Saturday, December 10, 2011

Metal Assault

Can you guess the title of the game that's shown in the picture on the right? It is a popular run and gun video game that was first released way back in 1996.

If you've guessed "Metal Slug", congratulations...either your old enough to have played this game before or your a game otaku.
Metal Slug
Anyway, we're not talking about Metal Slug today, but rather one of its spin-offs. This spin-off combines the characteristic fun of shooting large numbers of enemies using extremely powerful weapons with mmorpg gameplay. heard me alright.
Metal Assault - Login
Metal Assault allows you to create a character which you can level and play with other players online metal slug style. Its like a dream come true for all you Metal Slug fans out there.

Alright...that's enough drooling for now.

There are four characters which you can choose, two males (Carl & Burton) and two females (Marie & Ai).
Metal Assault - CarlMetal Assault - Burton

Metal Assault - Marie

Metal Assault - Ai
Carl's like the all rounded "fighter" which you play in MMO games. Burton acts as the "tank" character. Marie's kind of like the "Archer" while Ai acts as the "healer".
Metal Assault - Character CreateMetal Assault - Channel Select
Regardless of which character you choose, just be sure that you like it and that it suits your playing style. You wouldn't want to use Marie and charge to the front-lines now would you?
Metal Assault - Herz City
Basically, all the characters would start in this city called "Herz". But with it being only three maps large, I wouldn't really call it a city. In Herz, you will shop for your character's equipment upgrades, learn new skills, obtain quests, allocate your license points and do trading with other players. So, I would rather call Herz, a hub where we interact with other online players.
Metal Assault - Armor ShopMetal Assault - Weapon Shop
Scattered around Herz, you will find various shops which you can enter and buy weapons, armors and other consumables. Some of these shops will sell items which require coins to purchase, while others might sell items which require honor points instead. Rest assured, though, as both of these are fairly easy to obtain within the game.

Before you buy an equipment, be sure to check if you satisfy its requirements. Armors will require you to be at a certain rank while weapons will require certain license level. Basically, just go out and play with other players in the various game modes and you'll gain the needed experience and license points for these equipments.

Out of the five types of weapons, handgun, rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher, most people will choose to focus on leveling a select few in order to gain access to the higher powered weapons earlier. A good and safe option would be the rifle license. It has the best rate of fire and largest clip size before reloading. You'll stand a better chance when playing against the horde of monsters in Metal Assault.
Metal Assault - Game Lobby
Apart from Herz, the other place which you'll be very familiar with is the Game Lobby. It is from this place which you'll join with other players in PVP, Co-ops or Missions.
Metal Assault - Battle ModeMetal Assault - Mission ModeMetal Assault - Co-Op Mode
There are three types of game rooms which you can create in Metal Assault, Battle Mode, Mission Mode and Co-op Mode. Each of the rooms has its unique gameplay and rewards.
Metal Assault - Maginot Line MMetal Assault - PVP Win Lose Scoreboard
In Battle Mode game rooms, you will be fighting against other players or teams. In this type of game room, you can earn EXP and License points when playing.
Metal Assault - Mission Western Forest of Return
Metal Assault - Mission Clear Choosing BoxIn Mission Mode game rooms, you can't gain License points when playing. However, you will have a chance to get items and upgrade materials instead when you clear the mission. The number of supply tickets you get when playing will determine the number of chances you have to choose.
Metal Assault - Waiting RoomMetal Assault - Zombies
In Co-op Mode, you will be fighting side by side with other players against hordes of zombies and skeletons.

At the end of it all, each of you will be given a chance to claim one of the gift boxes. This of course depends on the number that's in the box that you've chosen.
Metal Assault - Game Clear
Metal Assault - Set Item 1Metal Assault - Set Item 2
If your lucky enough to obtain these gift boxes, open them up and you might find yourself some interesting surprises like rare or unique set items.

So how does the game sound so far to you? Whether your an avid fan of Metal Slug or your still undecided about this game, you can always download it and try. The game client's only 260MB. It would hardly take you an hour's time from download to installation to playing it.