Thursday, December 29, 2011

100 Years' War: Guild 101

So you've got accepted into a guild in 100 Years' War but are lost with all the features that's available? Look no further!

Here's the lowdown on what's in a guild.

100 Years War - Guild Profile Window
To access the "Guild Profile" window, just press "G" while in the game or look for the corresponding icon at the lower right corner of your screen.

In this window, you can see six buildings in a map and a couple of buttons at the bottom. First of all, lets talk about the buildings.
  • Alchemy Lab
    100 Years War - Alchemy Lab
    The alchemy lab is a shop which offers special elixirs to guild members at the cost of contribution points. The quantity and variety of items sold in the lab is dependent on its level.
  • Academy Tower
    100 Years War - Academy Tower
    The academy tower allows the guild to begin research on various projects and advancements. Some of these researches benefit the guild itself, while some bestows bonuses to guild members.
  • Badge Shrine
    100 Years War - Badge Shrine
    The badge shrine is where the guild research on and upgrade the various badges that are available to be slotted into a guild member's badge compass. These badges provide additional bonuses to a guild member's stats when slotted in the compass.
  • Knights Shrine
    100 Years War - Knights Shrine
    The knights shrine is sort of like the hostel for guild members. Upgrading this building will increase the limit on the maximum number of members a guild can recruit. In addition, it also allows the guild to promote more members to a higher ranking position.
  • Conference Hall
    100 Years War - Conference Hall
    The conference hall is the guild's primary building. It also symbolizes the strength of the guild. This is the first building you will need to upgrade before you can level the rest of the other guild buildings.
  • Archives
    The archives is the place for guild members to complete guild-specific quests. The higher the level of the archives, the better the quest rewards will be. Increasing the level of the archives will also increase the number of guild quests you can do a day.

Now that we're clear about the buildings, lets deal with those buttons.
100 Years War - Guild Profile Window
If you refer to this same picture above, at the top left hand corner, you can see a chest icon with a timer counting down. This is actually the daily experience bonus that is granted to all members of a guild. As long as you stay within the game until the countdown finishes, you can claim this experience bonus (click on the chest icon once it lights up). The amount of bonus experience you get depends on your character's level, your rank in the guild and the guild's level.

The adjust button is used by the guildmaster to change the EXP tax rate enforced upon its members who are completing guild quests. The taxed EXP is used to level the guild.

Right below this adjust button are two donate buttons. The first donate button (the one that is beside funds) involves you donating silver to the guild. Each donation of 1000 silver will contribute 10 points towards the guild funds and also award the player with 10 contribution points.
100 Years War - Placing Badges in Compass Slots
The points given to the guild funds is used for upgrading and expansion of the guild and also for the daily upkeep. The contribution points awarded to the player is used in buying elixirs from the alchemy lab or in slotting the badges from the badge shrine into their badge compass.
100 Years War - Purchasing Saint's Statue from Item Mall
The second donate button involves you donating Saint's Statues to the guild. These statues can be found from killing mini bosses found in the fields, like harpy queen, or it can be bought from the item mall using 200 diamonds or crystals. The donated statues are used in upgrading certain guild features.

Lastly, the edit button is used to edit the message in the guild notice.

Doing Guild Quests
100 Years War - Guild Quest Issuer100 Years War - Guild Quest
To do guild quests, you need to approach Canal in Orleans (297,201). There is a daily limit to the number of guild quests that you can attempt and upon completion, you will be rewarded with some experience points, contribution points and member experience.

There are four types of guild quests that you might be given.
  • Dialog - Involves you running around speaking to various NPCs.
  • Errand - Requires you to obtain a certain number of a specific item.
  • Monster Hunting - Asks you to kill a certain amount of monsters.
  • Monster Hunting (Adv) - Asks you to kill a specific monster.

With that, we've now come to the end of Guild 101. In our next lesson, Guild 102, we will be talking about the badge compass in detail.

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