Friday, February 22, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 (Part Two)

Character Creation

RO2 - Character Creation
As you can see for yourself, character customization in RO2 Legend of the Second is just as plain as you can get like in most generic MMOs. All that you have is a few selections to alter your hair style, hair color, eyes and whatnots. Basically its all limited to the face so expect to see plenty of clones running around.

The only noteworthy change here, I suppose, is that gender is no longer dependent on what you've submitted during account creation and so you can freely create characters of both genders if you so please.

Class & Job
Without me telling you, I reckon you would have already spotted the two extra options, Class and Job, added into the character creation interface right?

Well, to me, one of the unique aspects of the original Ragnarok Online was that we all started out being a novice and then from there branched out into the various job classes via performing unique quest trials located at different parts of the RO world. And somehow through all that, I had obtained a feeling of being like an adventurer exploring the world and gained experience, ultimately, growing into my "Job Class" (which kindda made me had an attachment to my character).

Now in this version of RO2, they've not only skipped that whole novice part, but also made the decision to revamp the entire job class thingy so much so that the job and the class have become two separate entities. Furthermore, it also appears that the extended and transcendent job classes failed to make the jump into RO2 so class variety obviously took a major hit (which is another minus in my opinion). But since the game is still quite new, perhaps we can hope that they will gradually add in those in time to come.

Starting Classes
  • Swordsman
    Swordsmen are trained since childhood and are experts in handling auras. They can focus the power of auras onto their swords and armor to enhance fighting abilities. They also take the role of a tanker, standing in front of their allies to defend them against enemy attacks, as well as inflict extreme damage on the enemy.

    Class Change (At Level 25): Knight or Warrior
    RO2 - Swordsman
  • Magician
    Magicians are people who have all the elements of the world at their fingertips. They are the ones nearest to Nature’s truth and can detect powers that is invisible to others. They have mastered how to effectively manage their mental strength through training and can often absorb powers from surroundings to replenish their own mental powers.

    Class Change (At Level 25): Wizard or Sorcerer
    RO2 - Magician
  • Archer
    Archers are the descendants of Ancient Payon, protecting the forest and animals within it. Their powerful archery and excellent physical strength are enough to suppress any foe.

    Class Change (At Level 25): Ranger or Beastmaster
    RO2 - Archer
  • Thief
    Thieves are professional combatants that handle poison, disguises and assassinations. They poison their opponents and trick their enemies by hiding in the shadows.

    Class Change (At Level 25): Assassin or Rogue
    RO2 - Thief
  • Acolyte
    Acolytes are apprentices that follow the holy ways of the Odin Orthodoxy. They use Holy Powers to eliminate enemies, heal allies and can enhance others’ abilities through beautiful gospels and blessings.

    Class Change (At Level 25): Priest or Monk
    RO2 - Acolyte
As a side note, the developers decided to remove the "Merchant" class from RO2 because it was made redundant with the addition of the jobs (professions) and new vending system.

Jobs (Professions)
RO2 - Jobs (Professions)
Essentially, you can think of them as a sideline job for your character whereby each job or profession specializes in crafting a specific set of items which will be beneficial to either the players themselves or other players. You may only choose one profession to specialize in.
  • Alchemist crafts:
    Recovery PotionsRecovers a certain amount of HP, SP or HP & SP. Usable during combat.
    Buff PotionsIncreases a certain amount of one particular primary stat (Str, Agi, Vit, Wis, Int) for a certain duration (e.g. 30 minutes). Only one buff potion may be active at any time but stackable with boost potions and buff food.
    Boost PotionsBoosts one particular primary stat (Str, Agi, Vit, Wis, Int) by a certain amount for a brief period (e.g. 30 seconds). Only one boost potion may be active at any time but stackable with buff potions and buff food.
    Refining StonesUsed in refining/upgrading high level weapons and armors.
  • Artisan crafts:
    Light ArmorHelmet, Shirt, Pants, Gloves and Shoes for Archer, Thief and their respective 2nd classes.
    Cloth ArmorHelmet, Shirt, Pants, Gloves and Shoes for Magician, Acolyte and their respective 2nd classes.
    RunesA type of stone which you can insert into weapons and armors with "rune holes" (empty sockets). These stones permanently increases one particular primary stat (Str, Agi, Vit, Wis, Int) of the wearer.
  • Blacksmith crafts:
    WeaponsDaggers, Swords, Maces, Great Swords, Staves, Spears, Fists/Claws, Projectiles, Shields and Bows. Basically, its all of the starting and 2nd classes' weapons.
    Heavy ArmorHelmet, Shirt, Pants, Gloves and Shoes for Swordsman and its 2nd classes.
    Rune Hole PunchersA type of drill that creates "rune holes" (empty sockets) on weapons and armors so that you can insert "runes" on them.
  • Chef crafts:
    Recovery FoodRecovers a certain amount of HP, SP or HP & SP over time. Cannot be used during combat and forces the player into the sitting position while the recovery takes place. Can be interrupted by combat or standing up.
    Buff FoodIncreases a certain amount of one particular secondary stat (Defense, Attack Power, Critical Hit, Dodge, Block) for a certain duration (e.g. 60 minutes). Only one buff food may be active at any time but stackable with buff potions and boost potions.
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