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Dragon Nest (Part Two)

Character Stats & Skills

Dragon Nest - Stats Window
Pretty much like in Dragonica, when you level in Dragon Nest, you will only get a fixed amount of skill points per level (3 skill points). Your character's stats, however, are automatically increased whenever you level up. And as far as I know, the only way to alter your stats is through equipments, titles and heraldries.

Since skill points allocation is pretty much the only way to goof up your character, let us take a closer look at it then.
Dragon Nest - Engineer Skill Tree
The picture above shows the Engineer Skill Tree. And from this picture, you should be able to pick up a few things. Firstly, you can see that I have already spent a total of 29 skill points and is left with 16 skill points remaining. Secondly, of the 29 skill points already spent, 20 points are allocated to skills in my first class (Academic) while 9 points are allocated to skills in my second class (Engineer). Thirdly, the maximum number of skill points you can allocate to either one of the class is currently at 28 skill points. And finally, to pick up a new skill or upgrade an existing one, you will need to satisfy its requirements (character level, prerequisite skill, etc), have sufficient skill points as well as not going over the class limit. So effectively, this means you will have to choose carefully which skills you would want to learn and max as you would not be able to get everything.

As far as resetting learnt skills go, you will need to purchase a skill reset scroll from the cash item shop. The only other time when you could do this for free is via the time limited skill reset scroll which you get after completing your class change quest at level 15.
Dragon Nest - Academic Skill Tree
In general, skills found in the skill tree can be classified into two kinds, active skills (blue) and passive skills (golden). However, they actually work quite differently from what you would expect in other MMOs if you purely base on the terms active and passive skills.
Dragon Nest - Napalm Bomb Skill DescriptionDragon Nest - Napalm Bomb Skill
Active skills in Dragon Nest works just like in regular MMOs and requires you to hotkey them before you could actually use them in battles. Take for example, Napalm Bomb. To use it, I had to click and drag the icon to one of the empty slots in my hotkey bar. After doing so, I just need to press the respective hotkey to use the skill during battles.
Dragon Nest - Magnifier Attack Skill DescriptionDragon Nest - Magnifier Attack Skill
Passive skills on the other hand would somewhat vary. Apart from the normal passive skills that boosts your character's stats and abilities, there is another kind of passive skill. These passive skills only trigger when the player presses some keys and/or encounter certain situations. For example, the Magnifier Attack (passive skill) only triggers when you perform a right click on a nearby fallen enemy.
Dragon Nest - Million Weight Hammer Skill
If you had performed this right click on a nearby stunned enemy, you would trigger the Million Weight Hammer (passive skill) instead. Naturally, all these would depend on whether you have learnt these passive skills in the first place. If you didn't learn them, they would not even trigger.

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Dragon Nest - Colosseum Channels
When you've reached level 10, a new set of channels will appear in your channel list.
These new channels allows you to visit a new place called the Colosseum. In this place, player versus player battles take place (kind of like the PVP rooms in Dragonica).
Dragon Nest - Colosseum
Upon arriving in the Colosseum, you should see a huge wooden door in front of you and some NPCs lying around to the left and right of you.
Dragon Nest - Waiting RoomDragon Nest - Fatigue Point Consumption
Going through the huge wooden door will lead you to the waiting room where you can create new PVP matches or instantly join existing ones. But do take note that there are generally two categories of PVP matches available, Colosseum and Ladder (where each of them works slightly differently).

Colosseum matches puts the players in various PVP modes where they fight, against each other or in teams, for Goddess Medals. In these types of matches, you can opt to consume a certain amount of "Fatigue Points" per few minutes (while in the match) in exchange for extra Goddess Medals. To activate this consumption, all you need to do is check the "PVP FTG Consumed" box under the "Edit" tab (bottom right corner) of the Waiting Room window.

Ladder matches on the other hand places the players in 1 vs 1 individual battles or 3 vs 3 team battles. The players fight in these matches for ladder points instead of the goddess medals. And unlike Colosseum matches, Ladder matches does not allow the consumption of Fatigue Points and requires a character level of 50 to participate.
Dragon Nest - Challenger's Equipment
After collecting enough goddess medals or ladder points, one can approach the NPCs outside in the Colosseum to exchange them for unique or rare items and equipments.

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