Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Susanoo


Onigiri Online - Functions Susanoo
If you converse with Susanoo, you will likely get the following two conversation options. (Note that I have yet to unlock the "Aramitama" option, hence it isn't shown in the above screenshot.)
  • Duel
    Onigiri Online - DuelThe "Duel" option allows you to accept the challenges (1 vs 1) from a variety of different boss monsters.

    (Basically, these boss monsters are the same ones you've fought before in the various dungeon instances.)
    * As far as I know, these challenges are renewed roughly once per day and gives decent EXP for the amount of time spent completing them (defeating the challenger).
    ** The higher Susanoo's "Fame" (名声) ability is, the tougher the boss monsters that will come to challenge you.
    *** Rank/Difficulty Table
    In Japanese
    In Numbers12345
  • Aramitama (あらみたま)
    The "Aramitama" option allows you to challenge some sort of special dungeons if I'm not wrong. And these dungeons are apparently time restricted (have to clear them within the allotted time) and requires you to team up with other players (due to their difficulty in clearing).

    * The higher Susanoo's "Rekka" (烈火) ability is, the more dungeons you will have access to.
    RekkaLevel 1Level 2Level ?
    Allowed Entry Into"Dawn"
    "Chance Encounter"
    "The Moment"
    ** These dungeons are at least level 60 and above so I think its safe to consider them as some sort of end-game content.

And in case you were wondering about Susanoo's "Kongo" (金剛) ability, it merely increases the defense of all NPC Partners such that they can sustain more damage before being forced to retire (when summoned). The higher the level of this ability, the better the defense.