Wednesday, January 8, 2014

GhostX Ultimate (Part Five)

Strengthen Stones
Last but not the least, I will need to talk about these peculiar items called "Strengthen Stones".

GhostX Ultimate - Upgrading Equipment But With Wrong Stone Rarity
The purpose of these Strengthen Stones is to upgrade or rather boost certain stats of items, namely those stats which are highlighted in yellow on an item's description.

However, you will need to use the correct Strengthen Stone on the right item. As in, the stone's rarity must at least match or be better than the item's. If you use the wrong ones, the upgrade will simply not be processed. (Yes...just like Somas, Rings and Necklaces, these Strengthen Stones also have the same rarity structure.)

To perform such an upgrade, just visit "Rapper Rapper" outside "Luna Laboratory", place the item (to be upgraded) and the strengthen stone in their proper slots, select which stat you wish to improve and hit the "Strengthen" button. (Yup, you may only choose ONE specific stat to improve for every upgrade attempt.)
GhostX Ultimate - CatalystGhostX Ultimate - Lucky Charm
If you so desire, you may purchase "Catalysts" or "Lucky Charms" from the in-game cash shop (using GKash) to boost the strengthening process (instead of a fixed improvement, you will now get a min-max possible range) and/or chances to succeed.

Enhanced Count and Glare Number
Simply put, every time you successfully strengthen an item, its "Enhanced Count" and "Glare Number" would each increase by 1. If a "Catalyst" was used, the "Glare Number" would increase by 2 instead.
GhostX Ultimate - Duel Advance Ring
So what these two does is that the "Enhanced Count" keeps track of the number of times you've strengthened the said item vs the maximum number of times that you can strengthen it.

The "Glare Number", on the other hand, determines whether equipping the item would result in your character "glowing" or not. The number outside the brackets represents the "Total Glare" accumulated on the item while the number inside tells you the "Glare" attributed by catalyst usage. (Or you can simply treat it as the number of times catalysts were used...since each catalyst used would give it 1 additional Glare.)
GhostX Ultimate - Aura Effect TableGhostX Ultimate - Aura From Glare Number
At the end of the day, if you total up the Glare Numbers of everything you have equipped on your character (plus depending on the average level of the equips), you will then have your character gain some sort of aura glow as per according to the table shown.

Where To Get Strengthen Stones
From what I know, General and High Class ones can be looted off monsters, but their drop rates are pretty low in my opinion. I've only gotten two of these stones so far.

Ultimate Strengthen Stones can be bought from Genova for 20,000 gold each. And as for Rarity and Legend stones, they can be obtained via upgrading High Class and Ultimate stones respectively.

Upgrading Strengthen Stones
To upgrade any Strengthen Stone, you will need to assemble/gather the following stuff.
  • A Strengthen Stone (well duh...^_^;)
  • Three "Source Items" (Somas, Rings or Necklaces) of equivalent or better rarity than the stone's
  • Ample Gold
Upon gathering the necessary items, just talk to Rapper Rapper and you can proceed with the stone upgrading like as shown.
GhostX Ultimate - Strengthen Stone Rarity To UltimateGhostX Ultimate - Strengthen Stone Ultimate To Legend
Each time you perform this upgrading process, the stone will be enhanced to its next better rarity. However, depending on the rarity of the source items used, the purity of the resulting stone will be altered.

Whether it improves or deteriorates will be reflected in the information feel free to try out source items of different rarities. But do remember that these source items will be consumed, so please do not use anything that you can't afford to lose.
GhostX Ultimate - Purity 0 Strengthen StoneGhostX Ultimate - Purity 10 Strengthen Stone
As for what this purity rating does? Well, it merely affects the chances of strengthening an item, successfully, when you use the said strengthening stone in an upgrade attempt. The higher its purity, the better your chances of succeeding of course.

Now with that, I've come to the end of my introduction of GhostX Ultimate. Be sure to tune in next week as I begin the crash course on my next game.

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