Sunday, November 27, 2011

Galaxy Online II: Frigate Analysis

Frigates are agile ships useful at taking out the heavier and more expensive Battleships. Although they are good at that, Frigates can't take as much punishment as Battleships can.

They have excellent shields and an innate critical hit bonus. However, they have the lowest amount of space for modules and He3 storage. Once their shields are gone, you will find that they can be surprisingly fragile.

Furthermore, with this low amount of space, their choices of arsenal is severely limited to Ballistic and Directional weapons. Unless of course your willing to sacrifice precious space to install He3 storage modules.

Against the wide variety of Battleship hulls, you might find that the effectiveness of your Frigates can be a hit or miss. This of course practically negates the damage bonus Frigates have against Battleships.

Without making it up in numbers, Frigates will most probably be having a hard time going against Cruisers.
ShipHullAgainst (Damage Type)
Space Hunter
Shadow Guardian
Air Wanderer
Last Stand
✓ - Good✔ - Very Good✗ - Bad✘ - Very Bad
Frigates have only two classes of hull types - Nano or Neutralizing. And if you look at the table drawn up above, you will find that it would generally be a bad idea to use explosive type weapons against them. When going up against Frigates, an optimal choice would be to load your ships with kinetic weapons.

And with players primarily preferring ballistics due to its zero cooldown, Frigates are surprisingly vulnerable in short range clashes. The fight may have already been lost before it even started.