鑑定眼). The higher its level, the better your chances of identifying "Rare" and "Very Rare" weapons.
    ** As for "Fortune" (開運), it determines the "Grade" (等級) of the weapon obtained. A higher level of "Fortune" would allow you to have a better chance of obtaining high "Grade" weapons.
  • Item Storage
    The "Storage" option allows you to access your item storage or bank. You can place items you wish to keep, but don't want to carry around, in here.

    Just note that there is an item limit of 150 items max. (Can be increased by using a "Storage Expansion" item from the "Item Mall".)
    Onigiri Online - Item Storage
  • Inventory Limit
    Perhaps unknown to you, Lady Shizuka is also the one who handles your "Inventory". The higher your "Friendship Level" with her, the more items you can carry around with you when adventuring. Or to be exact, its this ability of hers called "Purse" (きんちゃく).
    Purse Level123456
    Inventory Limit100130160190210240

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Onigiri Online: Weapons

There are a total of 8 types of weapons available for the player to choose and use in Onigiri Online.

And if we leave out the weapon skills part (with those in the fray then almost every single weapon would have some form of ranged or area attacks) and solely talk about their normal attacks, then these 8 weapons can roughly be broken down into "Melee" and "Ranged" types.
  • Melee Type
    Onigiri Online - Katana
    Dual Sword
    Onigiri Online - Dual Sword
    Attack Power - Medium
    Normal Attack - Single Target
    Attack Speed - Fast
    Reach - Some (~5m max)
    Attack Power - Medium
    Normal Attack - Single Target
    Attack Speed - Very Fast
    Reach - Almost None (~4m max)
    Onigiri Online - Odachi
    Onigiri Online - Axe
    Attack Power - High
    Normal Attack - Multiple Targets
    Attack Speed - Slow
    Reach - Decent (~6m max)
    Attack Power - Very High
    Normal Attack - Single Target
    Attack Speed - Very Slow
    Reach - Some (~5m max)
    Onigiri Online - Spear
    Long Staff*
    Onigiri Online - Long Staff
    Attack Power - Medium
    Normal Attack - Multiple Targets
    Attack Speed - Slow
    Reach - Long (~7m max)
    Attack Power - Low
    Normal Attack - Single Target
    Attack Speed - Average
    Reach - Almost None (~4m max)
  • Ranged Type
    Onigiri Online - Bow
    Short Staff
    Onigiri Online - Short Staff
    Attack Power - Low
    Normal Attack - Single Target
    Attack Speed - Very Fast
    Range - Long (~13m max)
    Attack Power - Medium
    Normal Attack - Single Target
    Attack Speed - Average
    Range - Long (~13m max)
* Note that Long Staff is the only weapon in the game which has weapon skills that heals or offers buffs to characters. Its like your official "support" weapon. However, to use these skills effectively, you will need to have the corresponding primary stats to support its usage.

Weapon Hidden Attributes
Onigiri Online - Weapon Hidden Attributes
If you've ever seen these kinds of bonus effects found upon your weapons or magatamas and have wondered what they are or do? Then look no further.

They are, apparently, some sort of "hidden" attribute ("modifier") that can be applied upon your character to enhance your damage/attacks when using certain related weapons.

Slash (斬) -Katana, Odachi, Dual Sword
Pierce (突) -Bow, Spear
Impact (衝) -Axe, Long Staff, Short Staff

In general, if your using Katana, Odachi or Dual Sword, then it is useful to have your character armed with some Slash attribute. If you primarily use Bow or Spear, then you should get yourself the Pierce attribute instead. If its Axe, Long Staff or Short Staff that you would rather use, then you would need to get Impact instead.

(* Two things I'm not sure here. Hmmm...maybe make that three.

- Not sure why Axe is impact. Sure looks sharp enough to me though.

- Not sure if the attribute only applies to the normal attacks of the weapon or do they also get included into the damage calculations when using the weapon skills. But you ought to assume that they do I guess.

- Not sure if the attributes would work, like how elemental affinity does, to guard your character against attacks of the Slash, Pierce or Impact type, thereby reducing the damage sustained.