Friday, March 21, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Yoshitsune


Onigiri Online - Functions Yoshitsune
If you converse with Yoshitsune, you will get these conversation options instead.
  • Weapon Enhancement
    The "Weapon Enhancement" option allows you to enhance your weapons to increase their min-max damage.
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Enhancement
    All you need is to "feed" the weapon your enhancing with "food items" (weapons you don't want or need) and it will gradually increase in "Enhancement Level". But only until its "Enhancement Level Cap", at Level 10. Upon reaching this cap, you can no longer enhance it anymore until you've "unlocked" it for further enhancement using the "Over Refining" option.

    As far as I know, enhancing your weapon has no risk at all. All you need is just an abundance of "food items" to feed it with. It doesn't seem to care about what sort of weapon types your using as a food item, nor its current durability. What is important is only that their relative "level requirements" be within 20 levels.

    In other words, if the weapon your enhancing has a Level 30 requirement to use, you may only use weapons with level requirements of above 10 (that is level 11 and above) as food items. Anything below that will not help to increase the weapon's enhancement level (but will still be consumed nonetheless).

    (Using Rare and Very Rare weapons as food items will often help to increase the enhancement level faster. However, unidentified weapons on the other hand appears to be treated as a less than level 10 food item. So it might be better to identify it first.)
  • Over Refining
    Once you've hit an "Enhancement Level Cap", you will need to use this "Over Refining" option to unlock the weapon for further enhancements.
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Over Refine
    As a "Catalyst" for this process, you will need a weapon bearing the same name as the one your trying to over refine.

    If successful, the catalyst will be consumed and your weapon will be unlocked for further enhancing (until its next cap, at level 20). If unsuccessful, both the catalyst and your weapon will be gone so please note that its a pretty risky affair that your attempting here in my opinion. However, where there are risks involved, there will also be rewards.

    Apparently, at each successful unlock, the weapon will gain additional bonus effects. But in order to be able to perform the unlock, you will need Yoshitsune's ability, "Polish" (研磨)*, to be at a certain level.

    Requires PolishUnlock AtBonus Effect
    Level 1Level 10Weapon Skill Power +5%
    Level 20SP Recovery Rate +4
    Level 2Level 30Normal Combo Attack Power +10%
    Level 3Level 40Physical Attack Speed +5
    Magic Casting Speed +5
    Level 4Level 50Normal Combo Attack Power +10%
    Level 5Level 60CT Reduction +5
    Level 6Level 70Physical Attack Speed +5
    Magic Casting Speed +5
    Level ?Level 80None
    Level 90Critical Rate +5
    Attack Power +10%

    * The level of this ability also affects your chances of success in over refining.
    ** Likewise, the higher the unlock your attempting, the lower your chances of success.
    *** The "Normal Combo Attack Power" most likely refers to your damage when chaining regular non-weapon skill related strikes.
    **** CT refers to Cooldown Times. It most likely reduces your cooldown time to recast a weapon skill.

    ("Support Items" that can be used here include items that prevents your weapon from being destroyed and stuff that increases your chances of success. But these can only be bought from the Item Mall...which requires real life cash.)
  • Weapon Crafting
    The "Weapon Crafting" option allows you to make your own weapons. However, doing so can often be very costly. Besides, not all of the ingredients can be easily found or readily available.

    In my opinion, you might be better off farming in dungeons for your weapon needs. (At least at low levels.)
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Crafting
    * The higher Yoshitsune's "Swordsmith" (刀鍛冶) ability is, the more weapons you can craft and the better your chances of crafting high "Grade" weapons.
    ** If you ever find items bearing a scroll-like icon like this Onigiri Online - Scroll Icon, please visit this option to check if its a new weapon recipe for Yoshitsune to learn.
  • Weapon Repairing
    The "Weapon Repairing" option allows you to repair damaged weapons. Easy peasy.

    However, you will need to note that there are three possible outcomes that you might get when you perform a weapon repair.
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Repairing
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Repair FailedOnigiri Online - Weapon Repair NormalOnigiri Online - Weapon Repair Excellent
    Max Durability Reduced-Max Durability Increased

    As far as I know, increasing Yoshitsune's "Repair" (修繕) ability would reduce the chances of you getting "Failed" repairs.

    However, if your looking for a fail-safe alternative, then you would need to use some item mall "Repair Protection Man" thingy to guard your weapon during repairs. (Just tick the "Repair Protection" box beside the weapon you wish to protect.)