Friday, April 24, 2015

APB Reloaded (Part Six)

Further Customization (Social District)
Not sure why I've left this till last, but as I've said before, the Social District's the place you've gotta go to to make your character, clothing and vehicular customizations (after you've unlocked them that is).

APB Reloaded - Social District Kiosks
In it, there are five particular "kiosks" that you will have to take note.
  • Marketplace
    APB Reloaded - Marketplace AuctionAPB Reloaded - Create Auction
    The Marketplace Kiosk serves as your typical "auction" terminal. You would usually use it for when your trying to buy something you don't have or sell something that you have (that others would want).

    These may include stuff like mods that others might have yet to unlock, clothings or patterns that you've took the time and designed yourself.
    APB Reloaded - Refurbish Item
    Just remember that you will need to "refurbish" the item first before you can place it up on auction.
    Do note that there are some items that simply cannot be traded though (and hence cannot be refurbished).
  • Character Kiosk
    APB Reloaded - Changing Looks At Character Kiosk
    The Character Kiosk is where you go to make additional changes to your character's looks.
    However, any changes that you decide to make now will cost you some in-game cash.
  • Symbol Designer Kiosk
    APB Reloaded - Symbol DesignAPB Reloaded - Load Create Symbol
    The Symbol Designer Kiosk is where you make your designs and patterns.
    As a free-to-play, the complexity of your designs will be limited (due to the maximum number of layers that you can have in your design).

    Additionally, you will also be restricted to a smaller quantity of symbol designs that you can have, store and save.
    APB Reloaded - Billboard Graffiti
    Upon finishing and saving them, you may then use them in other places such as on the clothes/cars that you've unlocked and bought or even as a graffiti that you paint on billboards.
  • Wardrobe Kiosk
    APB Reloaded - Wardrobe
    The Wardrobe Kiosk is where you handle all your fashion attire and accessories. You can buy stuff that you've unlocked here at this kiosk, design and customize them as well as sort them into sets for quick changes.
    APB Reloaded - Clothing Color ChangesAPB Reloaded - Clothing Inserting Designs
    For clothing that are customizable, the stuff that you can do to it basically involves the changing of its colors (for different sections of that piece of clothing) and also the adding of patterns and designs to it...that's all.

    Its impossible to change the size and/or shape of the clothing itself (physical changes).
    So nope...I'm afraid that you can't put holes into the pair of jeans to make it look torn and worn out. Neither can you cut off one of its legs to make it one side long and the other side short.
  • Garage Kiosk
    APB Reloaded - Garage
    The Garage Kiosk is where you make customizations to your cars (much like what the Wardrobe Kiosk does for your clothing).
    APB Reloaded - Garage Parts ChangeAPB Reloaded - Garage Designs And Patterns
    Similarly, most of what you can do to your cars here is external as well. Stuff such as the changing of car parts (wheels, headlights, license plates, sirens, etc) and the inserting of patterns and designs onto its exterior body.

    And likewise, the complexity of your design will be limited too...unless you go premium.

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