Saturday, March 22, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Miroku


Onigiri Online - Functions Miroku
Basically, Miroku acts like your NPC store in Onigiri Online. You will usually only be using him to sell stuff in order to clear out storage/inventory space.
Onigiri Online - NPC StoreOnigiri Online - Miroku Bargain
Apart from the consumables, most of the other stuff he is selling isn't quite needed or useful to you and are pretty costly to purchase. You should especially avoid using his "Bargain" option to buy anything other than friendship increasing presents to give to your NPC Partners (and perhaps some rare or otherwise hard to obtain stuff like specific crafting ingredients).

(* Note that the variety of items, quantity in stock and stuff he offers in "Bargain", all of them depends upon your Friendship Level with him.
  • Assortment (品揃え) - Affects the variety of items he sells in his store.
  • Stock (在庫) - Affects the quantity of the items he sells in his store.
  • Negotiation (商談) - Affects the kinds of stuff he puts up for Bargain Sales.