Friday, March 23, 2012

Magic Campus (Part Two)

Magic Campus - Combat 1Magic Campus - Combat 2
Fighting in Magic Campus is turn-based. And although it may sound similar to Call of Thrones (which is another game I've recently played), it is implemented quite differently.

At the start of each round, players have 25 seconds to plan the actions of their character and pet for that round. You can either do a normal attack (Attack), defend yourself (Defend), use a skill (Skill), capture the monster (Capture), switch out your current pet (Pet), change position with your pet (Position), use an item (Tools) or flee from the battle (Escape).

If you fail to select an action by the time your 25 seconds is up, a normal attack will be assigned instead. Alternatively, you can click on the automatic button to hand over your control to an AI. But just in case you like to fight your own battles, here are some things you might want to know.
  • To perform a normal attack, you can directly click on the monster you wish to attack.
  • To use a skill or an item, you will need to first assign the skill or item to a hotkey (for easy access). During your 25 seconds, press the hotkey and then select the target for your skill or item.
  • If unfortunately you wish to flee from a battle that is too hard to win, your character's agility will determine your success rate in escaping. However, that does not mean that a character with low agility will never be able to escape any battles. It just means that their chance of success is lower.

Magic Campus - Currencies
There are three different currencies in Magic Campus, Silver, Gold and Magic Coins. Out of these three, silver and gold further comes in the form of tickets and coins. Fundamentally, the usage of tickets and coins are the same, however items that are bought using tickets becomes bound to your character and cannot be traded. Items purchased using coins on the other hand can be traded at will.

To choose whether you are using tickets or coins, you will need to go to your backpack and tick on the corresponding boxes before the purchase. For example, if the silver tickets box is checked, silver tickets will be used when you perform any transactions which requires silver (the same goes for gold).

In general, silver will be your most commonly used currency in Magic Campus. You will need it to buy potions, food or equipment from NPCs, upgrade or learn skills and when repairing items. Silver can be easily obtained from completing quests, selling items found or when you kill a mob.
Magic Campus - Item Mall 1Magic Campus - Item Mall 2
As for gold and magic coins (points), they are mainly used in buying items from the item shop. You can access the item shop via the gold, circular "shop" button located at the top right hand corner (can be seen in the above pictures).

So far, I have yet to get any gold tickets or coins, but according to the game's website, we can get gold from certain quests (after level 20), from trading level 4 materials in certain cities (after level 40) and as a weekly salary (above level 41 & to be claimed at a specific city).

I can't tell you which cities they are because I have yet to reach those levels and the website on the other hand states the name of cities which I cannot find in the in-game world map (talk about bad translation huh...).

Lastly, magic coins is the "cash" currency. It can only be obtained by spending real money.

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