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Ragnarok Online 2 (Part Five)

Crafting System

RO2 - Craft Window
Crafting in Ragnarok Online 2 is actually made pretty simple and dummy-proof. All you have to do is open up the craft window by pressing "J" and make your desired item, once you've gathered the necessary materials of course.

Essentially, regardless of your crafting profession, most of the ingredients you need to make an item can be broken up into a few parts, stuff you gather from the environment, stuff you loot from monster kills and stuff you simply purchase from the corresponding profession NPC.
RO2 - Artisan Craft MaterialsRO2 - Blacksmith Craft Materials
Regarding stuff gathered from the environment, it actually varies slightly according to your profession. If you are an Artisan or Chef, your source of gathered materials would come from the bodies of monsters you kill, like skinning a dead animal for its leather or collecting parts of a dead monster as cooking ingredients. If you are a Blacksmith or Alchemist, then your source of gathered materials would come from your natural surroundings, like mining a rock formation for ores or harvesting herbs from plants.

Well if it still sounds confusing, then I guess you can just look for things that glow and sparkle while your running around the game world. And once you hover your mouse over them, your cursor would change to the appropriate tool icon (pickaxe for Blacksmith, seedling for Alchemist and knife with a sack for Artisan and Chef), indicating that they are stuff you would need to gather for your crafting profession.

As for stuff you would need to loot from monster kills, they basically comprise of the following.
RO2 - Earthly TraceEarthly TraceRO2 - Firmament EssenceFirmament EssenceRO2 - Monster FragmentMonster Fragment
RO2 - Root of LifeRoot of LifeRO2- Spirit of RuinSpirit of Ruin
However, these said items are the more general looted ingredients that you use for crafting and can be obtained randomly from monster kills. If you were to be crafting rarer and more valuable items, then you may be required to acquire some additional "more exotic" stuff as well (which can come from the bosses of dungeons).

Since I reckon that stuff you simply purchase from the corresponding profession NPC would require no further explanation, I shall therefore skip it and instead offer up an example to make crafting things clearer.
RO2 - Blue Equip Ingredients
The above screenshot shows the ingredients required to craft a blue equip, Dense Virus Suit Pants. And in the list of ingredients needed,
  • Natural Patterned Leather
    RO2 - Natural Patterned Leather
    Comes from refining the hides skinned off animal monsters of the appropriate level.
  • Mystical Fragment Crystal
    RO2 - Mystical Fragment Crystal
    Is obtained from refining Monster Fragments.
  • Dim Crystal
    Is obtained from disassembling equipments.
  • Bell Collar Ornament
    Is looted off the Moonlight Flower, Level 32 Boss of Payon's Secret Forest Tomb Dungeon.
  • Golden Yarn
    Can be bought from the Artisan Expert.
With the process of crafting out of the way, the final thing you need to know would be the learning of new crafting recipes.
RO2 - Learning Crafting Recipes
Plainly put, the source of most of your new recipes actually comes from the crafting expert of your chosen profession. If your an Artisan, your new recipes can be learnt from the Artisan Expert. If your a Blacksmith, then yours would be learnt from the Blacksmith Expert and so on and so forth. But, in order to learn these new recipes, you would need to pay a certain amount of zeny and rupees (in-game coins) and be of the appropriate profession level...which shouldn't be too much trouble if you were diligent in the gathering and processing of your crafting ingredients.
RO2 - Crafting DesignsRO2 - Selecting Dungeon Difficulty
The other source of crafting recipes would be from doing raid dungeons and hard mode dungeons at level 50 according to what I've heard. And if you were lucky enough to loot one for your crafting profession, all you have to do is right click on it to learn the recipe and then you can craft them as per normal after gathering the necessary ingredients.

Vending System
The vending system in RO2 only becomes available to players once their character becomes level 10 and above (regardless of their class and profession). And upon gaining access, you can simply bring up the vending window by pressing "Y" while standing still.
RO2 - Vending ItemsRO2 - Vending Craft Skills
As you can see, the vending system consists of a naming section and two tabs, "Vendor" and "Craft Item". Putting the naming aside (cause its a no-brainer), the "Vendor" tab allows you to place items you have in your inventory up for sale (as long as they are not bound to you), while the "Craft Item" tab allows you to offer specific recipes you've learnt so that other players can craft that item through you.

How It Works
To put an item in your inventory up for sale, all you have to do is right click on the item (in your inventory) while your vending window is open and then set your desired price for selling that item. If the item your selling is a stackable, do remember to set your price accordingly as it will be sold as a stack altogether because the buyer cannot choose the quantity he wishes to buy. So if you wish to sell something in smaller quantities, you will have to split them up into individual stacks first (via shift + left click) and then price them separately.

For vending craft skills, it works somewhat in the same way as well. Just click on the "Craft Item" tab, right click on the specific recipe(s) you wish to offer up for crafting and set your desired crafting fee. Sounds simple enough? But here's the problem...
RO2 - No Concentrated Yggdrasil ExtractRO2 - Using Craft Service
Apparently, to use this crafting service, one must first have all the materials needed to craft the their own inventory...before they can approach the vendor to request for his service and ultimately also get charged for using the crafting service (the crafting fee that's set by the vendor). Still don't see the problem? (^_^)

Well, the actual dilemma here isn't in collecting materials that we can easily acquire from hunting monsters or buying off NPC merchants but rather those profession specific ingredients. And since these ingredients are not on us (but on the vendor) and we cannot acquire these ingredients ourselves as its not our profession (and if it is, we wouldn't even need to use their service), so there is no way we can use the crafting service offered as it is now.

So, to circumvent this problem, please remember to put these profession specific ingredients up for sale together with the crafting service your offering. Else no one would be able to use your service easily. But then again...perhaps it might be easier to just craft the darn thing and sell it.
RO2 - Open Vendor
Anyway, once your done setting up your wares and naming your shop, just click on "Open Vendor" to open the shop and start selling.

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