Friday, April 12, 2013

PlanetSide 2 (Part Three)

The Classes

Combat Medic
PlanetSide 2 - NC Combat MedicSpecialty
- Medical Applicator
- Nano-Regen Device
- Nanite Healing Grenade
- Nanite Revive Grenade
The combat medic's primary purpose is to act as a supporting unit and heal/revive wounded or fallen soldiers. The medical applicator, found in weapon slot 3, is a single target tool that allows the combat medic to heal (over time) all wounded infantry class units (except for MAXes) as well as revive all fallen infantry class units (including MAXes), one at a time by just point click and hold.

The Nano-Regen Device (activates via toggling "F") is another nifty tool that a combat medic has which allows him to simultaneously heal (over time) all wounded allies within a certain radius. Sadly though, this device consumes quite a lot of power and can only be maintained for a few seconds before it needs to recharge itself.

When a combat medic is experienced enough to unlock the Nanite Healing and Revive Grenades, he will become a powerful asset to his team-mates as it allows him to rapidly heal or revive all allies within the grenade's "blast radius" (which is extremely useful when overwhelmed with wounded/dead soldiers).

PlanetSide 2 - NC EngineerSpecialty
- Nano-Armor Kit
- Ammunition Package
- Anti-Infantry MANA Turret
- Anti-Vehicle MANA Turret
The Engineer is yet another supporting unit that plays a critical part in the battlefield. Their primary functions include the repairing of damaged machinery (essentially any non-living entity that has a HP bar), fortifying bases (via the use of MANA Turrets, explosives and tank mines) and also serving as a mobile resupply station for team-mates and friendly soldiers.

The Nano-Armor Kit, found in weapon slot 3, is a single target tool that allows the Engineer to fix and repair damaged vehicles, aircraft, MAXes and base installations (for example, turrets and terminals).

The Ammunition Package, found in weapon slot 4, acts as a resupply point when placed on the ground. Any and all infantry units (including MAXes) close to the point will have their ammunition replenished over time.

The Anti-Infantry and Anti-Vehicle MANA Turrets, found in weapon slot 5, is actually a deployable unit that the Engineer can place anywhere in the battlefield so long as the ground is level. It is a deadly support weapon that excels at area suppression when placed at strategic locations.

Heavy Assault
PlanetSide 2 - NC Heavy AssaultSpecialty
- Nanite Mesh Generator
- Light Machine Guns (LMG)
- Rocket Launchers
- Heavy Assault Only Weaponry
The Heavy Assault is kindda like the "go-to" guy in PlanetSide 2. Whatever your problem is, you are sure that the Heavy Assault will have its solution. Need suppression fire? No problem, just slap on a LMG and your good to go. Pesky enemy MAXes, tanks or aircraft? Nothing a Heavy Assault armed with the right rocket launcher can't handle. Requesting assistance with clearing out a hostile base? With a Heavy Assault Only Weaponry, you can be sure that there's sufficient firepower for close quarters battle (CQB).

Okay...okay...I may be exaggerating a bit over here, but the Heavy Assault's the only one with access to such a wide range of equipment that's fit for all situations and can be lethal if used correctly by an expert. What's more, with the personal Nanite Mesh Generator (activates via toggling "F") that temporarily reduce the velocity of incoming projectiles and decreases the kinetic impact on the user, you can be sure they are the ones walking out of a firefight alive where all other infantry units fail to.
PlanetSide 2 - NC InfiltratorSpecialty
- Recon Detect Device
- Terminal Hacking
- Cloaking Device
- Sniper Rifles
- Scout Rifles
The Infiltrator, in my opinion, sort of doubles as both a long range scout as well as a close range assassin. At long range, the Infiltrator is able to take down high-priority infantry targets at extreme distances (with a sniper rifle) as well as relay critical information about enemy movements. At close range, the Infiltrator is able to sneak up to and dispatch potential preys thanks to their cloaking device (activates via toggling "F").

However, do note that the cloak has its limitations. Upon activation, it can only be sustained for a limited duration before having to recharge. Furthermore, when cloaked, you are not permitted to fire any sort of weaponry until you decloak. But in the hands of a professional, these limitations are all but nonexistent.

Apart from that, the Infiltrator is also able to wreck havoc behind enemy lines via hacking terminals and defense turrets. Imagine the confusion caused when enemies start sprouting from a supposedly secure facility or a friendly defense turret suddenly turn and fire upon you instead.

Light Assault
PlanetSide 2 - NC Light AssaultSpecialty
- Jump Jets
- Adrenaline Pump
The Light Assault specializes in mobility and hit-and-run tactics. They do not engage enemy soldiers head-on but instead rely upon speed and wits to outsmart their foes. Their Jump Jets (kicks in upon holding "Spacebar") allow them to turn the battlefield into a 3D playground, conveniently avoiding barriers and obstacles that would have otherwise restricted regular soldiers. Coupled with the Adrenaline Pump unlock which greatly increases sprinting speed, a veteran Light Assault is able to enter, take out his target by surprise and exit with lightning speed.

PlanetSide 2 - NC MAXSpecialty
- MAX Only Anti-Infantry Weaponry
- MAX Only Anti-Vehicle Weaponry
The MAX or Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit, I would say, is kindda like a step-up version of the Heavy Assault. Not only can it take a massive amount of damage, but it also has some of the most devastating weapons in the game. And just like the Heavy Assault, the MAX is capable of taking on a variety of situations by just being appropriately equipped.

The only flaws that I could think of is that it is extremely slow and bulky so much so that it would have difficulty avoiding incoming fire. Next, because it is a mechanized exo-suit, any sort of damage sustained during battles will have to be repaired by an Engineer's Nano-Armor Kit. But thankfully, to somewhat cover for these flaws, the MAX has a "Charge" ability (activates by pressing "F") that allows it to gain a temporary burst of speed in the forward direction as well as a Nano-Armor Accelerator unlock that allows for out-of-battle self-repairing (heal over time), though it would be at the cost of additional armor protection.

Some other minor stuff that you ought to know about MAXes:
  • MAXes aren't exactly recognized as an Infantry Unit by the game and thus their presence at the control points of territories do not count towards the reduction in capping time.
  • When in a MAX, you are unable to drive or pilot any form of vehicle or aircraft, but may still enter or exit certain types (like Galaxy or Sunderer) for transportation purposes.
  • Upon dying, you will need to first respawn as any of the other five classes, then access a terminal to suit up as a MAX.

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