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GhostX Ultimate (Part Four)

Fashion and Somas
Relatively speaking, if we were to relate the weapon of a character (in mmorpg terms) to the nanobots, then your defensive armors/equipments in GhostX Ultimate would be your fashion wear items.

GhostX Ultimate - Character Equip Window
Basically, there are altogether 10 slots found in your Character Equip Window. Out of these 10, 5 of them are designated as your "fashion wear" equips. These 5 affect your character's outward appearance and are named as "Head", "Tops", "Bottoms", "Gloves" and "Shoes".

3 are supposedly your "accessories" items. These are labelled as "Rings" and "Necklaces" and as far as I know, do not get reflected upon your character's visual outlook.

As for the last 2 slots, I'm not sure what they are for, but they seem pretty useless to me at the moment...since I still haven't seen any items that go into those slots.

Fashion Wear
Anyway, for these "fashion wear" equips, there are quite a few of them for you to choose actually. However, most of these needs to be acquired in a full set (Head, Tops, Bottoms, Gloves and Shoes of the same set) before they become meaningful, visually.
GhostX Ultimate - LuffyGhostX Ultimate - Sakura
For example, with the proper full set, you can dress yourself as famous characters like Luffy (in One Piece), Naruto and Sakura (in Naruto) or even as Tifa (in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children).
GhostX Ultimate - Tifa
But unfortunately though, these "special" costumes can only be obtained using real life money means (purchasable from in-game cash shop using GKash).
GhostX Ultimate - Clothing Store Fashion WearGhostX Ultimate - Clothing Store Fashion Wear 1
For the rest of us, there's only the "Clothing Store" fashion wear for us to choose from. And though not as visually striking, they are still pretty hip and much so that if you mix and match it up a bit, you are still able to find your own unique style within the game.

(Do note that these fashion wear have their own level requirements. Your character needs to be of the appropriate level before you can wear them.)

To accommodate for the fashion wear style that a player may choose to retain, there comes the need to separate the "stats" of your defensive equipment from your fashion wear (so as to keep your defenses up-to-date whilst still being able to maintain the look that you desire). As such, this gave rise to a special item called the "Somas"...
GhostX Ultimate - Maid Chignon With Level 1 SomaGhostX Ultimate - Maid Chignon With Level 17 Soma
With these "Somas", what happens is that as you level up and find yourself faced with increasingly tougher monsters, all you need to do is merely to remove the outdated "Somas" within your "fashion wear" equips, put in the latest ones appropriate for your level and your all set, good to go.

However, as simple as it may sound, there are still a couple of things that you would need to know about them.
  • Soma Type
    GhostX Ultimate - Somas
    Somas are first of all divided into two types. The first type can only be fitted into "Tops" or "Bottoms" fashion wear. These are usually named as "XXX Soma's Truth" or something like that.

    The second type can only be fitted into "Head", "Gloves" and "Shoes" fashion wear. These are normally named as "XXX Soma's Charity" instead.
  • Soma Level
    Next, Somas also have a "level" aspect to them. (Not that they can actually be leveled, of course.)
    GhostX Ultimate - Level 4 SomaGhostX Ultimate - Level 6 Soma
    The level of a Soma not only governs the magnitude of the defenses and stats that they have, but also forms the basis of its usage requirement. The higher the level of the Soma, the better the defenses and stats found on them. However, its level requirement (of your character) will also be correspondingly higher as well.

    (When slotting a Soma into a fashion wear, the level requirement will take on whichever value that is higher, the Soma's or the fashion wear's.)
  • Soma Rarity
    Contrary to popular MMO games' color codes for rarity, the ones found in GhostX Ultimate is a bit peculiar in that green-colored items are actually higher and better than blue-colored ones in the rarity hierarchy. This same rule also applies to Soma rarity and thus we have the following hierarchy instead...
    GhostX Ultimate - Soma Rarity
    Naturally, the usual rules for rarity applies. With increasingly better rarity, the Soma's stats will also improve as well. That much is certain.
Removing And Inserting Somas
GhostX Ultimate - X-1GhostX Ultimate - Removing Soma
So after talking so much, just how exactly do you remove and insert a Soma? do that, you will first need to approach an NPC called "X-1" right outside of the "Medical Center".

After talking to him, choose the "Soma Disassemble" option, put in the fashion wear containing the Soma you wish to extract and hit the "Refine" button. (You will need to pay him a certain amount of "Coins". These "Coins" can be easily obtained by selling useless junks and those crystal pieces, Piece of Wind/Fire/Darkness etc.)
GhostX Ultimate - Inserting Soma
As for inserting a Soma, just drag and drop the new Soma from your inventory into the now emptied fashion wear and that will do.

Since accessories do not affect your character visually, Somas aren't needed for them and thus the Soma System do not apply here. However, the rarity rule does.
GhostX Ultimate - General Necklaces
The more common (general) rings and necklaces can simply be purchased (with "Coins") from the Jewelry Store, but the rarer ones (high class and rarity) will need to be looted from monsters or earned from completing missions and clearing dungeons.
GhostX Ultimate - BP RingsGhostX Ultimate - PVP
Apart from that, these can also be bought from the Jewelry Store NPC using "BPs" (a form of currency). However, these "BPs" can only be obtained when you participate in PVP matches and win.

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