Thursday, March 20, 2014

Onigiri Online: NPC Partner Lady Shizuka

Lady Shizuka

Onigiri Online - Functions Lady Shizuka
If you converse with Lady Shizuka in any of the "safe zones", like towns, outposts or cities, you will get conversation options such as that shown above.
  • Weapon Appraisal (Identify)
    The "Appraisal" option allows you to identify unknown weapons that you've picked up during your adventuring (looted off monsters killed in dungeons or natural field spawns).
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Appraisal
    As far as I know, all unknown weapons have two important pieces of information found on them. Its rating and the place where its looted.

    The rating affects how good a weapon it "might" be while the place determines the kind of weapons you would get (the "level" range of the weapon, not the weapon's type).

    Depending on your luck, friendship level with Lady Shizuka* and the rating (Gold, Silver or Bronze) of the weapon in question, your weapon appraisal would have three kinds of outcomes.
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Appraisal Big SuccessBig Success:
    You've managed to identify a "Very Rare" weapon.

    (These weapons have a Onigiri Online - Very Rare Icon appended to their names.)
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Appraisal SuccessSuccess:
    You've managed to identify a "Rare" weapon.

    (These weapons have a Onigiri Online - Rare Icon appended to their names.)
    Onigiri Online - Weapon Appraisal Normal IdentificationNormal Identification:
    You've managed to identify an "Uncommon", "Regular" or "Junk" weapon.

    (If its "Uncommon", it will have a Onigiri Online - Uncommon Icon appended to its name. "Regular" would have no special markings, while a "Junk" one would have subpar durability and cannot be repaired.)

    * More specifically, its the "level" of this ability of Lady Shizuka, "Expert Eye" (鑑定眼). The higher its level, the better your chances of identifying "Rare" and "Very Rare" weapons.
    ** As for "Fortune" (開運), it determines the "Grade" (等級) of the weapon obtained. A higher level of "Fortune" would allow you to have a better chance of obtaining high "Grade" weapons.
  • Item Storage
    The "Storage" option allows you to access your item storage or bank. You can place items you wish to keep, but don't want to carry around, in here.

    Just note that there is an item limit of 150 items max. (Can be increased by using a "Storage Expansion" item from the "Item Mall".)
    Onigiri Online - Item Storage
  • Inventory Limit
    Perhaps unknown to you, Lady Shizuka is also the one who handles your "Inventory". The higher your "Friendship Level" with her, the more items you can carry around with you when adventuring. Or to be exact, its this ability of hers called "Purse" (きんちゃく).
    Purse Level123456
    Inventory Limit100130160190210240