Thursday, May 8, 2014

War Thunder (Part Five)

Overall Impression
From my brief encounter with War Thunder, I'ld say that this game is one "sick" (in a good way) little WW2 flight sim.

War Thunder - Aerial CombatWar Thunder - Evading Fire
It can be as complex as requiring you to learn about all sorts of fancy air combat maneuvers (spins, turns and barrel rolls), theories on potential/kinetic energy, trading speed for altitude or vice versa and pursuit curves (lag/lead/pure).

And yet, it can also be as simple as merely observing these few pointers...
  • He who has the higher "energy", has the better advantage.
  • Always keep your speeds high as that will ensure that your "lead" indicator is far from your plane, which makes it harder to hit you.
  • Try to keep your "profile", to the enemy, as small as possible. This gives your enemy a smaller target to aim at.
  • Never show your "pilot" (cockpit) towards the enemy's guns, if possible.
  • Never engage your enemy head-on. (Surely it makes things easier to hit, but it also applies for the enemy as well, and increases the chances of an air collision.)
(* Disclaimer: Might be easier said than done. Hehehehe...)

All in all, if your an aviation fanatic, you will find it highly comfortable to play War Thunder. To fly all you want and as close to realism as you wish to.

However, if your not one, then you might find that War Thunder has a highly repetitive gameplay to it which may not be to your liking. Although I think that they're in the process of bringing tanks into the foray, "SoonTM" (^_^).

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