Friday, March 22, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 (Part Six)

Khara System

RO2 - Khara System
The Khara System is just a simple challenge type system that is available in Ragnarok Online 2. It basically rewards you with either Khara Points, Class Experience Points, Profession Experience Points, Zeny and Rupees and/or Titles (which is the most important part of it in my opinion) when you complete the challenge given.

Usually, to attempt a particular challenge, you will most often only need to be at a certain level. But sometimes, some of these challenges might require that you spend some Khara Points too.
RO2 - Card Collection ChallengeRO2 - Hunting Challenge
And as you can see, most of these so called challenges merely requires you to perform some simple tasks such as collect some specific cards, hunt a certain number of some specific group of monsters, reach a certain level, drink X amount of potions or craft a certain number of times (just to name a few), so I really wouldn't say that this system is anything special that you should look forward to.

Anyway, what you need to remember with regards to this Khara System is that there is no limit to the number of challenges that you can take concurrently, so just accept each and every one of them once you've cleared its challenge conditions.

Blood Points, Victor's Points & Trophies
RO2 - PVP ColosseumRO2 - Prontera Arena
Have you ever tried participating in the Colosseum? Or perhaps got to level 50 and tried out those special dungeons which required a ten-member-strong party to clear? If you have, then I suppose you would have come across these so-called "Blood Points", "Victor's Points" and "Trophies" and then wondered what they are for right?

Basically, what I've found out about them is that they are used as some sort of an exchange currency and can be used to acquire special purple-colored level 50 equipments from a handful of NPCs (at designated locations in Prontera and/or Alberta).
RO2 - Knightage Reward OfficersRO2 - Honor Knightage Rush Suit Jacket
For example, the "Blood Points" you've gained by participating in the Colosseum can be used at the Knightage Reward Officers located at the middle-west end of Prontera.

These officers sell a variety of items ranging from purple-colored armors, weapons and accessories to even some useful consumables. And though expensive to acquire (requiring tens of thousands to even a hundred thousand blood points each), if you managed to get a complete set of these special equipment, you would likely prove to be a formidable opponent in PVP instances due to the fact that these equips specialize in boosting and reducing PVP damage (in percentages).
RO2 - Loot Merchant n Dungeon Graders
And if you take some time to run around exploring either Prontera or Alberta, you will likely find yourself in front of such an NPC labelled "Loot Merchant" or "Dungeon Grader".
RO2 - Noblesse Suit HelmRO2 - Wailing Chain Gauntlets
These are the NPCs that you would need to approach to exchange the various trophies (like Threatening Oppressor Weapon, Threatening Conqueror Helm, etc) or Victor's Points (I, II or III) that you've gotten in Raid Dungeons into useful purple-colored armors and weapons.

Though they are unfortunately also level 50 equips, what sets these apart from those obtained through blood points is that the items acquired here are mostly set items or items with empty rune-hole slots so they should likely be pretty useful as well (at least in PVE situations if not PVP too).

With that, I have basically summed up as much as I could find regarding this game called Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second. And frankly speaking, the game at its present stage, appears to be somewhat lacking and is "just another" generic and ordinary MMO (with few places and dungeons to explore plus the hint of dangerous adventuring is gone, almost zero interesting storyline or plot, boring/silent background music for the maps and little variability/variety for their characters in terms of job classes and skill specs). So if you asked me, I reckon you might have a more enjoyable time playing something like Dragon Nest instead of this.

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