Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FairyLand 2 Online (Part Two)

Character Creation
From what I can tell, character creation in FairyLand 2 Online appears to be going for the cute-ish appeal. And while the customization options are few so as to speak, the selections for each of them are plenty and thus can offer quite a wide variety of looks by merely mixing the various hairstyles, hair colors, face and skin colors.

However one look at the screenshots and I'm pretty sure you would have realized that the two more important tasks to do at this stage would be choosing your character's race and occupation, so let us go into a little more detail on just these two then...

FairyLand 2 Online - Character Creation PriestFairyLand 2 Online - Character Creation Mage
Up until this point in time, there are a total of three occupations (jobs) and three races that you can choose for your character. And although you are free to match your job with whichever race that you prefer, there is still something that you ought to know about them.

First of all, regarding the three occupations (Mage, Priest, Warrior), a Mage needs to have high Intelligence in order for its magic to hurt, a Priest is recommended to have high Spirit while a Warrior would want to have a high Strength stat.

And because of this stat requirement (or rather bias), the race that you ought to pick for a particular occupation is thereby "restricted" (in a sense) due to their differences in starting attributes and also possibly the rate at which those attributes would grow (base part).

For example, if you take a look at the two previous screenshots and compared their starting stats, you would ought to notice that being an Elf would give you a higher starting Intelligence while a Human would give you a higher starting Spirit.

So if you wish to be a Mage, then your better off being an Elf rather than a Human. Conversely, if you wish to be a Human, it would be much better if you make your profession a Priest. (Oh and in case you were wondering about the Warrior? Well...they can choose to be a Dwarf, which have high starting Strength.)

The below screenshot shows my character's stats window in FairyLand 2 Online (which can be accessed by pressing "C").
FairyLand 2 Online - Character Stats Window
Basically upon inspection, you should note that there are two types of stats visible in this stats window.
  • Primary Stats
    These are the main stats from which all others are dependent upon. And as far as I can tell, there are seven of them, namely HP, MP, Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Spirit and Dexterity.

    The source of their increase generally comes from two places, a base part that you receive automatically upon leveling up and a free part that comes in the form of bonus points which you can freely allocate (also received upon gaining a level).

    Other than that, these attributes may also be increased when you equip items that provide such a bonus.
  • Secondary Stats
    These stats are essentially derived or calculated from the primary stats. However, they can also be affected/improved by other means such as from equipments or pets. (Do note that while some of them can be seen on the character's stats window, others cannot be seen but are nonetheless still known to exist via inference. For example, "Hit Rate" and "Evade", both of which are unknown to us but can be found on the weapons, armors, rings and necklaces that you equip.)

    Anyway, one peculiar thing to note is that in FairyLand 2, there exists three forms of attacks at the very least (if I'm not wrong). And apparently, each of these three forms seem to have their own "attack power", "defense", "hit rate" and "evade" secondary stats.
    FairyLand 2 Online - Physical Secondary StatsFairyLand 2 Online - Spell Secondary StatsFairyLand 2 Online - Assist Secondary Stats
    The first form of attack is what you would normally call "Physical" attacks. This form of attack is primarily done by Warriors but would most probably also include melee attacks performed by a Mage or a Priest. The second form is "Spell-based" attacks. These are usually associated with the magic spells cast by a Mage. The third and final form is "Assist-based" attacks. And if you still have not guessed it, these form the basis of a Priest's offensive and defensive skills.

    In any case, the thing to bring away from here would be the need to focus upon increasing your occupation's "Attack Power" and "Hit Rate" secondary stats (since your own skills would depend on them for their accuracy and damage potential) but yet not forget about improving the "Defense" and "Evade" of the other two forms so as to avoid or withstand attacks based upon them.

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