Sunday, November 27, 2011

Galaxy Online II: Cruiser Analysis

Cruisers are supposedly your mid-sized ships which serve the purpose of swatting pesky Frigates off the backs of Battleships. Cruisers have a small bonus in attacking and defending against Frigates.

Despite being slightly slower and having less shield points than Frigates, Cruisers have more space for modules and He3 storage. This advantage more than makes up for the handicap. With the right tech and ship design, Cruisers are generally more sturdy and can last longer than Frigates in battles.
ShipHullAgainst (Damage Type)
Industrial Ship
Quick Assault
The Shuttler
Bolencia Warship
Striking Sword
✓ - Good✔ - Very Good✗ - Bad✘ - Very Bad
According to the breakdown above, Cruisers guard well against kinetic type weapons, but may do well or poorly against heat and magnetic types (depending on hull).

Against Frigates which are typically armed with Ballistic or Directional weapons, Cruisers with chrome hull would perform slightly better than those with regen hull.

Ideally, Cruisers should be taken out with explosive type weapons (Missiles), however we must take into consideration that missiles have a longer cooldown.

Compared to Frigates, Cruisers are more suitable for short range clashes as they will stay well under the firing range of missiles (their weakness). With this in mind, it might be more suitable to arm Cruisers with Ballistic and Directional weapons instead.