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Dragon Nest (Part Three)


Dragon Nest - Titles
In Dragon Nest, one way of increasing the stats of your character is through the use of titles. These titles work in a similar fashion to the medals found in Dragonica. Both of them requires you to "equip" the title/medal in order to "activate" the bonus and likewise, you are only allowed to equip one of such title/medal at any point in time.

However, there is a slight difference as to how titles work in Dragon Nest. If you bring up the titles window as shown in the above picture, you will see that there is a "Cover Title" and an "Ability Title". A title placed in the "Cover Title" slot is only cosmetic (appears beside the name of your character) and will not affect the stats of your character in any way. On the other hand, a title placed in the "Ability Title" slot will add to the stats of your character if it provides any of such bonuses.
Dragon Nest - Combo Freak TitleDragon Nest - Master of Battle Title
Titles are gained in Dragon Nest in the same way as collecting medals in Dragonica. You will either need to complete certain quests or fulfill certain achievements/criteria before you will obtain them.

For example, to gain the title of "Combo Freak", you will need to perform at least 300 combos in a single dungeon instance. That means you will need to chain 300 attacks in one continuous flow without a pause. To gain the title of "Master of Battle", you will need to kill 20 monsters in a single strike/attack (I reckon that it can be done if you gather 20 low level monsters and use one single AOE skill to kill them off in one shot).

Dragon Nest - Enhancement PlateDragon Nest - Skill Plate
When out hunting in the dungeons, you will often come across all sorts of different plates. These plates may vary in types, level requirements as well as rarity.
Dragon Nest - Heraldry Crafting
In general, there are three types of plates, enhancement plates, skill plates and special skill plates. And from these plates, you can craft out their respective heraldries by gathering the necessary materials and then visiting the Heraldry Scholar in various towns.
Dragon Nest - Impact Enhancement HeraldryDragon Nest - Million Weight Hammer Skill Heraldry
Enhancement heraldry provides some sort of boost to your character's stats like strength, agility, ability to stun or paralyze others. Skill heraldry on the other hand provides a boost to a particular skill of your character. For example, increasing the damage of a skill by 10% or decreasing its MP cost or cooldown by 30%. Finally, special skill heraldry would bestow upon your character a new special skill like Hound Strike (one which you can cast in battles).

In terms of level requirements and rarity, the higher the level requirement and/or rarity of the plate, the resulting heraldry crafted will provide a stronger effect. However, not all of these plates can be easily found just by hunting in the regular dungeons.

As far as I know, Magic (Green) and Rare (Blue) grade plates are commonly found dropping from regular dungeon monsters out in the fields. The higher the level requirement of the dungeon and the harder the difficulty setting, the resulting plates that drop from the monsters will then be appropriately higher leveled and rarer.
Dragon Nest - Epic Special Skill PlateDragon Nest - Epic Skill Plate Pouch
Epic (Orange) grade plates, however, are much tougher to acquire. So far, I've only found that certain special dungeons or nests have them up as rewards for clearing them but I've yet to acquire one since these dungeons are very tough to clear alone.

As for epic skill plates, I have discovered that the heraldry scholars in towns do sell random ones placed in pouches. However, they are not up for sale using regular gold, silver and copper coins (the usual in-game currency) but rather costs varied amounts of "Fragments of Dimensional Gem".
Dragon Nest - Abyss ModeDragon Nest - Silver Dimensional Rabbit
These "Fragments of Dimensional Gem" are acquired by completing the regular field dungeons in "Abyss" mode. Upon finishing them, a dimensional rabbit will appear for you to loot and if you have in your inventory a "Key of Dimensional Box", it will then drop 25 of these fragments along with the usual loot when you click on it. If you do not possess such a key, then these fragments will not drop.
Dragon Nest - Heraldry Window
The heraldry window shown above is where you would equip those crafted heraldries that you've made out from the plates acquired. And as you can see, you only have a certain amount of slots to place heraldries in.

Ignoring the three boxes above the "Details" button and everything below it (have not discovered what they are for or whether they are already implemented into the game), you can see that the heraldry window can be divided into 4 quadrants.

In each of these quadrants, there are three boxes, two on the outside and one on the inside. The two boxes outside are for "Enhancement Heraldry" while the one on the inside is for "Skill Heraldry". The box found at the center of it all is where you would place a "Special Skill Heraldry".
Box TypeUnlocks at Levels
Enhancement10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38
Skill16, 24, 32, 40
And as you progress and level up your character, each of these boxes will gradually unlock one at a time starting from the top left quadrant and moving in a clockwise fashion. But before you run off trying to collect heraldries to boost one particular stat or skill, you might want to know that the system limits you in such a way that you cannot equip more than one of the same kind of heraldry regardless of its difference in level and/or rarity.
Dragon Nest - Equipped HeraldryDragon Nest - Unequipping Heraldry
Lastly, at any point in time so long as you have an empty heraldry slot, you can just simply equip the appropriate heraldry right from your inventory. However, if you ever found a better heraldry and wish to swap it with an existing one, you can only do so at the heraldry scholars in towns. All you need to do is to pay a small sum of money to the heraldry scholar and ask him to unequip the unwanted heraldry and you can then put on the one you wanted as per normal.

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