Monday, March 31, 2014

Onigiri Online (Part Four)

Although the game's mostly about running around following the main storyline quest and repetitive clearing of dungeons at various difficulties (Easy, Medium and Hard Mode), I feel that I've had an enjoyable experience playing Onigiri Online.

Onigashima TownIzumo OutpostKyoto City
Onigiri Online - Onigashima TownOnigiri Online - Izumo OutpostOnigiri Online - Kyoto City
Onigashima FieldsIzumo Fields
Onigiri Online - Onigashima FieldsOnigiri Online - Izumo Fields
Due to the way they've split up the entire storyline into "arcs" or "sections", and how each arc is based within its own specific area, with a functioning outpost/village/city of its own, its associated side quests, atmosphere and feel..., there is basically a sense of progression and excitement that I find myself having, when I do manage to finish off the current arc and get to move on to the next one.

In terms of fighting mechanics, Onigiri Online more or less resembles that of your typical action-type mmorpgs.
Onigiri Online - Attacking A TargetOnigiri Online - Blocking An Attack
On top of having to manually aim at your target when attacking, you will also need to time when to unleash your weapon skills, decide whether to perform a single attack or chain multiple ones, anticipate the movement of your enemy and attack accordingly and judge whether you can block the attack or should you dodge instead.
Onigiri Online - Bad Call
If you fail to do the above-mentioned, you will often find yourself either missing the target completely or end up having to take their attacks as you've failed to block or get out of the way in time.

Though there doesn't appear to be much end-game or PVP content as yet, there are still sufficient features and plot in this game to keep you entertained. So overall, its still not a bad game to play if you have the time to spare.

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