Friday, August 28, 2015

Metal Reaper Online (Part Five)

Additional Need to Knows

  • Weapon Skills
    Metal Reaper Online - Weapons With Skills
    At times, while out hunting mobs, one may come across "peculiar" weapons (with skills) such as that shown above. These skills (on the weapon) are known as "Finishing Skills".
    Metal Reaper Online - Weapon Rage IndicatorMetal Reaper Online - Weapon Skill Level
    The way these work is that, when you attack mobs continuously (with the weapon), you will gradually build up some kind of a "rage indicator". And as you build it up, the weapon skill's level will also tick upwards in steps, from Level 1 to 3, slowly (along with an increase in its "potency" or damage potential).
    Metal Reaper Online - Using Weapon Skill
    To let it rip, simply point your cursor at your intended spot and press "F" to target that area with the weapon skill.

    Upon using the weapon skill, your rage indicator will be reset and you will have to build it up all over again. Likewise, failure to "link up" your attacks in time will also cause you to lose all of your rage (that was built up).
    Pity though, I've only encountered like two types of these weapon there doesn't seem to be much variety out look forward to. Hopefully more will be implemented in the future.
  • Moonstones
    Metal Reaper Online - Moonstone FragmentsMetal Reaper Online - Blue Moonstone
    Moonstones are actually something that you get (with a small chance) when you disassemble high rare and above items.
    More specifically, you get those "Moonstone's Fragments" first (from the disassemble process). Then you open them up (right-click) to get a random-colored moonstone of the same level as indicated (on the fragment).
    There are, as far as I know, three colored versions of these moonstones. Red, Blue and Gold.
    Metal Reaper Online - Moonstones
    Red moonstones provide EVA and HP bonuses. Blue moonstones provide DEF and SD bonuses while gold ones offer ATTK and Finisher Charge Increase.
    The higher the level of the moonstone, the stronger the effects it will provide.
  • Moonstone Merge
    Moonstone merge is actually just a quick and dirty way (that is offered by the game) for us players to obtain higher level moonstones...without having to work too hard at disassembling tons of items.
    Metal Reaper Online - Moonstone Merge
    So long as you have a pile of moonstones lying around, you can use this system (right click on the moonstones) to "merge" two moonstones (of the same level and color) into one that's of one level higher.
    For instance, two Level 2 moonstones can be combined to form one Level 3 moonstone.
  • Moonstone Insert
    Metal Reaper Online - Moonstone ExpertMetal Reaper Online - Moonstone Insert
    To make use of a moonstone, you will need to visit a town hub and look for a "Moonstone Expert" (refer above) to insert the stone into your equipment (top, bottom, gloves or shoes).

    The thing to note here is that each piece of equipment will have three slots, one "A", one "B" and one "C". Slot A only accepts "gold moonstones", Slot B only takes in "red moonstones" while "blue moonstones" goes into Slot C only.
    Metal Reaper Online - After Moonstone Insert
    From then onwards, its only a matter of which piece of equipment...that the moonstone's going determine what bonus it will apply. As simple as ABC (no pun intended).
    Though its not possible to remove an already inserted moonstone, I do believe that your still able to replace it with a "higher level" one.

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